Wonderful people…

I am truly blessed with the best of friends, all the wonderful people all around. Richard, for one, has never failed to send me some of his out-of-this-world nyonya chang

Nyonya chang from Richard
*Archive photo*

…every year and each time, I really do not know how to reciprocate other than, perhaps, by giving him something that I have in the house and the fact that he is on a strict diet regime certainly does not make it very easy considering that that’s just about all I have at home – food.

I noticed from his Facebook page recently that he is now into collecting those tumblers from the branded coffee place but unfortunately, I’ve given away all those that I brought all the way home from Wellington or Auckland, New Zealand. Well, it so happened that my friend, Philip, was coming home to Sibu for the summer holidays to spend time with his mother here so I quickly asked him if he could help get me one from there for Richard and so he did…

From Philip

…and at the same time, he also got Melissa the tote bag from MUJI USA. I love what it says on its website: “MUJI – in its deliberate pursuit of the pure and the ordinary – achieves the extraordinary.” That’s not all, of course – that very nice man got some more of the Canadian-made Ma Ling luncheon meat and some chocolates as well for me.

I met him upon arrival at the airport in Sibu and imagine this – he had flown from the US on the 15th (which would be our 16th) arriving late in the night and he took a flight on their 16th, our 17th, from KL to Sibu…and he did not have a meal on board. Why? He said that he would not waste his tummy space on airline food and would reserve it specially for…

Sibu kampua welcome

That’s right! I took him here on the way back to his mother’s house for our special Sibu kampua welcome and of course, he loved it a lot.

Now, I had something to give to Richard but a new problem arose – Philip would not let me reimburse him for the tumbler…but never mind! I still have some of Richard’s nyonya changs in my freezer – those precious dumplings of his that I am saving specially for any emergency – when the craving strikes, I would be able to heat up one to eat…while stocks last. I think I will take a couple and steam them to pass to Philip for him to enjoy. That’s a great idea, don’t you think?

Now, wait a minute! Just when you thought that was all, something else cropped up. I had placed an order for quite a number of packs of the Kitchen’s Sibu instant kampua noodles to give away and when I went to collect them…

The Kitchen's Sibu instant kampua

…I was told by the sweet young thing at the collection counter that I did not need to pay for them – they were on the house. Good grief!!! So many packs!!! I insisted on paying or maybe just get one or two packs free but she said she was following the instructions from the boss himself. Gosh!!! I thought that was kind of embarrassing…but it certainly was so generous and very thoughtful of them to extend a gesture of appreciation for all the promotion that I have been doing for them via my blog and on Facebook…and also to all my family members and friends here, there and everywhere. Thank you so much, Eric and to everybody concerned, thank you…

No, no, no…it’s not over yet!!! Just when you and I think that is all, the poslaju van came by yesterday around lunchtime to deliver this…

From 1sun3

…right to my door – all the goodies from Korea. Thank you to you too, 1sun3  – it certainly is so sweet of you to include me in your mailing list. That sure was a pleasant surprise and nothing beats getting something nice when you are least expecting it, right or not? I love the chopsticks…and the nice nail clipper that I discovered only after taking the photo. LOL!!!

Isn’t it just great that we are surrounded by all the wonderful people everywhere? Praise the Lord!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Wonderful people…”

  1. I had nyonya zhang once only, not quite common here in Penang, those atas nyonya restaurants do serve them but of course… not cheap at all…

    Never found any in Penang. Bought once in Malacca – I think it was RM4.50 each then. Selling at Jusco the other day during the Chang Festival, somebody said – RM7.50 each. Easily available in Kuching…but not here. Not even one.

  2. How nice to see the goodies!!! 🙂 And I am so happy to see that someone is rewarding you and showing their appreciation for what you have done for them. Very nice!!!

    Yes, it was indeed good of them to reciprocate. After all, mine is not a money-spinning blog, no ads…so no money. Generous gestures like that sure make it more worthwhile going on as it is an indication that there are people who truly appreciate what I do and not just take it all for granted.

  3. Yes. Praise the Lord for all the wonderful people.

    Nice goodies. Love Nyonya chang.

    None here, unfortunately. Lots in Kuching, some very very nice ones there.

  4. Nice loot you’ve got there.. The noodles, the souvenirs from Xiao Ying.. I like the chopsticks, very cute.. I’ve never eaten Nyonya dumpling before, but I think it’s spicy, yes? I only like “harm yok” dumpling, the normal ones with fatty pork and salted egg yolk, haha..

