I am still looking for one really good nasi lemak in town but so far, I have not been very successful. I am not particular about the sambal as though they may taste a little different from one another and some may be a lot spicier than the rest, they are all generally quite tasty and I am not fussy as to whatever add-ons they may have either. To me, the rice is of utmost imoprtance – not too hard nor too soggy and it must be very very lemak – so very rich with the fragrance of santan (coconut milk) like the one here but unfortunately, the guy is no longer selling his nasi lemak from the stall where he was stationed and I haven’t the slightest idea as to where he has disappeared to.

So far, I feel the one here is quite nice…

Noodle House nasi lemak

– not all that great but nice enough and I would order that once in a while and I did think the one here

Thomson Corner nasi lemak

…was all right as well, probably a bit nicer than the aforementioned and cheaper too, though they would need to improve a bit on the presentation. I am fine with the egg like that here as the workers have to do the frying and I am pretty sure they do not have any credentials to their names – just ordinary people like you and me.

Of course, there are lots of stalls selling it in town and even at this one alone – my regular kuih-muih stall at Bandong, you will find quite a few to choose from. This conical-shaped one…

Bandong nasi lemak 1

…was a disappointment as the rice was overcooked and too soft and soggy so much so that it was cake-like, pressed together like nasi impit or ketupat.

This one…

Bandong nasi lemak 2

…was not all that great either but at least they got the egg right when it comes to nasi lemak – it should be hard-boiled, not fried and it should not be an omelette either.

The lady boss at the stall sang praises of this one…

Bandong nasi lemak 3

…and told me that the person making it was originally from Malacca. Unfortunately, I don’t think I shared the same sentiments and would give this one a miss as well.

All of them are selling at RM1.50 a packet including this one…

Bandong nasi lemak 4a

…which, in my point of view, is the nicest of the lot.

The letter S on the packet indicates that there is sotong (squid) in the sambal

Bandong nasi lemak 4b

…and I do like it more than their RM1.00 packet which only has the sambal, plain.

For those of you here who are still unaware of it, they have a special offer after 11.00 a.m. every day and for each packet that you buy, you get a 2nd one free. That was why for only RM1.50, I could get so much…

Bandong nasi lemak 4c

…that day.

Actually, the offer is applicable not only to the nasi lemak but also all the stuff that they would not want to keep and sell the following day such as the kuihs, for instance the kuih bingka, the onde onde (kuih Melaka), the putu mayam and so on. However, should you be thinking that it would be wiser to go later if this is the case, be forewarned that on some days, you may get there only to find that they do not have very much left other than some odds and ends that would not tickle your fancy.

Meanwhile, my search for the perfect nasi lemak continues…