Melissa bought a pack of wanton skin from a supermarket here and last week, she used it to wrap the minced meat and chives filling to make some dumplings…

Melissa's dumplings 1

These certainly looked real dainty, don’t you think? I thought they resembled something like a sailor hat – Popeye’s…

Melissa's dumplings 2

They were steamed…and also boiled and served in clear soup…

Melissa's dumplings in clear soup

…and of course, we loved them a lot – very very nice.

She and the mum also made these…

Chai koi with wanton skin

…with the skin, something like what is called chai koi except that the skin was not as thick and firm (or tough as in the case of the not-so-well-made ones). For the filling, they cooked mangkuang/sengkuang with hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns) and of course, they were better than anything we can get outside where they will usually scrimp on the ingredients…and the saddest part, of course, would be the fact that they do not come cheap these days, not anymore.

There were some dumplings left over so the next day, I decided to cook the Japanese ramen that I got from Twilight Man

Ramen 1

He bought that in Japan and the sweet guy sent me a box to try.

There were three servings inside…

Ramen 2

– three packets of noodles, three sachets of seasoning for the soup and pickled ginger and chili sauce, both three each as well.

I cooked them and also the soup and served that with the aforementioned dumplings, a couple slices of luncheon meat and one hard-boiled egg…

Ramen 3

…per bowl. Yes, yes…the egg was overcooked and I suspect that had got to do with the eggs these days. The shell is so thin one can just press it in between the thumb and finger and break it – no need to crack at all…and even the yolk has a different shade of yellow, I wonder why! Normally, if I boil the eggs for 5 minutes, the yolk would be runny – something like half-boiled egg yolk with hard-boiled egg white. This egg was boiled for 7-8 minutes but looking at how it turned out, I guessed I should have reduced the cooking time to just 5 minutes.

The noodles were great…

Ramen 4

– nice texture, firm and not soggy and the soup was very tasty. We sure enjoyed that a lot! Thank you once again, Twilight Man, for sending that to me. Any more at home? I certainly wouldn’t mind some more of that coming my way. Dijamin sampai hari esok! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

I also got these made-in-Shah Alam tomato nutri flat noodles (pan mee)…

Tomato noodles 1

…from King Hua and I decided I could cook those as well and serve it with the dumpling soup…

Tomato noodles 2

It turned out very nice as well and if anyone is wondering, no, the noodles did not taste any different from the normal ones, no trace of the tomato…or at least, none that I could detect. I would say that they are something like mee pok, maybe a little bit thicker (and broader) and firmer and perhaps a little bit nicer. Thank you so much to you too, King Hua.

Gosh!!! Imagine just one little pack of the skin and we ended with so many dumplings and oodles of noodles! I think we had had enough of those for quite a while now…


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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Skin…”

  1. The noodles look good. And so are the dumplings. Look like what they made outside. But I am sure yours tasted better than theirs. πŸ™‚

    Hardly had any outside…but hey! We forgot the black vinegar dip for the dumplings! They usually would provide that with suijiao noodles. Hmmmmm!!!!

  2. OMG, the wantons look so cute and nice… Mel really “yau sum kei” to do all that.. I love wrapped wantons, fried or soupy.. But I think I like the fried ones more.. Can dip in mayonaise, yumyum..

    Made a whole lot but all gone – didn’t get to fry any. Used to love those at one place here long long ago – sweet & sour fried wantons. Too bad, closed down already. 😦

  3. Everything looks so GOOD!!! Sui Kau.. ramen… noodles… oh my! Just nice for my breakfast now… Nothing beats home cooked dumplings!! Three cooks under one roof.. what more can one ask! hahaha…

    I just ate… Didn’t try my hand at making those dumplings. Sure is nice to have people doing it in the house, just eat and enjoy. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. wow, i love those wanton!! so many ways of cooking it huh?? and the shape looks good too.. love it in plain soup as well as served together with the ramen and tomato noodles.. i would like to try that Ramen, but Twilight Man did not send me any, i go one corner to sulk!! sobbsss sobbsss this cruel world!! muahahahaha~~ and the tomato noodles looks good, i wanna buy one and try also.. factory in Shah Alam, so i supposed i can get it here?? πŸ™‚

    I suppose so – my friend works in Selangor so she must have got the noodles from there. What? Twilight Man did not give you? Maybe he knows you are not into these – got class one, go for the Mat Salleh stuff…or you’re so rich, will not cook your own at home. Always eat out…in style. Hehehehe!!!!

