Back to back…

We went back to this place


…the other day in the Sibu bus terminal area as Melissa said she wanted another one of their burgers. They seem to have some kind of thing going where one would be able to create one’s own burger…

Create your own burger

…but I did not bother to ask them for the details. Melissa just ordered their beef with cheese burger (RM9.50)…

Beef with cheese burger

…from their regular menu and it came with a complimentary drink. I tried a little bit of it but I did not quite like the texture of the patty nor the overall taste of the whole thing…and it did feel as if it was not thoroughly cooked inside. The ones we had on our previous visit were definitely nicer and personally, I would prefer the ones I had here…or here except that they only serve pork burgers at those places.

My missus had their sambal fried noodles…

B2SD sambal fried noodles 1

…which came with one fried egg and she said it was very nice…

B2SD sambal freid noodles 2

…and kept saying it was so good. I am pretty sure I’ve whipped up something a lot nicer at home before and I would definitely do a much better job in frying an egg…anytime.

Well, if you agree with me that it was not all that great, just look at the one that came with the nasi lemak that I had ordered for myself…

B2SD nasi lemak 1

I rest my case.

I guess it is perfectly all right if you are running a small and cheap stall in some coffee shop to serve a fried egg looking like that but this is supposed to be a more atas cafe and at the prices they charge, they can jolly well put that aside for one of the employees to eat for lunch that day and fry another one. That certainly made me wonder about the credentials the chefs…or perhaps, it would be more appropriate to call them cooks, have to their name.

The sambal was not bad, very spicy – which is something to my liking and the fried chicken was good though I could not really make out what they marinated it with…

B2SD nasi lemak 2

…but, no, the rice did not have the lemak-ness that I was hoping for. There just wasn’t much of that santan (coconut milk) fragrance that I was hoping for so if you’re guessing that I would never order this again should I happen to drop by anytime in the future, you are absolutely right!

All in all, the bill, inclusive of two drinks, came up to RM28.90. I’ll let you be the judge of that based on the photographs of what we had above and await your comments on this.

Probably the old chefs/cooks have left so as you can see on their menu, many things are “sold out” or “no available” [SIC]…

B2SD menu

They’re all Mandarin-speaking here and they kept telling us about a chef that they have specially engaged all the way from West Malaysia so we can expect new items on their menu. Right now they have things like the Moon River fried  kway teow, the one with a raw egg on top, the fish noodles with the milky soup/gravy and the wanton hor fun (fried flat rice noodles with egg gravy) but we did not order any of those – just the sambal fried noodles that my missus had.

Well, we may or may not come back and try something else here, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Back to back…”

  1. Wah…. everything sold out LOL, business must be real good 😛 😛 😛

    I think the previous chefs who cooked those things have left… 😦

  2. LOL!! i like that term: atas cafe 😉 and moon river koay teow? oh, you put a big smile on my face! hehehehe!!!

    The prices, ever the decor would put this place a cut above the regular kopitiams…but unfortunately, the food served may not necessarily be better, not at all. 😦 The kway teow – I think they call it Ying Her and if I’m not wrong, that’s Moon River. I would prefer Moonlight Serenade noodles though – classier.

  3. ooo, i guess maybe wait another six months and head back here to see if things have improved … and hopefully by then, the menu will be ‘fuller’ 😀

    They are promoting the stuff cooked by this new West Malaysian chef on their Facebook page, nothing that would lure me back there again so soon really…including KL Hokkien mee. As in the case of their burgers before, I suspect they all look much nicer in the photographs.

  4. The egg you had doesn’t look all that great, I agree.

    You are very kind. The one that came with the nasi lemak was disastrous, to say the least! 😦

  5. Oohh, there’s a burger place nearby here too, called the Burger Factory, we can customise our own burger too.. Add egg, beef chiili, bleu cheese, other what-nots.. Nice..
    Erm, I agree with you, your fried egg is not presentable la.. They could have fried another one for the customer and put aside the “bocor” one.. Hmm, potong markah !!

    That’s a very famous one – this one is a disgrace if compared to that one. I think there’s Burger Lab as well there, right? I couldn’t agree more – I am sure anybody can fry an egg that’s nicer than that…anytime. This is an insult to the profession, really!

