If you can’t beat them…

…join them, they always say…and ever since the success of the instant Sibu kampua, there have been many others that have jumped on the bandwagon. Some are more expensive, others are more or less the same price and whether any of them are good or not, I wouldn’t know – I don’t think I would bother to go and try any of them unless someone tells me of one that is very much nicer.

Likewise, the Penang white curry instant noodles have taken the world by storm and is currently No. 1 in this blog, edging last year’s winners to No. 2 and No. 3 respectively. Of course, others have come out with their own of the same and I did hear of a brand that is better but no, I haven’t tried it yet. Correct me, if I am wrong, but one thing that I know about Penang curry mee is that it is usually served white like this…

Penang curry mee 1

…hence the name but once you’ve mixed the sambal (chili paste) with everything that’s in the bowl, it will be like any other curry mee in colour…

Penang curry mee 2

…but of course, the taste may differ from place to place and even in Penang itself, there may be some stalls or shops that are a lot better than others, exactly the same thing with our kampua noodles in Sibu.

However, as far as I know, there is Kuching laksa, named after its place of origin, which is also called Sarawak laksa…but never in my entire life have I ever heard of Sarawak white laksa

Lee Fah Sarawak white laksa 1

– the Sarawak White Rajahs, yes…but not this and I really do not see how it should be thus called by mere virtue of the fact that now, they have included a sachet of santan (coconut milk) powder in each packet…

Sachets inside

I used to buy this a long long time ago when they had bihun in the packets – which is actually what you would get if you order Kuching or Sarawak laksa anywhere in the city or the state but for reasons known only to them, they stopped producing that, only the ones with mee/noodles…and I stopped buying it since.

I would give them due credit for the fact that their laksa does have the fragrance and taste of the real thing and I do know of people like my cousins in Kuching who would put aside the mee for use for something else at a later date and use their own bihun instead…and of course, like me, they would add their own condiments and garnishing…

Lee Fah Sarawak white laksa 2

…to come out with something that is more or less like the real thing without having to drive out for a bowl at the shops.

No, I did not buy any to try though I did see it in the shop, not when the price has almost doubled…from RM3.50 for to RM6.90 for a pack of 5. I am sure that little sachet of santan powder does not merit such an astronomical jump and as a matter of fact, I still would not think it is really worth that much even if they had added a sachet of sambal belacan and one of calamansi lime juice as well which are things that you simply cannot do without if you’re having Sarawak laksa – it’s the whole complete package.

However, my missus came home with a pack one fine day so since I had it at hand, I thought I might as well cook it and eat…

Lee Fah Sarawak white laksa 2

Yes, the taste and fragrance are still there. Yes, it is very nice with all the stuff that I added. Yes, if you’re wondering what Sarawak laksa is like, this will give you a pretty good idea…but no, at that price, you can be sure that you will not catch me buying and eating it again, not unless they review the price and bring it down to something a lot more reasonable.

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19 thoughts on “If you can’t beat them…”

  1. I guess I haven’t tried the sarawak laksa but the first impression I always get is the laksa always have huge prawns. Not sure why or I saw it somewhere. Different places got their own variety of laksa. SG got the katong laksa , which is very lemak. However, I still prefer the ipoh laksa , either the soupy or the dry type.

    Huge prawns…or more prawns, you’d have to pay for them and they sure do not come cheap!

    Not a fan of Katong laksa…like sayur masak lemak nor really crazy about Penang laksa though I don’t mind a good one sometimes for a change. Sarawak laksa is different from all of them – nice, very nice but like everything else, one must know where to go for the good ones.

  2. I don’t think that white curry mee is good in fact, i like that singaporean buckwheat noodles (come in 3 flavors- aglio olio/ chili & lime/ jap soy & vinegar)

    My sentiments exactly about the white curry noodles. The purple noodles – I like the chili and lime. Unique, has a taste of its own…and nice. The other two, I’d pass…

  3. ooo, this would be perfect though for customers who want the convenience of being able to enjoy a bowl of sarawak laksa at home πŸ˜€

    Yes, indeed. At least, it tastes quite like the real thing and for those away from home – in the peninsula or overseas. No need to be ripped off by those people selling at the stalls and shops the pale imitations of the real thing…

  4. Yaloh. I never heard or taste of white laksa. I think they put more santan to make it whiter. Oh I miss laksa. Havent had it for few weeks now.

    Yummy’s good. Or Aloha… Can go this morning. πŸ˜‰

  5. Much has been said about the Penang White curry in Kuching till you can see the price sky rocket and people are grabbing it like there is no tomorrow. Anyway, I still prefer the Sibu made Mee daddy. Your bowl of laksa looks good with all the extras added on.

    Me too. Often, it is best to keep it simple and nice. No need for all those gimmicks – like kampua here, we have tom yam, pandan and what not. Ain’t nothing like the real thing!

