I am still looking for one really good nasi lemak in town but so far, I have not been very successful. I am not particular about the sambal as though they may taste a little different from one another and some may be a lot spicier than the rest, they are all generally quite tasty and I am not fussy as to whatever add-ons they may have either. To me, the rice is of utmost imoprtance – not too hard nor too soggy and it must be very very lemak – so very rich with the fragrance of santan (coconut milk) like the one here but unfortunately, the guy is no longer selling his nasi lemak from the stall where he was stationed and I haven’t the slightest idea as to where he has disappeared to.

So far, I feel the one here is quite nice…

Noodle House nasi lemak

– not all that great but nice enough and I would order that once in a while and I did think the one here

Thomson Corner nasi lemak

…was all right as well, probably a bit nicer than the aforementioned and cheaper too, though they would need to improve a bit on the presentation. I am fine with the egg like that here as the workers have to do the frying and I am pretty sure they do not have any credentials to their names – just ordinary people like you and me.

Of course, there are lots of stalls selling it in town and even at this one alone – my regular kuih-muih stall at Bandong, you will find quite a few to choose from. This conical-shaped one…

Bandong nasi lemak 1

…was a disappointment as the rice was overcooked and too soft and soggy so much so that it was cake-like, pressed together like nasi impit or ketupat.

This one…

Bandong nasi lemak 2

…was not all that great either but at least they got the egg right when it comes to nasi lemak – it should be hard-boiled, not fried and it should not be an omelette either.

The lady boss at the stall sang praises of this one…

Bandong nasi lemak 3

…and told me that the person making it was originally from Malacca. Unfortunately, I don’t think I shared the same sentiments and would give this one a miss as well.

All of them are selling at RM1.50 a packet including this one…

Bandong nasi lemak 4a

…which, in my point of view, is the nicest of the lot.

The letter S on the packet indicates that there is sotong (squid) in the sambal

Bandong nasi lemak 4b

…and I do like it more than their RM1.00 packet which only has the sambal, plain.

For those of you here who are still unaware of it, they have a special offer after 11.00 a.m. every day and for each packet that you buy, you get a 2nd one free. That was why for only RM1.50, I could get so much…

Bandong nasi lemak 4c

…that day.

Actually, the offer is applicable not only to the nasi lemak but also all the stuff that they would not want to keep and sell the following day such as the kuihs, for instance the kuih bingka, the onde onde (kuih Melaka), the putu mayam and so on. However, should you be thinking that it would be wiser to go later if this is the case, be forewarned that on some days, you may get there only to find that they do not have very much left other than some odds and ends that would not tickle your fancy.

Meanwhile, my search for the perfect nasi lemak continues…

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22 thoughts on “Later…”

  1. wah! that’s A LOT of nasi lemak, how many times of nasi lemak normally you eat in a week?

    No worries. I’ve been saving the photos over a long period of time…hoping to track down that simply-the-best nasi lemak guy but in vain. Ramadhan’s coming – maybe he’ll be at the stalls…will ask him then where he has moved to.

  2. Wah, today it’s all about nasi lemak.. Yumyum.. So many types of nasi lemak.. But my favourite would be those bungkus ones.. Nasi lemak bungkus, the ones laid on the mamak table with some bananas and boiled eggs, while waiting for your teh ais or roti kosong, haha.

    We get those bungkus ones from the roadside Malay stalls. Don;t think there’s any at the shops here.

  3. I know quite a few nice nasi lemak in town, KL!! Have took pictures of it for so long, but don’t have time to share it, hehe! =]

    Oh? I thought I was the only one…taking photos of nasi lemak and saving them. 😀

  4. If you come over to the peninsular, you must go for the nasi lemak at Village Park or have you already been there? I agree that the nasi is the most important. Must have enough santan or else don’t call it nasi lemak.

    I haven’t but I’ve heard about it. The attraction there is probably all the extras you can ask for (and pay for them) like that place I went to in Miri – not too sure about the rice. Yet to go and try.

  5. I love sambal with kerang… You’re making me homesick. 😥 5 more months to go to Sibu. Yeah!

    You’re coming back for the end of year holidays? Not for Raya?

  6. oh nasi lemak post!! and same same here, the rice is the utmost important to me too!! I’m ok with a little hard but never like soggy, and yes, the lemak of course has to be rich, else tarak rasa tarak umph la~~

    Ya, I think one of these days, I will cook my own…and see how it goes. If it works out well, I will not bother about those sold outside ever again.

