Let’s go bowling (2)…

Still on some of the stuff one would be able to get should he or she happen to drop by the Sibu Bowling Centre food court here, this is one thing not to be missed – the sotong satay…

Sotong satay

…from this stall…

Sibu Bowling Centre - satay stall

It does not come cheap though – RM2.00 a stick but I thought it was really very good and everyone enjoyed it a lot. The lamb satay…

Satay - sotong & lamb

…was good too but at that same price, even though it was much longer than the usual one can get in town, I thought it was rather pricey. The peanut sauce was yellow in colour, looking something like mustard and it tasted great – not the same as the usual, but I thought it was very nice.

The burger stall was not open that night when we dropped by but there were two other stalls there…

Sibu Bowling Centre - halal stalls

…selling halal food.

Hey!!! That’s  my friend…

Familiar face

…from here and yes, they are still selling their very nice ayam bakar (grilled chicken) rice and their fried kway teow with kerang (cockles).

We tried the beef steak, the chicken chop and the lamb chop…

Lamb chop

…from his stall and yes, I wouldn’t mind having any of those again – the mushroom sauce seemed very much nicer this time around than when we had it at the old place.

I didn’t try the fish and chips…

Fish & chips

…though so I am not able to comment on that…other than the fact that it did look nice.

From the other halal stall,…

Halal food stall

…I would suggest their bakso


It certainly was a lot nicer than the one I had here.

The mee jawa

Mee jawa

…was exceptionally good too – as good as some of the best ones around or perhaps, ever better than most. Even my missus who was never a fan of mee jawa liked it.

The beef noodles…

Beef noodles

…were so-so – I would prefer a very much stronger taste of beef in the soup and as for the nasi lemak

Nasi lemak

…the sambal was great but the rice, which was green in colour owing to the use of pandan, did not stand out above the rest that we have in town. I would like it to be a lot more lemak to really merit a thumbs-up!

The beef rendang

Beef rendang

was all right – it was nice, I suppose but I was already too full to tell by then.  However, I did notice that it did look kind of oily – typical of the cooking at many Malay stalls and shops as they do use a lot of oil to tumis the many ingredients that they use in the preparation. The real thing certainly looked a whole lot nicer though – like the aforementioned beef noodles, somehow, they did not come out looking too good in the photographs probably due to the fluorescent lights.

Hey! The guy from this particular stall knows me – he even knows my name! It turned out that he comes from the same kampung and his house is somewhere behind where my late grandma used to live. Gee! Small world indeed!

So, should you feel like dropping by here to try what they have to offer, they will be in full swing daily between 6.00 p.m. and 12 midnight though I think somebody said that they actually start at 5.00 p.m. Go ahead! Do go and give it  a try – I certainly would be back there again sometime to see what else they may have that is nice. See ya!!!