  6. The sold out one look like not so difficult to make also, wondered why they don’t trying to make it lo, maybe as you said the cook/chef left, as can see the sticker like stamp on it for quite awhile already!

    Yup, probably that is the case. The old chef has gone…and the new one from West Mlaysia can only do things like sambal mee goreng, Hokkien mee, fried kway teow… These will be the new items on their menu – they are promoting them on their Facebook page.

  7. Am not too keen in the burger but it seems that this charcoal bun is in trend. That sambal fried mee doesn’t looks appetizing, no ingredient, like mee kosong, but at least the egg is pleasing to the eyes when compared to the horrible looking egg in your nasi lemak set. Not worth the price you pay.

    Exactly. How can one be a chef if he can’t even fry a decent looking egg? I was so pissed off!!!

  8. You could teach the chef a thing or two about frying eggs! For the price paid, it seems cheap but quality wise, can be considered expensive. The portions on your nasi lemak look quite small and I wonder why lately the nasi lemak that you had are lacking in lemak.

    Maybe it is lemak enough for other people but no, it isn’t what I want. Or perhaps others are not so bothered about the rice – just what comes with it. It’s more expensive here than at the coffee shops…but unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the quality of what they served that day.

  9. wow, you mean we can create our own burger there?? and they will be served upon order?? that’s interesting!! chicken and fish burger.. reminds me of once when a friend and i bought double McChicken and double Filet-o-Fish, and we swap one patty with each other, so we both had the “McFilet-o-Chicken”, muahahahaha!!

    Hmmmmm…so creative. Yup…they have that here but judging from the quality of the patty that we had that day, might as well give it a miss. It was nice the first time around…but not anymore. 😦

  10. so many things sold out?? hey, that’s quite a turn off right?? might as well not show the menu, but just tell the customers they only have that few things available right away lah.. muahahahahaha!!

    Yalor…the whole page, only a couple of things left…and I am pretty sure if I had asked, they would tell me the rest are also not available. That’s the old/original menu…before the West Malaysian chef. 😦

  11. it seem alot of food are sold out..

    That’s what they claim – more like no, we are not serving this anymore…as we do no longer have anybody to cook those.

  12. So many items sold out, not much to choose from…

    All the items on the blackboard…in Mandarin, not many about 6 dishes only. They said there would be more…they would add to the list slowly. So far, nothing to get me rushing back to try…

  13. I like Lucy’s sambal fried noodles, looks very good. I am not really a burger person. That’s why so far i have not been to any famous burger place yet. 😛

    Me neither but I don’t mind those special ones…much nicer, and more filling. 😉

  14. Those cute cute buns with an opening on top looks interesting..but too bad, all not available…as you said, chef might not be around anymore to do them…think you wont go back for more…

    What cute buns? Those are bread bowls…with soup inside, the western type – the rich and thick ones. Never had the ones here but we have that at another place – very good one.

  15. I love how the dark buns look, very appealing. Especially if you present it with some brightly colored vegetables nestled into the bun. yummy!

    The runny egg does not look that appealing. Then again, I never was a fan of runny eggs. That was supposed to be a fried egg? Hmm…

    Good question. That’s such a disgrace, isn’t it? Don’t even have to be in the food business to do a much more decent job at…frying eggs. Tsk! Tsk!

  16. That egg seriously doesn’t look so ATAS

    Worse than any NCAA (no class at all) coffee shop. I guess this is one of those “trendy” places for young people to hang out – never mind that the food sucks and the service ain’t that great either.

  17. have a pet peeve about places that put “sold out” or “not available” for more than one or two things on the menu. very very irritating lah. why have it on the menu then? hmmm…

    Yup, but better than not having the stickers and when you order, they will tell you just about everything is sold out or not available. Gets my blood pressure shooting up through my head! Tsk! Tsk!

  18. apasal all sold out? belum buka kedai dah sold out?

    I’m surprised it is still in business. Looks like they’re changing the concept of the cafe – to something more local…and they’ve engaged a West Malaysian chef to come out with new dishes. So far, nothing that would get me rushing back there to try…

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