Little too early…

It was a little too early but never mind. We did not have a choice as my missus’ birthday around a week ago was on a weekday and Melissa would not be around to celebrate…and since we had to send her back to her school on Sunday, we dropped by here for something a little special for lunch on Saturday. Sometime ago, I took my cousin from Kuching to this place for dinner, she had the black pomfret so this time around, I decided to try their tenggiri (mackerel), RM15.90…

Cafe  Ind - ikan penyet, tenggiri

That certainly was a huge slice of the fish and on the whole, it was all right – you can’t expect much from fried fish, can you? As long as it is fresh and nice, it’s fine…but I did feel they could have done a better job with the sambal belacan dip that came with it. For one thing, it  was not spicy at all so I can’t say that I really enjoyed it all that much.

Melissa wanted the seafood curry with rice (RM15.50)…

Cafe Ind - seafood curry & rice

that the mum had once and instead of serving it on the plate beside the rice, they have it in a bowl now…which was perfectly o.k. as far as we were concerned but we did think the colour looked a little bit nicer the last time around. Never mind, at least, it still tasted great and actually there was quite a lot in the bowl – probably more than before and I wonder if that was the explanation for a 50 sen hike in the price.

Against my “wise” advice, my missus insisted on having their nasi uduk (RM13.50)…

Cafe Ind - nasi uduk

– the Indonesian version of the nasi lemak. I’ve tried it before and I did not think it was anything to shout about and my…my, that chicken drumstick sure looked miserable.

On the whole, I would say that it wasn’t too bad, our lunch that day…and the bill came up to RM56.50, inclusive of drinks but the boss was kind enough to waive the 50 sen.

That night, for dinner, I cooked some chicken soup with ginger and traditional Foochow red wine so that we could have the longevity birthday noodles – our mee sua

STP's mee sua in chicken soup

…and I also boiled some eggs to go with that and for dessert, we had this very nice baked New York cheese cake from the bakery round the corner from my house…

BreadSense New York cheese cake

Then on the morning of the day in question, I was pretty sure nobody wanted mee sua in chicken soup all over again so I fried this dish of seafood mee sua

STP's seafood mee sua

…and we had that first thing in the morning but of course, Melissa was not around already by then.

I know that certainly wasn’t much of a celebration, more symbolic or a token celebration than anything else but at least, something is better than nothing and we all got to celebrate it in our own small and simple way together…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Little too early…”

  1. That’s balinese style right? Those rice dishes sound reasonably priced, especially with the thickly cut fish

    They’ve chefs from Indonesia and also one from North India for the Indian cuisine (used to be two – I heard they got rid of one who became a bit “too difficlut”). Food is generally very good but it depends on what one likes and what one orders. However, I would say prices are a little steep – best to go once in a while, reserve for special occasions.

  2. Happy birthday to your missus. I take that fried fish anytime. Looks good and huge.

    Thanks. Fish was good but the seafood curry is still everybody’s favourite.

  3. Ohhhh, birthday! always a big occasion. Happy birthday to your missus stp!. 😀 Tonnes of Nasi uduk available here in cyberjaya. lol

    Thanks, Ivan. Ohhhhh???? I love Indonesian, gotta drop by and pay you a visit when I hop over. 😉

  4. That is a big chunk of fish! Err, yep, agree with you, the chicken drumstick looks miserable, teehee.. I love your noodles with red wine soup, I always cook something like this for Kz (minus the red wine) and he loves it too – bihun with chicken soup and hard boiled egg.

    Bihun, we serve with chicken soup cooked more or less the same way but with chao chai (preserved vegetables) added. Available at stalls all over town – they use the big bihun – chao chai hung ngang, it’s called.

  5. Happy Birthday to Lucy! You didn’t post up in FB a week ago or did you? Anyway, never mind the food… Sweet moments with your loved ones, that is all that counts…

    Thanks, nope…quiet affair though I did share a pic of the mee sua we had…and the cake. 😀

  6. I like the dishes. And Happy birthday to Mrs Wee!

    I always fry mackerels and pomfrets at home, I wouldnt order when dine outside. Lol! Rub and marinate curry powder (use the meat or chicken curry type) on sliced mackerels and then shallow fry them. Very yummy too!