  6. I had my first taste of Penang’s white curry mee not long ago. Yummy!

    You like? I had the original – too hot for my liking though my missus loved it. I hear they’ve toned it down – lots of complaints all round…and the initial enjoyment started to dwindle halfway owing to the “non-dairy creamer”. I know many will eat without adding the creamer – but then it will not be white curry anymore. Makes no sense at all, doing that.

  7. Penang curry mee is very nice.. Yep, the soup is not too oily, and whiter in colour.. And they serve with pork blood, yay! Seldom can find it over here.. I have tried instant curry mee and they include a packet of “coffeemate” look-alike, guess that must be the “santan powder”..

    Yup. I’m quite sure it’s santan even though it is stated on the packet – non-dairy creamer…like it’s Coffeemate but coconut milk is non-dairy too, anyway.

  8. oh, Sarawak White Laksa?? interesting.. and did you heard about that Penang White Curry instant noodles that caused a stir previously?? many people said it is very nice, somebody even chose that as the best instant noodles of the world, haha.. well, anyway, have not tried that before, not easy to get since they have limited stock and not widely distributed..

    I tried that – last year, around August 2013…before most everybody else. My friend, Annie-Q, sent me a pack all the way from KL. You can click the link in the above post to see my review…or here:

    Not widely distributed? Gee! We’ve mountains of those here now…and there are other brands as well – Ah Lai, Nanyang… Not bothered to try the other brands, not unless I can get them free. Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  9. Oh, thanks to your post. I never knew there’s instant Sarawak Laksa before. Are they still selling it? Am going to try one for me.

    They most certainly are. Most places here have the original, the “white” version is new – so far, I’ve seen it at one place here only. Don’t bother getting that – double the price, not worth it.

  10. You really make it like what’s display on the packet, as for me just simply cook it oraybe add in one or two egg inside, hardly put shrimp inside because the shrimp got to defrost first and usually I had instant noodles is when I was in hurry, but I really like the way you make it like that you cook it like what’s display on the pack, it looks like the real one!!! =]

    Instant noodles all more or less the same actually…but when you add extra ingredients, they sure help to make them a lot nicer – brings the taste to a whole new level. Same when you cook anything – much will depend on the ingredients you use.

  11. Cant beat them….make your own…muhahaha

    Much nicer, I’m sure…but if it’s Sarawak laksa – this one is good – can’t get good sambal these days so more often than not, even if we cook our own, it is not as nice, not like the real thing.

  12. I think you have tried all sorts of dry noodles in packets already… modifying them with lots of ingredients too! So much ingredients and everyone would love to have a bowl!

    Not really. Many that I have not tride – like Mamee Chef series, the curry laksa. They say it’s very good – has won an award. Normally I would just wait and see what my missus brings home… I just cook and eat. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  13. some how the Sarawak Laksa does not get me excited…. maybe had a bit too much during those days in Miri…

    You’re a true blue kampua lover, I know. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. don’t know why but i’m just not a fan of curry laksa. not big on the texture of the soup, i guess. \: shrimps in the last pics look maaaad yummy though! OM NOM.

    Not a fan of Katong laksa…or curry laksa/mee either but Sarawak laksa is different – not so rich though some places will cook theirs with a lot of santan. Not original, and always frowned upon by true Sarawak laksa lovers. Some may like it that way – to each his own, I guess.

  15. So, it’s battle of the instant noodles! Some are good while there are others that I cannot understand how people can like it. Anyway, I agree that if the price is too high, just do without it. Nothing beats the fresh stuff.

    Problem is they sell the fresh noodles by the kilo – too much for two persons in the house to finish at one go…so have to use bit by bit, keep in the fridge…and I, for one, cannot tahan see things sitting in the fridge for so long, unfinished. 😦

  16. Now they have Sarawak White Laksa, wonder what’s next…

    Sibu White Kampua…but that’s nothing new actually. All this while, when we order kampua, we have to say WHITE (with light soy sauce) or BLACK (dark soy sauce) just that the people making the instant kampua chose to label theirs ORIGINAL (white) and DARK SOY SAUCE. Good also as people who do not know may think we’re copycats – trying to copy the Penang people. 😦

  17. Not really a laksa fans, but once in a while i do think of having it. For me it is easier, i can get quite authentic one from Bangsar.

    Oh, didn’t know it also has instant Sarawak Laksa!! I know the brand, Lee Fah. When young, i remember i can eat the noodles uncooked like eating mamee, not sure do they still have that.

    Yes, now the Penang White Curry has so so many brands! Ah Lai, Ah Roi, Penang Bridge White Curry or what others, no no, i am not a fans also.

    So many? I’ve only heard of Ah Lai and Nanyang, other than MyKuali. Lee Fah’s made in Kuching, not bad their noodles…but for laksa, I would rather have bihun not mee. Ya…me too, not really crazy about it – don’t mind having it once in a while for a change.

  18. I tried the instant white curry. Nice but nothing spectacular. If one were to cook any other curry noodles and add a packet creamer…it will pretty much be the same as the famed Penang brand. Nothing beats the real stuff!

    Precisely. At least this one is ALMOST like the real thing if you go out and eat at the stalls…and it’s cheaper too.

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