Nope, this isn’t exactly new – it’s only new on the outside. The wrapper…

New look

…as you can see, is much nicer compared to what it was like before…

The original look

If I’m not mistaken, the makers of the now-celebrated Sibu instant kampua noodles went to Taiwan and went some place there to see how they packed their noodles and they came back with a machine of their own to do just that.

For one thing, I would say that it certainly looks more presentable, more like those established large-scale factory produced ones and probably, this would make it easier to go through customs if you are bringing any overseas. I was told once that they were very particular with noodles in plastic bags like this…

Mee kua in plastic bag

…if they were yellowish in colour as that would be indicative of its egg content but if they were white like in the case of mee sua, they would let you through. I also heard that they would be more lenient with factory-manufactured stuff so my guess is that they probably would not cast a second glance at the instant kampua in this new wrapper…

New look - back

…thinking that it would be just another one of those that have flooded their own (Asian) stores and supermarkets all over their country.

However, this is only available for the original kampua noodles, the straighter ones with light soy sauce and not for the curly and flat (mee pok) versions nor the one with dark soy sauce and the vegetarian version (with onion oil, not lard). It is a bit more expensive though – by RM1.00 so a pack of 5 packets would cost RM7.50 instead of the usual RM6.50 (or RM6.90 for the mee pok).

I bought two packs for my godson/ex-student, Andrew, to try – I’m not too sure whether he brought any back with him to New Zealand or not and I got a pack for myself as well. Inside, you will get the noodles and sachets sealed in a plain plastic pack like in the old packaging so it is actually a two-layer package unlike what you will find in the case of the usual instant noodles.

As you can see, it does look good…

The Kitchen instant Sibu kampua 1

…but of course, you will need to add your own slices of meat, fried shallots and chopped spring onions for the complete works.

Many would agree that it is ALMOST like the real thing that one can get in the shops and if you divide RM7.50 by 5, it is only RM1.50 for a plate…or if you are buying this in the old packaging, it comes up to only RM1.30 which makes it a lot cheaper that when you eat at the shops and order the kosong (without meat). Other than that, you can enjoy this anytime of day in the comfort of your own home but of course, you will need to cook it yourself…

The Kitchen instant Sibu kampua 2

You’ve tried yours, Merryn? Nice or not?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Outside…”

  1. will still prefer the old packaging… and mai phuak lak, mai eng nik…

    Just like me hor…always dressed up poorly and shabbily, old, worn out clothes but still the same nice guy inside. πŸ˜‰

  2. Packaging is indeed very important!

    It most certainly is. Looks a lot more presentable…and the extra RM1 is for the extra expenses incurred in buying the machine and for the printing of the roll used for the wrappers.

    Personally, I do wish they would get rid of the old packaging. Let’s see the competitors who have crawled out of the woodworks do the same, at least half a dozen of them now including one from Sarikei (the same in the case of the Penang white curry noodles) – and their labels look quite awful, to say the least…and one simply scanned the label and edited the name of the producer, putting in their own, like those pirated cetak rompak DVD’s by those ciplak-ing Ah Longs – actually I can’t even tell if the noodles are the same ones or their own.

  3. Packaging and branding… gimmick and excuse to price their products higher

    They are still retaining their old packaging at their old prices so your sweeping accusation is over-generalised and quite unfounded, young man.

    I would say it certainly is true of many products though, even branded ones. New! Improved! But inside, it is exactly the one and the same thing. Why, Ribena just lost a lawsuit in NZ recently – all the claims on their label were proven untrue, all that Vitamin C enriched and what not.

  4. Instead of meat, I’ll add in some shrimp with it, it should be okay, right?

    If you add a couple of shrimps and fish balls and thin char siew slices plus minced meat and green veg, it will be like our imitation kolo mee – kolo mee look-alike with kampua taste. Nice also but you will have to go to Kuching to experience the authentic Kuching kolo mee taste. Best!

    1. I tried the kolo mee in Kuching before, and the taste is very good, me and my friend both of us have two bowl each, hehe!!!

      Wowwww!!!! I wonder where you had yours. Like everything else, one must know where to go for the best in town. Same with kampua, can’t just go into any shop and eat. Some may not be worth the calories.