    We usually have the two too at home, not so much the rest. Melissa’s favourites. Hardly ever order outside – only here. I hear it’s very popular in Miri…that ikan lalapan Indonesian specialty – but not cheap. Did not get to try though, place very crowded – next trip perhaps.

  7. I think the soupy mee sua and the fried ones that you did are much better than the rest, no joke and the cheese cake looks so soft and fluffy. Belated birthday greetings to your missus.

    Thank you. All good, most important is the chance to celebrate together even though it was a bit too early.

  8. Oh my my… Fried mee sua… Happy birthday mrs wee!

    Thank you. Come, come to Sibu – you can have that and more, lots more! 😉

  9. Ayo… so kesian looking at the drumstick. So skinny. hehe.

    Yes, the colour greyish like that…so put off by it. I’m sure it wasn’t black chicken – usually smaller, thinner…and black. 😦

  10. oh, i love that tenggiri set, such a huge chunk of fish and also lots of condiments and sides, yummy!! and ah, now i know this type of fish always cut this way is tenggiri aka mackerel, my all time favorite~~ :p

    One of my favourites too – for one thing, no need to worry too much about bones…unlike some other fish.

  11. happy (belated?) birthday to Mrs. STP!!! 😀 😀 sounds like the best way to celebrate a birthday tbh.. food, food & more food! >:oD

    btw, thanks for the really sweet compliments you left on my mom’s day post (: grandma’s on the left & mom’s on the right!

    Thanks, and most welcome. True, I could not tell which one’s your mum in the pics.

  12. Oh dear….that piece of drumstick sure looked miserable. The fried fish is big but a bit dry. As long as your wife loves it, that’s matter the most. haha

    Happy belated birthday to your wife. That cheesecake sure looks heavenly!

    Thanks. Well, she did not complain – I guess she got the hint when I kept telling her not to order that…so she asked for it. Hehehehehe!!! The fish was all right, not dry – nicely fried…but I think I can make nicer sambal to go with it. 😦

  13. You are right, that chicken drumstick looks pathetic. The kitchen should have done better. Wah, your seafood mee sua looks yummy! Lots of prawns and squid in there 🙂

    Ya, with all those ingredients, one cannot possibly go wrong. 😉

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to your missus!
    So nice of you….I wish my hb could cook for me also lor… *dream*
    That cheese cake look so good!!

    Thanks. Teach him…and hope and pray…when your birthday comes around. Hehehehe!!!!

  15. Wooaahh.. transform mee sua soup into seafood mee sua.. why i never thought of it..?? probably i love mee sua in chicken soup more.. haha..

    Happy happy Birthday Mrs Wee ❤

    Thank you. Personally, I prefer it with chicken soup too – just fried some for a change.

  16. Happy belated birthday to Lucy!! So sweet of you to cook her mee suah!

    Thanks. You know me mah…always so nice, so sweet one… Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. the meesua looks good. Esp with the 2 eggs.

    No prize for guessing whose bowl that was. I love eggs! 😀

  18. Wish Lucy a happy belated birthday and give her a hug on behalf of me..

    Wanted to bake a cheesecake over the weekend. I didn’t have enough money to buy the cream cheese..hahaha. Malas go withdraw

    Thanks. I can’t bake…and even if I could, I think I’d be too lazy to do so. Just buy and eat. Hehehehehe!!!!

  19. Happy belated birthday to Lucy. How nice of the husband to cook the symbolic mee sua 🙂
    The fried tenggiri slice looks good. But what a scrawny, miserable looking drumstick that was👎.

    Thank you. Nice hor, this hubby! Hehehehehe!!!! Yup, the drumstick looked terrible, even the colour was kind of off…but she did not say anything so it was probably all right.

  20. Happy belated birthday to your missus. Very nice fried mee sua. I’m into cooking lately. Will see whether I can copy 🙂

    Thank you, Andrew. You’re cooking? Wowwwww!!!!! SuperDad, eh? Now you have both arms full…still can manage to cook kah? Good, good! Stick to the simple stuff – can try my recipes….easy to cook, nice to eat.

  21. My mom always cook the slice fried fish to eat with porridge!!! And it tasty very well!!! =]

    Yes, I always have fried fish with porridge…and salted fish and salted egg.

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