Family ties…

We were invited to the wedding banquet of my nephew, my maternal cousin’s son…

Invitation card

…last Saturday evening at the grand ballroom…


…of a hotel here in town…

Wedding cake & dais

This was the menu and other than the wedding cake…

Menu & cake

…we also got this very elegantly-packed door gift…

Door gift

It certainly was a really grand affair and look at who was the master of ceremony for the evening…

Mahathir Lokman

– our very own Malaysian TV personality, Datuk Mahathir Lokman, no less.

After the ceremony was over, the bride and groom proceeded to the main table…

Bride & groom

Yes, my nephew was in the armed forces before like his father before him but now, they are both engaged in their own private enterprises.

Once the newly-weds are seated, dinner was served…

Food 1

The food was good…

Food 2

…but I did not take a photograph of each and every dish…

Food 3

…because the changing colours of the spotlights in the ballroom were not too complimentary as far as the photos were concerned – the chicken literally turned out green!

There was a band in attendance that night, a really good one…


…and I loved their rendition of this favourite song of mine.

There was also the throwing of the bouquet by the bride to all the single ladies around…

Throwing of bouquet

…as well but no, Melissa did not get it so it certainly looks like it is not going to be her turn just yet.

I certainly had a delightful time – everything  was so pleasantly nice, the food was fine and the music and songs were great but I would say the best part was to get to meet family and friends (and ex-students) from near and far, some of whom I had not met for a very long time – the last time I saw them, they were very small…but they were still able to recognise me and came over to say hello. Hmmmm…I guess I have not changed one bit, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

Well, congratulations once again, Izkandar & Mazwina, may the two of you be blessed abundantly in the years ahead, and congratulations also to the happy parents. Cheers!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Family ties…”

  1. Oriental dishes but western dessert?

    Maybe it’s because we already had the fruit platter to start off with. Seems that according to sources, that’s the healthy way of eating – have the fruits first.

    The custard in the creme caramel was a disappointment as it was firm/hard, not soft and wobbly and the caramel was a bit burnt – bitter plus it was served as one big one for everyone to share, not in individual servings – failed on that count too. Thankfully, all the main dishes were good. My daughter loved the fish head curry especially.

    I guess the other Chinese desserts such as the or nee (yam paste) or the deep fried pancakes (with tau sar filling) would all be out of the question owing to the lard content. Wouldn’t mind longan and almond jelly at the end instead though.

  2. That’s a grand wedding ! I never been to a malay wedding ! Food also looks great !

    Ya, it was grand and the food was good (except the dessert). Why, your friends in the uni never invited you to their wedding kah? Thought you would have lots of them…or you graduated overseas? 😉

    1. I mixed with Chinese , somehow …. lol

      We are a lot more liberal here, more integrated. That was why when Claire and the rest of the bloggers came they were amazed by the sight of a Malay stall right beside a kampua stall…and ladies making roti canai. I dunno but they told me over your side, only the men would be seen doing that.

  3. Congrats to your nephew! That’s a lot of cake. Must have been a lot of people.

    Thanks. I think that’s a dummy but they got some specially made though only for the main table. I know pretty well what they had though – I know that guy who made the cake very well – we always order from him everytime – the best in town!

  4. wow, congratulations to your nephew and niece-in-law (hmmm, is there such thing).. and the band performance must be amazing playing one of your all time favorite “Endless Love”.. 🙂

    Thanks. Yes, I love romantic love songs, the sentimental old fool that I am and always will be.

  5. Congrats to the newly- wed couple. A grand wedding indeed. Love the prawns. Very nice & unique door gifts. By any chance, is Datuk Mahathir Lokman related to them?

    Thanks. I think he’s a friend of the father of the groom – the father, in his speech, said that he was invited and graciously volunteered to be the emcee the day before the wedding/banquet when he flew into town…and that was a welcome surprise indeed.

  6. Indeed the wedding is grand.. with the military uniform and the famous MC… Once a lifetime affair so make it a night to remember.. 🙂

    Indeed. It has to be really really special. A memory to cherish forever.

  7. i always like to attend Malay wedding because of their beautiful decorations. I don’t think i’ll spend too much on the decorations though (i think la.. might be otherwise on that day.. hahaha)

    Usually, people will engage some wedding planner who will take care of the decor, entertainment, everything. Much easier nowadays, just fork out the money. Chosen a theme yet? The Nuffnang boss had UP – you can go for Frozen. 😀

  8. Very grand wedding! Lovely couple! Congrats to them. I love Malay wedding but I never attended one in a hotel. Mostly very homey and family affair; usually held at home or a community hall.

    Thanks. I used to go to the ones in the homes in the kampungs when I was small, tagging along with my mum. They do have them in community halls too but I have not been to any. The last one I went to was also very grand – at the Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah) – two couples, brother and sister marrying their partners. Another cousin’s children:

  9. Very grand wedding indeed! And the food is Chinese style. Usually the Malay style would be to have a big serving platter in the middle with an assortment of dishes.

    We called that The Dome. Used to have that at hotel dinners often on my working trips long ago – haven’t seen it since. I don’t think we have that here. Yup, banquets at hotels are Chinese but halal – I think it is the general rule here that all hotel eateries, the major ones, must be halal.

  10. Didn’t realize Iskandar is your nephew. Yes, a nice wedding reception so different from our usual ones. I like the decor and the oldies sung. I was seriously considering going up to Datuk Mahathir Lokman to have a photo taken, but on second thoughts, I didn’t want to be seen as a moonstruck teenager!!! Lol.

    He’s older now, fatter too. Voice is still very nice though I did hear him getting sort of tongue-tied over some English words and phrases once or twice. Ya, my mum and Izkandar’s grandfather are cousins, so his mum and I are second-cousins.

  11. such a grand entrance, complete in uniform. so cool!

    Yup, very impressive. Didn’t take a photo of the bagpipe band…from one of the army regiments.

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