A lot of love…

It was her first morning home for the school mid-year holidays when Melissa made these delightful sushis…

Melissa's sushi

…with smoked salmon and also chili tuna.

Later, at around noon, we ventured into town in search of a good place for ayam penyet as she said she felt like having that. Unfortunately, all the stalls in the coffee shops around the vicinity of Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sibu, either did not have it or it did not look so good or they were closed, like the ones here, for instance…

Lot 10

– a coffee shop along Ramin Way at the other end of the immediate block of shops to the left of the Star Cineplex here. In the end, we decided just to have the chicken rice with all the roast and stewed stuff…

Lot 10 chicken rice & roasts

…at the stall in front.

The rice was very good – a lot nicer than what we had at the other place. Formerly, the one at the latter was nicer but not any more, it seems. The roast meat there was all right, never the best…and everyone was in agreement over the fact that what we had here…

Lot 10 roast & stewed platter

…was very much nicer. The stewed duck was very good but I super-duper loved the stewed pork (buried under the duck) – the skin plus a thin layer of fat was absolutely heavenly. Slurpssss!!!!!

I ordered some of their stewed eggs…but it seemed that they missed the order so I had to ask them again and despite the fact that it was still early – lunch hour had just started – they only had ONE left so we all had to share that solitary egg…

Lot 10 - stewed egg

…among the three of us. It was good too, nicer than the other place, not so over-stewed till a bit hard on the outside.

Their complimentary chicken soup was also tastier and very much better…

Lot 10 soup & dip

…than the other place where at best, the soup would usually have a hint of salted vegetables and all this while, I found theirs to be rather bland and I was always put off by the chicken claw that they would put in each bowl. Eyewwwww!!!!!!

All in all, excluding the drinks, the bill that day came up to RM22.50 for three persons. Reasonable, you reckon?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “A lot of love…”

  1. some tong chai in the soup would be good eh… papa so sayang anak one…

    I’m not a fan of tong chai – don’t mind the taste but I do not like biting into it and eating it. Missus would put that in her fish ball soup. Oh? Papa mana tak sayang anak one – you and your smallkucing also the same bah…stuck to the father like chewing gum. 😉

  2. The chicken rice looks good but the sushi rolls seem better for me haha

    My daughter made some more that day – with the very very expensive avocado, not that the smoked salmon was any cheaper…and we gave some to my in-laws. All the older ones did not like it, just the young one in the house. Obviously, there is this generation gap between the old and young when it comes to culinary preferences even. I loved it, of course – forever young…and so much nicer with avocado. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. I, for one is also not a fan of Japanese/Korean food…but my kids would love those sushi & other Japanese/Korean food. Typical Chinese like us, must have rice. All the roast & stewed stuff looks great. It would be best if they use szechuan veg. to boil the soup. Yummy!!!!

    Ok, you can go over there with my in-laws. Hehehehehehe!!!! No worries, my parents didn’t quite care for it either…and Claire will join you later. I’m ok with sushi, can’t say I love it a lot…depending on what’s inside – loved the one Melissa made the 2nd time around with avocado. Yummmmm!!!!!

  4. All those roasted meat looks yum! So kesian, only one egg to share hee..hee…

    Never mind. We can always go back again – quite long, this mid-year break. 😉

  5. ah.. homemade sushi and chicken rice with three types of roast and one whole braised egg!! and yeah, i would also prefer to be given a bowl of clear soup than to have lots of ingredients in it..

    What matters most is the taste, not so much what’s inside – I love clear soups, nice, refreshing ones.

  6. Oh. I wanna try the roasted meat rice. I havent found a nice roasted rice place here.

    This one is good but parking is such a pain unless your luck is really good or you don’t mind joining the rest and park illegally by the roadside. There’s a good one opposite Public Bank (town, Tunku Osman branch) but the guy’s not very friendly – I prefer his brother at Mei Le, Jalan Gambir round the corner from Delta Mall – the one and same thing. His is just as nice…but the rice is just so-so – fine with the meat and the sauces though.

  7. I like the sushi best!! They really look good.. Melissa is really turning out to be a good cook.. just like er… Mom and Dad combination! hahahaa…

    You like??? Oops…sorry, Irene. You’re on your own. Muahahahaha!!!!

  8. Seems affordable but the siew yok looks dark. Mixed with the dark gravy ? I prefer those which are brighter which seems fresher.

    The roast pork belly? Looks fine to me… The duck to the left is stewed though, not roasted and the stewed pork underneath is really good. Will surely go back for that one of these days.

  9. Wah, homemade sushi! Nice indeed. My kids love these sushi rolls too..but I have yet to made them myself 😬.
    Melissa is turning to be an accomplished chef, huh. From pasta to sushi, no problemo! 😀 Go, girl!

    Seems very easy… Just cook the rice with apple cider vinegar, cut the things to put inside, place everything in position on the seaweed and roll with a Japanese mat.

  10. Very nice sushi. About the chicken soup, I used to wallop the chicken feet in it for the extra gelatin. Even my wife think that i’m gross.

    Eyewwww!!!! I’m with your wife on this. Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  11. home-made sushi! looks good, melissa sure has inherited a talent for creating delicious-looking food from her dad, hehehe 😀

    Not really, she’s more into trendier cuisines, not old-school like the father. 😉

  12. The sushis looks good….

    They were good. She made another round with avocados and smoked salmon – ooooo…so nice. I love avocado but they’re so expensive here. 😦

  13. I love sushi too, but i don’t know how to prepare sushi! hahahhahahhah!

    Lot 10, been there once when the beef noodles still there.

    Happy school holidays to Melissa and hope she enjoy her long break.

    Thanks on her behalf. Ya…the beef noodles people have moved but they say the current one there is a relative. Didn’t order to try though – just had those things from the roast stuff stall.

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