Passing through…

My young teacher-friend, ah^kam_koko’, was in Sibu that day after his motorbike excursion to Bintulu and Miri and he contacted me to ask if I could go for breakfast with him before he continued his way back to Kuching to spend the rest of the school mid-year holidays.

He wanted to go some place that he had not tried before and that was why we ended up here that morning…

One O One 1

There was a shooting incident here sometime ago and it  was closed for a while but business has resumed and things have gone back to normal. From what I could see, this place is obviously very popular…

One O One 2

…and actually, I have heard some good reviews about what they serve here though I did not think very much about what I had on my previous visits to this place here and here.

They say a lot of people would be seen eating the kampua noodles here so theirs should be good and that was why I decided to order that…

One O One kampua 1

It did not come cheap though. At RM3.30 a bowl (with meat), it was definitely more expensive than in the coffee shops and with the special request for the tripe…

One O One kampua 2

…to be added, that bowl you see cost a lot more. Thankfully, it  was very nice and the use of the fresh blended/pounded chili reminded me of the stall in the lane behind the Standard Chartered Bank here in my teenage years. They tell me it is now at the Sibu Central Market hawker centre but I have never bothered to venture there especially after all the horror stories of how long people have to wait and the old man isn’t exactly the friendliest of persons either…plus it only opens at night.

ah^kam_koko had the chao chai hung ngang (RM10.00)…

One O One chao chai hung ngang

…and kudos to them for not using the rather bland and jelly-like frozen fish/Dory fillet. I tasted the soup and I thought it was really very good – different from the usual one would get in the shops elsewhere, thick and flavourful…and without doubt, something that I would order for myself the next time I drop by here. The serving was huge though and I would not be surprised if anyone would need to struggle to finish all of it. I do wish they would serve half of that and charge, say, RM6.00 – that way, they would make a little  bit more even for that same amount of the hung ngang.

I also heard that they serve very thick and pretty good toasts here and I saw the reason why…

One O One Golden Churn

They use Golden Churn butter no less…unlike the coffee shops where you would get either Planta or Daisy. I do wish they would use one of those thick and rich homemade kaya (coconut jam) though. Seeing that they’re using Yeo’s, you can be sure that would be the last thing I would order…no, thank you.

I went to the gents and I thought the signs were cute…

One O One gents

Too bad the one on the left was blocked by the whisky bottles and I could not see the fine print at the bottom.

Ir certainly was great seeing you again, ah^kam_koko, and thank you for these goodies that you brought back all the way from Miri…

From ahkamkoko

Frankly, the ones from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching, though the quality has dropped somewhat, are still very much nicer. Still, as they say, it’s the thought that counts and I do appreciate it a lot and I am indeed much obliged.

We’ll get together again sometime, won’t we?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Passing through…”

  1. i googled ‘churn the butter’… heehaaa…! kalipok looks good to go wt freshly brewed cuppa kopi O…

    Ahhhh!!!! I just googlesd too. Learn something new every day – you do that? 😉

    1. u meant u just learnt that today only? hahaha…

      Yup, not into these things, not like you…sexpert! 😉

  2. The soupy noodles look great, something special 😀

    A Foochow delicacy, if I’m not wrong. The big bihun served in preserved vegetable fish soup…though at home, we may use chicken instead. Mamakucing will tell you she loves it with freshwater prawns – she had it when she came to town and loved it a lot!

  3. ooo, i’ve not heard of Golden Churn butter … is it a famous brand? 🙂

    Obviously you don’t bake. Been the favourite since my growing up years (though there may be other brands now, just as good or even better) – New Zealand-made, best for cakes. You missed the non-halal hoo-haa sometime ago – something like the Cadbury one the other day?

  4. I love the taste and smell of golden churn butter!!

    You missed Kai Joo lane sio pau??? Haha. See if I can, I buy some for you when I am back in Kuching.

    Yes, better than any of our local brands – and they’re not even real/pure butter. I blogged about that once:

    Oh, please don’t trouble yourself. The Kai Joo Lane ones are still nice but compared to those in the past, the quality has gone down too – especially the curry puffs.

  5. Wow, RM10 for that bowl of chao chai hung ngang is a bit too steep…and kampua noodles is still my choice. Have an enjoyable weekend.

    I thought so too but they used fresh fish and there was a lot but I still feel they should serve smaller portions at half the price…or two can order one and share – just that you would need to go with someone who would want to eat the same thing. 😦

  6. Churn butter eh, I don’t see that often, not even in supermarkets.

    Haven’t had lunch yet, and I’m already hungry seeing these pictures. Your daily food pics updates on FB doesn’t help either! hehe. 😛

    Your mum’s a nyonya. Does she bake? If she does, then she would know Golden Churn. No true-blue nyonya will settle for anything less…Hahhh!!!! Your food pics would be a lot worse – taken with pro-class camera one, not like mine. Hehehehehe!!!!

  7. oh yeah, i LOVE those pastries!! they look so delicious to me.. as i bloghop and leave comments, I can wallop all the 4 pieces!! hehe~~

    Gosh!!! Don’t eat while online…all the food stains on your keyboard. Will attract ants and other pests.

  8. Golden churn butter… yes, heard of it and had used it before too.. not cheap nowadays.. anyway, nothing is cheap anymore… Yes, Yeo kaya.. that is the last choice for me too.. normally being used in hotel buffets.. 🙂 Own baked ones are always the best… must have enough santan and eggs!

    No, over RM10 a tin but if you want quality, you will just have to pay for it. You want cheap, you will get palm oil, not butter. I think all the coffee shops use Yeo’s too. Melissa likes it…with Planta. Authentic kopitiam kaya & toast. Eyewwwwww…no, thank you.

  9. Ooo…they actually use top quality butter! Too bad they used canned kaya. I don’t like the Yeo’s brand kaya. Gardenia’s taste better but of course nothing beats the home made one!

    Yup! Yeo’s not for me too – all sweet, hardly any lemak santan taste. 😦 Gardenia’s good eh? Must keep that in mind… I love good kaya!

  10. Ooh, I have been to this place last year during my brief visit. And you did tell me about the shooting incident or maybe it was my auntie who did.

    Nice, but not really cheap…and it’s not even air-conditioned.

  11. i’ve never heard of Golden Churn butter either & yes, it’s rather clear i’m no kitchen goddess! lol. baking panics me because temperature settings in my ditzy lil head are far too tricky. fahrenheit, celcius.. whatttt??! lol. i figured it’d be used more for baking but can people still use Golden Churn as a spread? heh.

    always nice to reunite with an old friend, isn’t it? (:

    Those who have more discerning tastes would not settle for anything less. I use olive oil margarine now though – healthier. My missus will buy Golden Churn for her cakes and cookies and she would grumble and grumble about the increasing prices – more expensive each year. No worries, you’re not alone. I am not into baking either. 😀

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