Not here anymore…

When it came to chicken rice, this was my favourite in town…


…located among the shops behind Delta Mall here, directly opposite the huge Methodist church in the area. I loved how the rice was oily and so very fragrant and tasty but when we went that day, it turned out to be most disappointing…

Chopsticks chicken rice

Not only did it fail to please as far as the taste was concerned but it seemed like it was not completely cooked too…or maybe it was not the texture that I am more used to when cooking our own rice at home. They certainly were very generous though – each of us was served that huge amount on our plates.

There used to be a different owner and then, one fine day, I saw some new faces running the place. The previous owner said that they were his partners and he was letting them take over. That wasn’t a problem at all as all this while, they had maintained the quality and the taste and I would keep going back for more – especially for their rice, actually.

Their roast chicken, I would say, isn’t the best in town…

Chopsticks roast chicken

…and it’s the same where their roast duck…

Chopstick roast duck

…is concerned. Don’t get me wrong though – I’m not saying that they’re not good, just that there are others that would taste just as nice and some may be even better…while on the other hand, I’ve had some that are not really all that great at some places around here.

I love their char siew

Chopsticks char siew

…and their roast pork…

Chopsticks roast pork

…is as good as any that I’ve had but yes, there are pretty good ones elsewhere as well.

It was very cheap though. We had their stewed eggs, three of those, and theirs are very well done…and together with the drinks that we had, the total only came up to RM27.50…but now that the rice isn’t anything to shout about, when we feel like having chicken rice and all the roast stuff again, we probably would head some place for those…just that most likely, it would not be here anymore.

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17 thoughts on “Not here anymore…”

  1. The roast duck does look good to me though

    The roast stuff’s all good – just the rice that was disappointing. 😦

  2. sendiri masak lagi shiok eh?

    Tried once – so tedious. Had to trim all the fat from the chicken and melt that for use. But they say the Prima Taste chicken rice kit is very very nice – you’ll get something like the real thing. One box has something for use to cook the rice and something for the chicken. But it is so so so expensive… 😦 Minta ang pao, pak! πŸ˜‰

  3. hopefully they return to the type of rice that’s tasty soon πŸ™‚

    Ya, maybe it was just one of those days. Got up on the wrong side of the bed or something. 😦

  4. Meaning that their cooking is not consistent, but all looks so yummy. That doesn’t seem like chicken rice, more like plain white rice.

    Hopefully, it was just a bad day. Other times, all ok, very nice. When it comes to chicken rice, I place utmost importance on the rice – like in the case of nasi lemak. Other things usually more or less the same, can’t be very much different.

  5. awww, you’re right, some of the best chicken rice shops that I’ve been to all have one thing in common.. awesome fragrant oily rice! Don’t they realize the rice is what makes it great? Yes the roasted chicken do play a part, but don’t ever leave out the rice! Some even give plain rice, the horrors!

    Those that do that – don’t expect me to see me ever again. Some nasi lemak stalls here, the same too. Tsk! Tsk!

  6. The rice looks dry. Too bad the standard has gone down. BTW, I made your salad dressing today. It was superb! Love it a lot. Only thing is that I did not add enough peanuts. Will definitely adjust that in future. Thanks for the recipe!

    There!!! I knew anyone who tries would like it – it is certainly not like peanut butter, not at all. 😦 Of course, one thing I will not deny – it can be quite fattening – all that cream plus milk some more.

  7. I seldom take chicken rice, only when the shop is really serving real authentic ones… there is one shop in town where people queue up every lunch time to buy… other than that, most are also so so only… yes, do cook it yourself, more fragrant if you use the chicken stock to cook the rice….

    It is not so easy to cook one’s own – not just a matter of adding chicken stock.

    First you have to trim the fat off the chicken and melt that in a wok and remove the crusts – then fry sliced shallots till brown and remove all – not a bit can remain or it will make your rice “dirty”. Then fry sliced ginger and remove if you do not want your rice to be too gingery…and then put in the rice and fry in the oil. Then transfer into the rice cooker, add chicken stock, pandan leaves…and cook. Add salt & msg according to taste. I think I saw in TV, they also added serai.

    It certainly is a lot of work – much easier to eat outside…provided the rice is really good.

  8. The rice looks dry. I love fragrant and fluffy rice. Maybe it’s just today? Sometimes they can be inconsistent?

    Was at a wedding dinner last night and met a friend – she reads my blog. Feels exactly the same way – no longer nice, she said. A few more made the same comment on my Facebook link. Looks like I can just write off this place now.

  9. If not mistaken this is the place we came to eat the last time we met in Sibu.

    Yes, where I ordered the “Foochow curry chicken” for you to try. πŸ˜€

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