No angel…

Melissa wanted their angel hair pasta with smoked bacon and whatever that was on their menu when we dropped by here again for lunch on Saturday but, no it was not available so she ended having this instead…

JackPork spaghetti with sausage

…their spaghetti bolognese with homemade sausage (RM15.00).

Frankly, nothing puts me off than going to some place and ordering things from their menu and they tell you this is not available and that is not available. They can make some of those “NOT AVAILABLE” stickers to stick on the menu temporarily so diners would know what not to order and look for something else. Often, one would have made up one’s mind already and when being told thus by the waiter or waitress when placing the orders, one would need to just choose something else in a hurry and may pick something that one does not really want…and what made it worse was it wasn’t anything special that was not available. Ok, if they say that they’ve run out of smoked bacon, maybe it is not so easy to get hold of such things in this little ol’ town but angel hair!!! That is sold , ok not everywhere, but in a number of places in town and there should not be any problem stocking up on some…anytime. Tsk! Tsk!

So this was what she got in the end. It tasted great, we cannot deny them that little bit of credit though my girl did say that she would not mind a little bit more of the sauce but the presentation! What on earth were those tomato wedges all around? I would say that the dish would look a lot better without those…and for that amount of money, I was expecting perhaps, one WHOLE sausage at least by the side…not just those four thin slices on top. THAT is definitely something we would not order again as we can get something better or just as nice and probably cheaper too elsewhere or we can cook our own anytime…and with angel hair, if we so desire!

I did not feel I was up to their Heart Attack so I opted for the less challenging Classic Burger (RM13.80)…

JackPork classic burger 1

…which I would say was very nice. I enjoyed it and Melissa tried a bit and agreed that it was pretty good too. Like their signature pork ribs, this too was served on a chopping board and I would give them the thumbs-up for the nice presentation…

JackPork classic burger 2

My missus had their sizzling stewed pork belly noodles (RM9.80)…

JackPork sizzling pork belly noodles

…which was not sizzling when it was served and the egg was rather raw, we thought. Thankfully, it certainly made up for all that as far as the taste was concerned for it was, indeed, very good…and they were really generous with the meat – lots of huge chunks of that in the plate.

We did not order the drinks as we thought we would be getting that on the house with our orders but the waitress told us that we would be entitled to one complimentary drink only with my burger order and my missus and Melissa would have to order their own drinks as the promotion would be valid for lunch only on weekdays…or if we did not hear wrongly, that was what she said. Now, let’s look at the sign again…

JackPork promo sign
*Archive photo*

Can anybody see any phrase or clause that states anything to that effect? Well, as a matter of fact, we were there previously on a Saturday and we got our free drinks. Really!!! The boss was not around (and from his Facebook page, I saw that he was away on vacation in Thailand), otherwise, I would certainly have given him a piece of my mind, no use wasting my time talking to these not-very-smart-nor-eloquent subordinates.

Well, they do not have to offer anything – that’s their prerogative. After all, a free drink or no free drink, it is really no big deal – once one chooses to eat at such joints, surely one is ready to fork out the money for whatever one orders but when they do not live up to their promises, I would say that it puts people off and leaves a not-so-favourable opinion of the people and the place, never mind how nice the food or the place may be. I do hope the boss has an absolutely valid explanation for this the next time I bump into him here or in one of his other sister restaurants.

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27 thoughts on “No angel…”

  1. Ahh… been months since my last plate of hot plate noodles, miss the sizzling sound and the half-cooked egg, but my favorite stall is no longer in business, the uncle retired…. T.T

    Ya, I would like it sizzling, spluttering & splattering all over.

  2. better than telling u ‘sudah habis’ when u are the first customer? i prefer fetucini and linguini, angel hair is too thin like beehoon… do try your amoy clam with fetucinni.. should be plate licking good!

    My girl does not like it fusion like that – pasta will have to be pasta original, not pasta sesat. That’s why she does not like it when I fried pasta my way, like char kway teow or whatever style.

    We were 2nd that day, I think – they just opened for lunch and there were two ladies there before us. Not first, but still eraly – too early to run out of anything.

  3. the Heart Attack burger sounds scary! πŸ˜€ hmmm, but the pork belly noodles looks like comfort food though, especially with the egg (i don’t mind my eggs raw, heheh) πŸ˜€

    Like the Moon River kway teow, eh? I always worry that the egg may not be all that fresh. During my growing up years, the welcome drink for anyone very much respected at a Foochow home in the village here was raw egg from their own hens and condensed milk and hot boiling water poured into the glass – stir it all together and drink.

  4. When no boss around, those don’t-bother staff will make don’t know attitude towards customers. It may not be a big deal but once you stated or advertise it, you must keep to your deals.

    The bun that used for the burger is charcoal bun is it?