    Nope, nyonya changs are definitely NOT spicy. They have the fragrance of ketumbar that makes them so special and nice, salty and sweet…as there would be chopped water chestnuts (or honeydew melon) mixed with the meat. Dunno where you can get these there but for sure, you can find them in Malacca…or Singapore.

  5. You are indeed blessed to have all the wonderful people around you from far & near. That nyonya bak chang looks great and looking at the pix already makes me drool. Nice & lovely gifts you have there.

    You can get very good nyonya chang in Kuching. There’s the old lady at Green Road…and another lady called Irene. Lovely nyonya kuihs in town too – not in Sibu. 😦

  6. you see?? so many people sending you this, this, thisand that from all over the world.. you still do not want to appreciate what you have, yet want to sobssss sobssss at one corner when your *hint hint* doesn’t word and then want to kill yourself and say goodbye to this cruel world?? hahahahaha!! like that i gotta die 10 times more than you dei~~ 😀

    Got lah… Always appreciate, say thank you to everybody here…or on Facebook. Must be thankful of every blessing, no matter how small. Ummmm…when am I getting something from you? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. *hint hint* me?? you better so sobsss sobsss at one corner lah like that!! hahahaha~~ 😀

      Hmmmm…with such a wonderful friend, who needs enemies? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. You are so blessed with abundance! Ooohh…that nyonya chang is so full of filling! Ah, those instant kampua people were very impressed with your promotion of their products, eh? One good turn deserves another. The Pos Laju people probably know your house very well by now 🙂

    Yes, many of them in the office know me…so usually, I will get my mail very promptly or I can just drop by to collect myself – just a couple of minutes from my house.

  8. Yes, agreed with Irene.. you are one truly blessed with wonderful people (including … ahem… ) food flies abundantly to your house, I notice! Good..good.. see the Kampua boss also so nice to you too.. you deserve it after all the trouble, buying and sending them to us here! Well done… !

    I know I do – all that I went through to promote the instant kampua. When I first blogged about it, I could just go and buy at his cafe – now I have to book and collect later…and he had to close his cafe to cope with the demand. You can see lots of people buying, bags and bags and bags – business is so good!

  9. Wah, so many goodies, good for you…and glad you like them!!! =]

    Yes, tried the biscuits…so nice, all gone now. The seaweed ones (I think that’s what they are), I’m saving for my girl – coming home later today. She loves seaweed.

  10. Looks like Christmas comes early! Look at all those goodies!
    But seriously, you are so blessed with wonderful thoughtful friends, Arthur. And what a nice gesture from the instant kampua boss 🙂

    Yes, always so grateful that I am so blessed.

  11. Nice wonderful people you got there. So lucky~ Even got goodies from Korea. I’ve never had Nyonya Chang before but it looks yummy 😀

    I wonder where you are – if in Malacca or Singapore…or Kuching, you can get them very easily. Not too sure about KL or elsewhere. I grew up eating these so of course, I like these more than the usual Chinese/Hokkien ones.

  12. That is the greatest blessing of all! 🙂

    I like the package from Korea, it looks so nicely wrapped!

    I notice that The Kitchen has changed their packaging too, that’s a good thing, the original looks a bit amateurish that this can propel them to supermarket shelves and it has clearer instructions too. I like how it’s now more flat than round so it’s easier to pack and mail!

    Seems they have two types of labels – one mostly in Mandarin, the other in English…then there is another packaging, each packet looking much nicer and more impressive like those instant noodles in the shops but they’re more expensive. Same thing.

    1. I’ll prefer this over instant noodles though, not every time of course, but it’ll be nice to have some stocked at the house since kampua is very versatile. 🙂

      Yes, they’re very nice…and the texture and taste are definitely nicer than the regular instant noodles. Can’t keep too long though – no preservatives, good for around 3 months only.

  13. So many wonderful people around right? In life, we just have to give, then only can receive, hehe…

    It is in giving that we receive…

  14. So many gifts from your lovely friends, you’re sure one lucky guy!!

    Wow..Eric give you so many packs? tsk tsk tsk. Now my friends already ask me when want to group buy kampua. hahahhahaha!

    I love the korean seaweed, yum yum and i love the chopstick too.

    Yalor…so shy. If one or two packs only, ok lah…so many. I ordered to give to people one.

  15. You surely are blessed with wonderful loved ones and I suspect the reason many of them are so giving is because you are the same way. What you do eventually comes back to you which is why it’s important to be positive, kind and willing to share with others. I enjoy sharing with others, that enhances my happiness.

    Yes, I do enjoy giving things to people, a lot more than receiving…especially when they appreciate it and enjoy what I give to them…which of course, is food…most of the time. 😀 In fact, I wanted to buy those packs of noodles to give to friends, not for myself.

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