  5. Nice plate of noodles. For me, I don’t mind the packaging as long as the taste and everything remains the same. Of course, adding our own “liao” would taste a whole lot better. Have a great time.

    Yup, all the extras will bring the taste to a whole new level. Same with anything else that we cook.

  6. It seems like they’re planning to export their noodles that’s why they improved the packaging. This is OK as long that it will not make the price go high.

    I don’t think so. Maybe just to make it look nicer and a bit more impressive.

    It’s a small family enterprise…and as it is, they are already desperately trying to meet the local demands. If you go to the collection centre, you will see long queues and people carting away bags and bags and bags – I know many buy and sell at a profit – so easy to make business. Other people work half dead to make and they just take and sell and reap the profit…and there ARE people willing to buy at the jacked-up prices. Maybe they do not know how to go about buying from the actual source and don’t mind being fleeced.

  7. Hope they will be sold in Ipoh soon…. otherwise… delay eating the kampua noodles till come what may… πŸ™‚

    Two options:
    1. Fly to Sibu andbuy the original packs, RM6.50 only and you can enjoy all that this little town has to offer.
    2. PM them via their Facebook page or contact them by phone – place your order, make your payment and they will send over to you…or you can get them to send to KL and you go and collect at the collection centre in Kelana Jaya – RM8.50, original packing.

  8. Packaging looks better!

    Definitely, not like one of those small-scale fly-by-night home-based kind of businesses.

  9. I tried one of the green packet my SIL bought from the market. It doesn’t even taste like the kampua you get from the coffeeshop. I still prefer the one I bought from The Kitchen.

    I’ve heard something similar about the blue packet one as well – not nice. Best not to go for those imitations. I hear they’re not cheap some more – some as high as RM7.50…but they’re selling the Kitchen’s at the market for that same price too, reaping a profit RM1.00 a pack. So clever, so good at making business -those people.

  10. I guess packaging makes a difference. There are times when people are attracted to the design, colour or pictures.

    Yes, more impressive…can sell at more impressive prices. Haven’t we often heard it said – we pay mostly for the packaging?

  11. Errrrr….new packaging new price…pretty soon be too high price liao

    Can always opt to buy in the old packaging, still available. I noticed everybody else did that except me – I thought my godson might want to try and bring back to NZ so I requested specially for this. Have to pay for the machine and I am sure getting the roll for the wrapper printed is much more expensive that that piece of paper in the old pack. A little bit extra in price is to be expected.

    Anyway, RM7.50 only. Know what? A supermarket in Miri took it apart and repacked – 4 packets in a pack instead of 5 and sell for RM8.00. People are so clever – all ways and means to make money…the easy way.

  12. I don’t mind which packaging, as long as i can have my kampua. New packaging do look very nice.

    Die-hard kampua lover… πŸ˜€

  13. I wanted to try mine so badly but william said let’s try it with the whole works; meat and all. So I think I’ll still have to wait until the weekend when he has time to go buy the char siew. Thank you so much for this Arthur. Really appreciate it πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see how you find it. Boil for 3 minutes…exactly no more no less, must keep time.

  14. I was talking to HB the other day about Sibu ppl coming out with instant kampua noodles. From old school packaging to modern one. Maybe you should consider be the distributor..hehehe

    No lah, I just help them to promote. As long as it makes people happy, I’m happy too. Not all about the money…

  15. NOODLES! Yay for Noodles! I enjoy seeing the wrappers of the items you find and receive! I don’t know why – but – I have always loved seeing packaging from other countries for some reason πŸ™‚

    I think I prefer whatever is inside. πŸ˜€

  16. Can someone be kind enough to mention the contact numbers of the collection point in Kelana Jaya? Thank you.

    You can always call them in Sibu to find out. Not too sure what arrangement they had with whoever in Kelana Jaya, dunno if they are still doing it – 011-2971 0000

    The info for that Kelana Jaya thing is on their Facebook page. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/SibuInstantKampua

  17. Where to find instant Kampua in Miri?

    Supermarkets. Many different brands available now. I’ve only tried two – The Kitchen Brand is better, I think.

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