  7. Nasi lemak, 1st thing, rice must be lemak, 2nd, sambal must be nice. And I prefer those that served fried egg than hard boiled egg.

    Sambal, all that I’ve had, all nice…though one may taste slightly different from the other. Authentic nasi lemak is with hardboiled egg…but I guess many prefer fried, so many places are going that way these days. Isn’t hardboiled healthier? Oil-free?

  8. the nasi lemak looks delicious,the most important is nasi n sambal.

    For me, the nasi. The sambal’s all good…or at least, those that I have had.

  9. I thought S stands for small packet! Lol… So you are out looking for nice nasi lemak…i just had mine in the hotel this morning…too much making me sleepy… Better cook your own nasi lemak, Arthur..more sedap and lazat…
    By the way, SK really did a good job mimicking you! Even the background looks almost the same….lol…

    Ya, sometimes people think the food outside is nice but it is actually due to the excessive msg content – I would sense it immediately and be very put off. Growing very sensitive to it these days. Ya…I’ve seen SK’s post – was waiting for it. 😀

  10. Nowadays hard to find sambal with the right balance… I like ones that are both sweet and spicy.

    Generally, all those that I’ve had here would be sweet and spicy…and I do like the extra spicy ones.

  11. Nasi lemak! My favorite too!! Yum yum!! To me, sambal is more important, sometime they have nice rice, but sambal don’t have the kick, not shiok at all. So far there is one very nice nearby my house, nice rice and hot sambal, always long queue. I also prefer fried egg more than hard boil egg.

    Try to be good, once a week nasi lemak. ahhahahhahah

    So far, all the sambal here, I like…just the rice. Yaaaaa!!!! Got an invitation – Wednesday next week – somebody is cooking their special nasi lemak and inviting me to go and try. Can’t wait!!! Wanna come along? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. Traditional (those ready-packed) nasi lemak is always the best! Plus they are kinda small portion so can prevent from over eating, haha!

    I guess the after-11.00 special offer, buy one and get one free, is not for you then. Just like my missus, ate one…already full, she said…so I would eat my two packets, no prize for guessing who would finish off the 4th one. It’s a sin to waste, yunno! Hehehehehehe!!!

  13. searching for the best nasi lemak in kl is also like looking for a needle in a haystack. i’m kinda like you.. the rice matters much more to me than the sambal, and your description of the ideal rice is perfect for me. guess we’re old-fashioned that way! i suspect our favourite sort of nasi lemak must be home-cooked 🙂

    Will try one of these days, never cooked that before. Looking forward to Wednesday night, someone inviting me to food-taste his nasi lemak – after he read this post, he called me. Will blog about that.

  14. I think the sambal is important as it will decide if the nasi lemak tasted good. Yeah , rice also must be good, of course. Somehow I still prefer the banana leave wrapped rice.

    I had one wrapped in banana leaf in KL, a nyonya place…good but did not think it was anything to shout about. The ones I had in Penang were wrapped in banana leaf too – ok lah…still goes back to Square One – how lemak the rice is…and they all did not take my breath away…unfortunately.

  15. sendiri masak better leh. Mau taruk how much santan and how spicy is the sambal also can taruk

    Malas…and if I cook following recipes, in the end, so banyak…and guess who will have to eat it all. 😦

  16. There’s a place here famous for their nasi lemak. People say can beat Village Park’s but when I tried, it’s a tad too salty for my liking. Well, food is subjective. You’ve got to try it yourself to know if you like it or not right?

    Ya, others may not be bothered one bit if the rice is not lemak or the sambal is not spicy. My girl, for one, is not a fan of nasi lemak at all.

  17. Not familiar with nasi lemak. Based on your post, nasi lemak is a rice dish with boiled egg and sambal nad other add ons. We don’t that dish here in the Philippines.

    The rice is cooked with coconut milk. In Indonesia, they call it nasi uduk, I think.

  18. the first question that crossed my mind when i started reading was: ARE YOU ON A QUEST TO FIND THE PERFECT NASI LEMAK? hehehe. i’m on a quest to find the best dry panmee! heheh. well, not really. i just like trying out different ones. (: good luck with your search!! some day, you will find it.. hehehe. be sure to make it a point to try Village Park if you’re ever here in pj!

    We have one very nice dry pan mee place here. I love it! Not into the soupy ones. Ya…hopefully I will find some place here with really great nasi lemak sometime.

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