Whip it up…

My missus makes very very nice pancakes…and so do my family members who all got the recipe from her and now, Melissa has inherited the ability to do the same as well. She made some earlier and we gave a few pieces to her grandparents and the grandpa loved it so much so by special request, she made some more…

Melissa's pancakes

I never bothered to watch, much less learn how to make them myself – I just ate! Hehehehehe!!!! However, the other day, I made it a point to see how it was done.

First, whip the butter with the sugar…

Butter + sugar

– a quarter can or half a block of butter and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Use Golden Churn, no less, or any other brand that you like, not the much cheaper sapuan istemewa dengan lemak susu and between the two, I find the canned ones a lot nicer than those frozen hard ones sold in bricks.

Next, add 3 eggs…


…and whip it altogether well before adding 2 cups of flour…


You may do it one cup at a time while mixing the evaporated milk & water – three-quarter cup of the milk and one-quarter water bit by bit while whisking/whipping continuously till the batter is smooth…

Milk & water

…and of the right consistency. It should be something like cake batter – not too watery…and not too thick either. If it is too thick, you may add a bit more of the milk-butter combination.

Now, here’s the secret! Add 3 teaspoons of ENO…


…to the batter. Probably, its effervescent effect would give the pancakes the very much desired fluffiness, I wouldn’t know…but this seems to be the case.

Heat up a pan and grease it lightly with butter and then spoon the batter onto the pan…

Cooking the pancakes

…and let it cook on low neat till golden in colour – you will have to flip the pieces over to get that on both sides…

Melissa's pancake 1

Unfortunately, because of the irregular amount of batter in each scoop, the pancakes came in varying shapes and sizes. Perhaps, I should go and get one of those mini non-stick pans specially for pancakes or maybe the small ones for eggs but unless one has a few of those, one would need to cook them one by one and that may be rather tedious and time-consuming.

Ah well! I guess it does not really matter as this is solely for one’s own home consumption and it will all end up in the same place, anyway so what matters most is that all the pancakes are very soft and fluffy…

Melissa's pancake 2

…and absolutely yummy…even on its own, without the syrup or honey or anything.

Want some? Nom…nom…nom!!! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Whip it up…”

  1. Wah, really made from scratch! Normally i’ll just buy those ready-to-cook flour xD

    No, thanks. Not nice…just like those mashed potatoes that come in boxes – I know many hotels/places use those. 😦

  2. i’m planning to join a recipe / cooking competition soon, by Philips. Maybe I could copy the recipe from here? hehe..

    Go ahead. Send me the prize when you win. You can keep the name and the glory. πŸ˜€

  3. I am going to try! But I need to replace my non-stick pan first.

    If it is greased, maybe it will not stick. Our age-old pan has lost most of its non-stick coating anyway but so well-seasoned, my favourite for anything and everything.

  4. Just buy egg rings for the shape, cheaper. Recipe is a keeper.

    We have one at home. Did cross my mind but we only have one. Could have tried it out and see.

  5. Thank you for the showing us how to do it so detailed, Arthur! Thanks to your wife, Lucy too! Add ENO? So it will cool down our body too from the heat, right? Really a secret ingredient there… never thought of that…

    So ahead, give it a try. Simple as A, B, C. Sure you can do it and your kids will love you for it. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Yes, Andy Loves pancakes.. he attacks a lot when he sees those in buffets…

      In Singapore too, is he? Can go to the pancake shops… Lots in KL too. Not bad as well…or try McD’s.

  6. Mel’s pancakes really look so nice and fluffy!! Mine won’t turn out like that.. I just simply mix 3 tablespoon flour, 1 egg, half a cup of milk, vanilla essence and some sugar together.. But I think I want to follow your recipe…

    Go ahead, try it. Perhaps the ENO is the trick you need.

  7. I love pancake and I don’t know it is so easy to make. The pancake looks so fluffy. Will try out. Thanks for sharing. How many you make with the 2 cups of flour?

    A LOT! But they’re all very small…maybe up to 30 pieces or more.

  8. not really keen on this . easy to mk but if eat in shops will be expensive

    We had very nice ones here, yes…not cheap…but they’ve changed the concept now. No more! They say McD’s good but I’ve never tried. Not available anywhere else here.