    1. Phew! Wipes my sweat… Thanks Arthur for answering him…
      He @#% me and it was a mixed up on my part to think he disliked Ramen!! That’s why he got something else. I also thought he hai kelas Thambee!!

      Muahahahaha!!!! Just get him chappati, ok liao… πŸ˜€

  5. hey! how come when i cook any noodles, it does not come out looking as nice as yours!! Life is so unfair. hehe.

    ps. seven more ramadhan buffet posts coming up, have to post for them since I have already eaten their free food! lol. >< ..

    Practice. You can keep on trying…for another 30 years. Hehehehehe!!!!

    SEVEN??? Good grief! So how many kilos have you put on? I think I’ll just skip the rest – nothing to comment, they’re all the same…more or less – just like their prices.

    1. awww, yup, it’s true they are almost alike, but will be putting in some other posts in between the ramadhan ones.. lol.

      Oh? Hmmmm…don’t worry! I will still drop by to look see…and maybe, comment as well. πŸ˜€

  6. I am so glad to hear it tasted great!
    I have published your comments on my blog, thank you so much for your kind responses to my posts, I really appreciate it. I moderate the comments (to avoid spam). πŸ™‚

    Most welcome. One good turn deserves another… πŸ˜‰

  7. the wanton looks plump and I know it must have lots of good stuff inside. I think can sell for RM1.50/pcs.Yummmmy

    Ya, outside, they would spread thinly like butter on bread, not so generous.

  8. The way Melissa fold the wanton really looks interesting. Normally saw people would just fold it like a sachet. hehe.

    First time seeing it done this way and I thought this looks a whole lot better than the rest, don’t you think so too?

  9. Oh my, all looks so good and Melissa has the talent in folding such cute & nice wanton….and you, such a great cook. Yummm!!!…..

    Thanks. Ya, she sure did it very well…for a first-timer.

  10. I like to eat dumplings, that’s why went I order wanton noodle, I always request extra wanton and without char siew! =]

    You’re like my daughter. She’s not really into kampua but she loves the dumplings – our piansip…or any dumplings.

  11. Beautiful wanton! I thought this is the china lady that sell dumplings at Wonderful. She fold it this way too! hahahhahah

    Ramen look interesting and nice, i will grab one too if i see this next time.

    She does? I think Melissa learnt it from a dim sum cookery book, if I am not wrong.

  12. I love dumplings, and the Japanese ramen too. The one who folds the dumplings did really a good job. I’m such a failure in folding things. No matter what are they. LOL

    Same here, and I always say never mind…it all ends up in the same place, anyway. Good excuse. πŸ˜›

  13. The ramen looks like those authentic ramen from Japan, unlike those we found at some Japanese eateries where it look like nissin noodles. Looks good !! The eggs are processed in bulk in the factory , unlike the kampung type.

    What do you mean processed eggs? They clone them or what? Eyewwwww!!!! No wonder eggs are getting to be cheaper here, the prices are going down.

  14. the dumplings look tasty! reminds me also of my childhood, when my family would make ‘sui kow’ in the kitchen for home cooking πŸ˜€

    Our first attempt, or rather my daughter and missus’ first time. Glad that it turned out well.

  15. Those dumplings are so nicely wrapped. I do not know that we need to steam it first before boiling them?

    No need. The steamed ones were for eating like siew mai, the boiled ones – we just dumped in the bone soup.

  16. Dumplings look good and beautifully wrapped. I prefer the chai koi lookalike.

    Me too. The filling’s nicer…or more to my taste.

  17. Wow! Melissa is really good at this! πŸ™‚

    I know it’s not easy to make that shape (hat shaped, I call it) since there’s a pasta that requires you to do that shape and I can never do it.

    Oh? You’re not alone. My missus didn’t do a really good job of it either… Don’t ask me! It would be a lot worse, I’m sure. Hehehehehe!!!!

  18. My daughter loves dumplings. When she was a toddler she would call them “dump per lings”. So cute! I will have to make some for her soon. Chicken and dumplings is one of her favorite meals.

    LOL!!! Kids can be so cute with their ways of pronouncing some words. Those were such delightful days, the best times of our lives.

  19. I bought so many boxes of ramen and hand carried them all the way from Japan tru HKG with my tongue wagging. Mana tau, my missus gave away all and I had none to try. Since you sounded honest that it was good, you will get some more next time! You are so lovable and everyone loves to feed you.

    Yes, I think everyone is worried that I will run short of things to eat and will still be “sui” but not “tuapui” anymore…. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

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