Let’s go bowling (1)…

This is the bowling centre in Sibu…

Sibu Bowling Centre

…that has been around for quite a while now at Jalan Perpati, off Wong King Huo Road…and no, don’t look so shocked! I have not taken up bowling – not after that most embarrassing first time at an alley in Melbourne in 1980. My cousin and her friends dragged me to one there and forced me to try my hand at it. Not knowing how to go about it, I swung the bowl and let it go – it went flying into the air and came crashing down and it went rolling straight ahead, knocking all the pins down. It was a strike! Everyone was stunned by the “explosion” and was looking my way…and when they saw the “happy ending”, they all applauded. Eyewwwwww!!!! Talk about being lucky the first time.

Well, I was there on Saturday night to try what they have to offer at the food court…

Sibu Bowling Centre food court

…located right beside the centre. I wouldn’t say it is a food court actually, more a hawker centre, a semi-open air one at that and in case anybody is wondering, they are open for business only at night from 6.00 p.m. to 12 midnight daily.

Let us start with the Chinese stall there…

Sibu Bowling Centre - Chinese stall

They call this their signature dish bihun

Ikan bilis bihun

…and it is actually fried bihun with ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and yes, it was very good. You may want to try it when you drop by this place. I was told that the chef here was once attached to one of the major Chinese restaurants in town.

The sesame chicken was pretty good…

Sesame chicken

…but I was not exactly thrilled by the mango chicken…

Mango chciken

It was very good roast chicken, no doubt…just that, it was like eating that – roast chicken as somehow the taste of the mango did not seem to blend in  with the meat.

This was really very good though…

Butter vegetables

…despite the fact that it did not look very attractive – their butter vegetables. I think they had brinjal, ladies’ fingers and dunno what else in the delightful creamy butter sauce.

This was very nice too – the salted egg chicken…

Salted egg chicken

– they said that was a layer of salted egg under the skin but it sure looked like ham to me. Whatever it was, it was very nice and I loved it!

This is the menu from the drinks stall…

Sibu Bowling Cnetre - drinks menu

…and if you can see what’s at the top, here, you can order what you want in 1-litre glasses…

Sibu Bowling Centre - drinks

…but somehow, it does not look that big in the photograph.

Oh ya! It seems that at one time, this place had karaoke facilities…and even, competitions regularly and even though there were some who would enjoy that, others would shun the place as it would get a bit too noisy for comfort. However, the town council has disallowed that already so they do not have that anymore and should you drop by here, you can enjoy your orders in peace and quiet. Right now, they do have huge LCD projections showing some almost-silent movie on the screens and even on the wall in preparation for the screening of  World Cup football matches that will start pretty soon, if I’m not mistaken. Hmmmm….hopefully, the crowd will not get a little too rowdy for those not into the game.

There’s still more to what you can get here but I’m afraid the rest will have to wait till tomorrow’s post. Stick around!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Let’s go bowling (1)…”

  1. Bowling! Haven’t played that for years! The sexy pose before throwing out the ball is always amusing 😀

    You can? And you think you look sexy when you pose? Muahahahaha!!! Not me, I’d lose my balance and tumble over…and would need a forklift to get up again. 😀

  2. It has been years I never touch bowling…..

    Good sport, should get Ryan to pick it up. Don’t think it’s cheap though…dunno, never went for it.

  3. heheh, i love your story about your bowling experience all those decades ago. if we had smartphones then, someone could have recorded the incident … it would be fun to watch! 😀

    Oh gosh!!! That sure was something I would never ever forget! Blush! Blush!

  4. hah..hah…Your bowling experience had me laughing 😀 I never tried and probably never will. Too shy! Butter vegetables, very interesting. First time I see such a dish.

    Humphhhh!!! Laugh, go ahead and laugh…but looking back, it sure seems rather funny. A memory to cherish a lifetime. Ya…my first time seeing and tasting the butter vege too – very nice!

  5. Arthur, the food here is “gorgeous!” Good choices of the dishes.. salted egg with chicken, that must be really tasty! Yumsss… especially when I see these now early morning!

    Hah!!! You know what I’m going to say. Come, come…come on over! We’ll go and enjoy these…and more! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. wah, that two golden bowling pin as pillars!! so magnificent, haha.. and the food, wow, i love the fried bihun and the sesame chicken.. and that salted egg chicken, hey, so smart cooking that way, they stuff the salted egg under the skin!! must be so nice~~

    I dunno how they did it but yes, it was so very nice. W@oudl surely want to order that again when I drop by that place another time.

  7. HAHAHAHAH.. when i saw the word BOWLING.. i clicked immediately.. thought will see some actions by you tim..

    i would wanna try that butter vegetables.. looks good to me though.. 😀

    😀 Sorry to disappoint you. Hehehehehe!!!! Yes, the butter vegetables tasted really good, another one on my must-order list – something like the butterscotch prawns you all had once at Ruby here but with vegetables instead of prawns. Yummy!

  8. Been to the bowling alley last month. But never been to the food stall. My sil said there few food stalls there at night.

    They have just taken over from the previous one, beginning June – that one stopped as SMC has disallowed the karaoke singing that used to attract their kaki-s. Now, no more karaoke, so not so noisy like before.

    Right now, they have this Chinese place and they have managed to get some of their favourites in town to set up their businesses here – you will see the other three in tomorrow’s post and there is also a burger stall but it was not open when we went that night. They hope to draw in a few more stalls. Business, not bad – off to a good start.

    Was trying to think of other Sibu bloggers around Sibu. Forgot about you – could have asked you to join us to go that night for the food tasting.