  9. Ooh. A nice step-by-step. But I think I will just go out and eat. Hehe. Lazy bone of mine.

    Where? Where? That Breakfast place no longer serves their nice pancakes, I think. You tried McD’s?

    1. Yes. Had it in Kuching last Dec.

      Hope to try the one here one of these days – there’s this thing about quality control at these franchise places though. It may be nice once, may not be nice the next time you go back for more…even at the same outlet. 😦

  10. I don’t eat pancakes often, but I do like them and I must admit that I have never made them from scratch. I buy the one in the box where you just have to add water, which are pretty good…but these look and sound amazing! πŸ™‚

    I think I tried one before but no, it came nowhere near these. We never bothered to get those anymore since.

  11. oh yes, the pancake from Mrs Wee really looks good!! fluffy and moist texture and perfectly golden brown surface!! i would like to eat my pancakes stacked up and then spread a “dollop” of butter and then drizzle with some honey or maple syrup on top.. aaaahhh!!!

    They were made by Miss Wee, if you please…and oh me oh my! All that fat and sugar – I thought you’re watching your figure and into everything healthy? πŸ˜‰

  12. I am going to have to try and make some from scratch myself. Thanks so much for sharing this. Oh, by the way, I am from (and live) in Montreal, Canada. πŸ™‚

    Welcome. Go ahead and try, very nice. Ahhhhh!!!! I guess as much – you’re from up north.

  13. Wahh…looks fluffy and soft too. I love pancake but always lazy to make from scratch. Normally I ll eat from the hotel breakfast buffet.hahaha

    I’ve had my share of those – ok, nice and soft but none of the nice buttery fragrance. Probably came from the boxes – just like their super-smooth mashed potatoes. No, thank you.

  14. I am not a fans of pancake, but the way Melissa did it look very interesting and easy!!

    KL no problem, lots of pancake shops, those Filipino chains. Theirs are quite good…and you will not end up with so many to eat. We don’t have those here.

  15. very nice.thanks for sharing.will try tis one day

    Good luck. Shouldn’t be a problem, very easy…just takes time to cook the pancakes a few at a time.

  16. Pancake is probably the easiest ‘cake’ to make! I do pancake for Aden very often too!

    Ahhhh!!! He likes eh? No wonder he’s very “well-rounded”, so cute. Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. heheh, so after all these years, you’ve finally learned the missus’ secret recipe for her special pancakes! looks like a beautifully buttery-eggy treat πŸ˜€

    I knew about the ENO, just that I never bothered to learn the whole thing – just ate…and ate…and ate…each time she was in the mood to make some. Now, I think I can do it myself…not need to wait for her to get in the mood. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  18. ENO! Wow that’s new. I think I want to try this one of these days. If you see me blogging about STP’s pancakes then you’ll know that it is a success and a hit in my family πŸ˜€

    Be like me eh? If things do not work out, just throw away and keep very quiet about it. Only blog about what turns out well. Hehehehehe!!!!

  19. really really LOVE pancakes!!! but what i’d really love to learn to make are waffles. i hear it’s rather straight forward. just make the batter you want/like & then pop it in a machine! lol.

    My daughter made some not too long ago – same batter but you need the sandwich/waffle maker to make those.

  20. My husband has been eating a lot of pancakes lately. He’s been having stomach issues and it’s one of the things that seems to NOT upset it thus far.

    Oh? Hope he gets better soonest. I’m like how he was – not one to have stomach problems ever.

  21. What lovely fluffy looking pancakes! I’m ok with pancakes. But if they are appropriately seasoned or maybe added with fruits like banana, I will just eat them plain. Don’t fancy honey or syrup 😦

    Melissa makes the banana ones sometimes. Nice too. These are good on their own, no need for honey or syrup.

  22. Those are really nice pancakes by your missus! πŸ™‚

    I like how she makes it all from scratch too. I’m too lazy myself, I buy the ones that are in this plastic container where you just add water and shake and pour it out. Haha!

    Melissa made them…but of course, she inherited the recipe from my missus. Plastic? I’ve seen some in boxes at the supermarts but I’ve never bothered to buy and try. These are very nice so we’d just stick to our own recipe.

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