So special…

This was last Saturday when I took my girl and the mum here for a really special lunch. It seemed that they had ‘upgraded” the place a little bit with the addition of the tablecloth…

Bistecca & Bistro

…and I thought the glass top was an excellent idea. I wonder if I can get a big one as my nice lace tablecloth would get all dirty everytime I hosted some dinner at home. Somebody suggested getting a big piece of plastic for the purpose but eyewwww!!!! No, thank you!

I think it was one of the two chefs who came and took our orders and I was delighted that he was very helpful in giving suggestions as to what we might want to have and how much we should order and he could converse in perfect English – unlike those that they have around there, waiting  at the tables in an Italian restaurant.

This was not on the menu – the creamy spinach pasta (RM19.00)…

Creamy spinach pasta

…and he asked whether we would like to try. Well, we did and we loved it a lot! It was very mild, with a hint of the cheese alongside the blended spinach – not as creamy as one of those with the rich sauces so one would not get jelak after eating a bit.

The smoked salmon salad (RM15.00)…

Smoked salmon salad

…was all right – it was after all just a salad with slices of the very expensive smoked salmon thrown in and I did think I would prefer their Ceasar’s a bit more because of the dressing and it would have one hard-boiled egg in it. I have this weakness for eggs, you see. LOL!!!

We ordered the Special-of-the-Day, their braised lamb shank (RM38.00)…

Braised lamb shank

…to share and it was really huge. It was very nicely done, fall-off-the-bone tender and really very delightful indeed but I thought the one I had here (and when I had it three years ago, it was over RM30.00 as well) or here were good too  and so was the one, my favourite , in Kuching though I have not gone for it for a long, long time.

The Pizza Diavola (RM29.00)…

Pizza Diavola

…was perfectly done and to everyone’s liking and incidentally, they have a pizza promotion going on at the moment – for every pizza you order (dine-in only), you get a free drink…but in our case that day, they forgot all about it.

The bill came up to RM101.00 – iced sky juice is on the house here unlike most, if not all, other places in town…and that was the three of us had. I asked the guy about the promotion and he apologised profusely for the slip and insisted that I took a can of 100-Plus home even though I said that it did not matter as we were perfectly all right with the glasses of water that we all had.

Yes, it was not cheap but it was meant to be a special lunch treat, a celebration of some kind, and besides, I really would not mind forking out that kind of money as the food was good, the service was great and so was the ambiance with the very nice Italian songs that they were playing and everything…compared to going some place and paying less, only to be served some sub-standard stuff and having to struggle with a language that is Greek to me and put up with some real shabby service…and leaving the place dissatisfied and feeling shortchanged.

Author: suituapui

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17 thoughts on “So special…”

  1. The pizza base looks nicely done but i think i’ll like the lamb shank more 😀

    When we go out as a family, we would usually order what we all would like and share – that way we’ll get to try more things on the menu instead of just each person eating one’s own.

  2. service with a smile is always good…

    That’s is why I will never go to those very popular places where one would have to queue and may end up getting scolding by some grouchy individual for asking one question too many. Pay money…to be treated with such disrespect, an insult to injury. Never mind how good what they’re selling is – it’s a definite no from me. I just cannot understand why people would put up with such nonsense. Should boycott all places like this – let them go and learn some manners and decency first.

  3. Money well spent! I love that green looking spinach pasta. I have a weakness for anything green!

    Green frogs? They eat those. Not for me though, thank you. 😀

  4. All my favourite food! Spinach pasta looks creamy.. Love the salmon salad altho I don’t like salad.. But if there are salmon, bacon, egg or potatoes in it, then I don’t mind eating one, haha.. Love that lamb shank but not cheap..

    Looks like it’s the usual price for one at such places – there is a Chinese place here, much cheaper…around 20 something the last time I had it – but of course, the way they cook is not the same. Very soupy/watery the gravy…but if you want cheap, that’s what you get. Not that it is not tasty – it is also nice, just different.

  5. All looks great but the best is braised lamb shank. Drooling!!!!…

    You tried Junk’s. Very nice too! Loved it so much…and kept going back for more.

  6. Worth going and paying if the food is quality based! My son would love the braised lamb shank.. yesterday in Secret Recipe, he also wanted to order that already.. but I told him not to… there are nicer outlets that will do a better job on the lamb shanks… same price too RM38 in SR.

    That expensive at Secret Recipe? Oh me oh my!!! I had that before – I think they call it Irish stew or something. Very nice…but I heard from my girl – quality control not always there as she went back later to the same place in SP for the same thing and it was not good.

  7. I also love eggs…and Caesar salad, oh yes. I do love smoked salmon. I love lamb as well. I really like the exposed brick and the decor. The creamy spinach pasta looks very good. Nice review and photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Welcome. We do enjoy dropping by this place, love most of what they serve here…but can’t go too often…for obvious reasons. 😉

  8. So, if I want to make you obey me all I need to do is to surround you with eggs. Egg is your kryptonite! Bwahahahaha!

    Hahahahaha!!! Will take a lot more than eggs… 😉

  9. Drooling. Glad that they have improved a lot. Great review from you.

    Been great all this while now, not like the first time we went when they were still brand new. Would love to go again…but save for special occasions, not too often.

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