    1. hahah! Next time, remember me! Lol!

      Yes, now I remember that when we arrived there, it was rather noisy with music.

      Ok, will look out for your Part 2 post tomorrow. :p

      Stay tuned! So much food, everyone only ate a little – tried a bit of each so as to be able to try everything, much not even half-finished. I think I missed a couple of dishes. Didn’t get to snap a pic of the salted egg chicken even before somebody attacked it…so I just snapped the slice on my plate. 😦

  9. You make my day with your bowling story, hahaha…dare to try again? All the food looks great and the butter vegetable is my 1st time seeing it too. They are so creative to put up 2 golden bowling pillars there.

    Not at my age…and my shape & size. That was 40 years ago? Was much younger then, still bachelor. 😉 Yes, food was good – sure would not mind eating here again and sure I would order that dish of butter vegetables. Ya, can’t mistake the place for anything else other than a bowling alley with those two golden pins in front, eh?

  10. What a fun carpark with those big pins as pillars supporting the roof.

    That’s the main entrance into the alley. Quite a lot of cars – must be a number of people inside bowling. I didn’t go in to see.

  11. I had the most embarrass experience in bowling. I never wanted to try it again since then. Huhu…

    You too? Not as bad as mine, I’m sure. 😀

  12. Haha. . There was this thing called beginners luck in bowling. And that will leave you hook to it later. Luckily I manage to get out from this expensive recreation. The roast chicken looks so good ! My favourite ! I always ordered it whenever I visited one restaurant in jb.

    It’s expensive, is it, bowling? Thank goodness I don;t know how to bowl then. The roast chicken was nice but I was hoping for a stronger mango taste – more like something you would find in Thai cuisine.

  13. Oh I love those pins at your bowling ally. Nothing quite as fancy as the one close to our house. I’ll be taking my daughter and her friend to the bowling ally within a few weeks. I’ll be sure to post a picture of what the outside looks like.

    As always the food photos you share look amazing. I’m only drinking juices for the next few days so I’ll take note and stir fry dish when I start eating food again. I’ll substitute rice for the noodles, but tomorrow I’ll make my daughter a noodle dish. The girl loves her noodles. I just finished a garlic and onion clear soup with some seasonings added. Simple, but surprisingly good. First time I just used those main ingredients in a soup.

    Yes, sometimes the simplest is the nicest – like cooking of people of my Chinese dialect, Foochow. Once, people said that Foochow cooking was so bland, tasteless but I think they are beginning to appreciate it more now.

    I wish I could bowl. My girl keeps saying she wants to go bowling and the problem is there’s nobody to go with her. No fun doing it alone, I’m sure. 😦

  14. Ooohh…nice! We played that quite often during high school time. Maybe can go some time again bringing the kids along.

    You bowl? Hmmm…next time you come with the girls, you can all go with Melissa. She’d love that!

  15. Food looks delicious. How’s the price? Worth “shouting”?

    Didn’t ask about the prices at this Chinese stall, somebody treating – should be pretty much the usual, more or less.

  16. I like the bihun.. Looks like sing chau mai with mixed beans.. First time I see butter vegetables – vegetables fried in a buttery sauce.. Would love to try it..

    It did not look good…but it was love at first bite. Very nice!

  17. the salted egg chicken does look yummy, and from what you described, I would love to have some~! 🙂

    Bowling? Lol! First time lucky eh, I can imagine the thunderous bang when the bowling ball hit the floor. Go try again some day!

    No, thank you. Once bitten, many times shy. Hehehehehe!!!! Yes, sure I would want to go back there again for the salted egg chicken and the butter vegetables. Very nice.

  18. A nice brilliant and unique idea to have the two *spare* bowling pins at the porch where almost all bowlers hated the nicknamed ‘happy birthday’ throw when you have two pins apart. Either one pin or nothing haha.

    Oh? So that’s a Happy Birthday throw, eh? I know virtually nothing about bowling. 😀

  19. i actually thought i was going to read about you bowling! lol. would you classify yourself as a food blogger, then? (: food seems to be the one central theme to this blog! note to self: don’t read STP’s blog on an empty stomach D:

    Not really. I would consider this as a personal blog, things in my life…just that food makes up a great part of it. 😀 Sometimes, I do blog about other things…but it seems few would bother to comment on those – everybody loves food a lot more, it seems.

  20. Wah, that giant bowling pillars! 😉
    The bihun looks nice~

    Ya, that way, you sure can’t miss the place. Bihun’s great and most of the rest too.

  21. AH! I have not played bowling for many years!! And Sibu one i am not even go in yet! tsk tsk tsk.

    Oh, you’re invited for some food tasting, no wonder so many foods. 🙂

    Yup, too many. So full even though I just ate a bit of each… 😉

  22. I can’t bowl either. All the chicken dishes look good!

    Yahor! All chicken. I wonder if it is a “serves no pork” place. Will find out the next time around.

  23. The first time I went bowling, I broke my fingernails coz I was having long nails and did not know that bowling will definitely break them. suffered for weeks 😦

    Your first time lucky strike is very lucky indeed!

    Too bad no such luck when it comes to 4-D… 😦

  24. bowling…. oh yes i am a good bowler.. my highest score 272.

    Oooo…sounds impressive! I don’t know the scoring system though…unfortunately. 😀

  25. the fried bihun look a bit like singapore fried bihun

    Now that you mentioned it, it sure does…especially with the ikan bilis on top. It was very nice – sure wouldn’t mind having that again.

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