    Yup, I guess so. Seems they like to use it these days – supposed to be healthier…but why bother? With all the things in the burger, how to be healthier? All a gimmick, I must say. Whatever it is, it is still just bread to me. In western countries, they would probably sue them for false advertising, misrepresentation…

  5. Same here, I get what you mean.. It’s a turn-off especially when you purposely go to that place to have that something, and they tell you it’s not available.. The other day, we went to Kenny Roger’s coz I was craving for their potato salad.. Guess what, this side dish is not available anymore – for long term, they have taken it out from the menu.. Really potong stim..I love your burger, but I always ask to exchange with mash instead of fries..

    No idea. The potato salad is nice, the one with the ribs…but Melissa loves their chunky chips. Dunno if they have mashed here or not – anyway, I don’t think theirs is nicer than mine. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. Ooh, I’ve just had brekkie my but mouth is watering looking at those meals. πŸ˜‰

    I like the food here, no question about that…just that sometimes, one may get put off by these little little things.

  7. I will have to agree with you on those tomato wedges! They don’t even go with the meal tsk..tsk..tsk…and there is certainly not enough sauce as can be seen in the photo. What were these people thinking? You should highlight to the boss about their so-called promotion. By right, all three of you should get a complimentary drink your set lunches. Perhaps his not-very-smart-nor-eloquent subordinates misunderstood their own promotion. And yikes! Raw egg on a not so sizzling pan eeuuww!!!

    Ya, sure would speak to him when he comes back from his holiday. Hah!!! You have the Moon River kway teow over at your side – I was quite put off by the raw egg on top also. Would quickly mix it with the kway teow in the hope that the heat would cook it a bit. This one, at least, is slightly cooked…not like the ones on the kway teow.

  8. Kucing tarak ..tikus curi makan la…bos tarak …staf pun tarak apa attitude la

    I will speak to the boss when he comes back. Gone on holiday to Thailand – still there, heard he and the guys fell sick, dunno when they will be back.

  9. Sizzling noodles looks good but the egg is too raw for my liking. By right each of you should get a free drink. That a huge burger and by the way, how did you eat that burger?

    I tried eating it the way burgers SHOULD be eaten but I made such a mess on my hands and my face…so I gave up. Had to cut and combine the bits of everything and eat. 😦

  10. wow, nice burger and so LOADED!! served on a piece of banana leaves and then on a chopping board, hmmm, east meets west!! nice~~ and i love all the layers in the burger, so yummy!! πŸ™‚

    This is already so high. I wonder what their Heart Attack looks like. I should give it a try one of these days. Hehehehehehe!

  11. We also been told that the offer is only for weekdays. They should state it in their set lunch brochure. And the sizzling stewed pork belly noodles is really salty!

    Was all right when we went. No quality control perhaps. But the previous visit, we also went on a Saturday and we got our complimentary drinks? Not stated in their poster…so not valid!

  12. Can only imagine how my mouth will look like after having a burger of that size.

    You can imagine me then…with all the stuff all over my face. πŸ˜€

  13. Any fine print somewhere or not? If none, it is our right to sound cos the promotion poster states that a free drink is available whether weekdays or weekends… hmmmm…. If no free drink, normally I will order plain water.. πŸ™‚

    We did that…and plain water is RM1.00 a glass. Heads they win, tails you lose! 😦

  14. Love that hot plate sizzling noodles with a raw egg. Used to have those in food court of shopping malls. Nowadays, too many eateries until we did not visit the food court anymore. Must visit again, soon.

    Had one nice one at a mall in Kuching, beef… My girl’s favourite but the same here, have not been for a long time as we hardly drop by there when in the city. Too many new malls around.

  15. If the complimentary drink is only available on lunch during weekdays, then they should have state it in black and white, if not from the board, i would have thought free drink also available on weekend…

    Exactly. And when we went a week earlier on a Saturday, we all got the complimentary drinks. Terrible!

  16. Spaghetti bolognese with homemade sausage, hardly can spot the sausage! :P:P

    Not really a burger fans, especially this type of “huge” burger, so hard to handle. hahhahah That is why, so far i have not been to any famous burger joint in KL yet.

    Those thin slices on top, that’s all. So expensive for those miserable bits. Not worth it at all. I don;t mind really nice burgers – like the one I had at Bistecca – that one is very good too.

  17. Believe like for my sister, if they say this don’t have and that don’t have oh…my sister will stand up and leave lo!!! >.<

    Good! Often, we’re too lazy, not bothered to go elsewhere so we’d just make do with whatever else they may have.

  18. Usually – can’t go wrong with Pastas, eh!? Sounds like a nice time πŸ™‚ There are so many places to eat on your travels! I love hearing about them!

    …and I do enjoy trying out new places and blogging about them.

  19. That’s a huge and delicious burger!

    If that’s the Classic Burger, I wonder what the Heart Attack version looks like! This is already sooo tall!

    I’ve yet to pluck up enough courage to order that and try. Will certainly do that sooner or later though, of that I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

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