Stupid mistake…

It was very hot in Miri but I did walk around the shops in the vicinity of the hotel where we were staying and I dropped by a supermarket there…just to look around and that was Mistake No. 1 – usually when we say that we will just walk around and look-see, we will surely end up buying something, right or not?

I saw these packs of noodles on display…

China noodles 1

…and they had duck flavour! I love duck and I made up my mind there and then to grab one to bring home. My missus does not eat duck though…so I decided to buy another flavour that she would want to eat and I chose the scallop flavour for her.

These are “Hongkong style” noodles according to what is stated on the pack and a “Product of China” – there is no specific mention of the place of manufacture but the sole agent is a company in Hongkong. It did come to my notice that the noodles were kind of different from the usual instant ones and that was another reason why I thought I would want to buy that and try.

Now, Mistake No. 2! What I did not know at that point in time was that when you go shopping at the supermarkets in Miri any day of the week, they will not give you a plastic bag. In Sibu, this rule applies only on Mondays and Saturdays…but not there. I had no intention of walking back hugging the two packs of noodles, one on each arm, so I bought a recyclable bag – made available for customers at RM2.50 each. (You can buy a plastic bag for 30 sen, if you want.) I chose the maroon one – I thought that would look less feminine than the glaringly bright red one…but when I got back to the hotel, there it was! The bag in the colour that I did not want!!! Now, how did I end up with that instead of the one in maroon colour? Don’t ask me – I really don’t know!

Then when we reached home, I started unpacking and I took the noodles to show my girl what I had bought and then only did I realise another mistake that I had made – Mistake No. 3!!! Where was my duck flavour? How did I end up having the abalone and chicken…

China noodles 2

…instead? Tsk! Tsk!

Ah well! I can’t jolly well fly back to Miri to go back to the shop to change so I just had to make do without the duck, like it or not. I opened a packet to try and this was what they had inside…

China noodles 3

– the noodles, a sachet of the seasoning and another one with some sauce and bits of something inside. I think that would be the meat – which would explain the “mince” stated on the pack/packet while the “thin” probably refers to the noodles…

China noodles 3

…and this was what I cooked and had for my breakfast that day…

China noodles 5

Ah well, it was edible…this much I would say – nothing to get excited about and a bit too much msg for my liking. I think when I cook the remaining packets, I would just use half of the seasoning and probably, it would not be so bad.

But at RM10.90 for a pack of 5, I would say that it is way too expensive and certainly not worth it since it is not any any way special or nice. Incidentally, I saw them selling the MyKuali Penang white curry noodles at this same shop at RM10.80 a pack, RM3.00 more than in Sarikei and it only costs RM5.50 a pack in Kuching, so I’ve been told. I don’t know if it is only at this one shop or whether things are generally a lot more expensive in Miri but at those prices, I might as well go and buy our very much nicer made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy…

Sibu's Mee Daddy

…currently on offer at only RM3.50 for a pack of 5 + 1, 6 packets altogether. So, at the end of the day, it sure looks like buying those China-made noodles wasn’t a great idea after all – another mistake on my part especially when I can jolly well use the money to buy 3 packs of our Mee Daddy, 18 packets…and still have change…and enjoy it a lot more.

But anyway, since I can’t throw all the rest away, I might as well make the most of what I’ve bought in whichever way I can. A few days later, I tried cooking another packet and I used half of the seasoning given only and added some extra ingredients of my own – sotong (squid), taugeh (bean sprouts) and one poached egg…and garnished it with daun sup (Chinese celery)…

China noodles with added ingredients

…and of course, this way, it was a lot nicer…so I guess I can just keep what’s left to cook and enjoy as and when the need arises!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Stupid mistake…”

  1. LoL Arthur! Were you dreaming or what? How did your duck turned into chicken?! I love duck noodle but I’ve never tried this brand. This kind of noodles takes a very long time to cook right? They are not that instant after all.

    Sighhhhh!!!! Old age, I guess… Quite instant, did not take long to cook.

  2. ooo, you’ve reawakened my lust for instant noodles (it was one of my favourite kinds of food when i was a kid). i’d be a kid in a candy store if you put me in the supermarket aisle for instant noodles 🙂

    Oh oh!!! I’m no fan of instant noodles – just something in the house to have for breakfast when there’s nothing else, not really crazy about any in particular.

  3. lol! poor you, from a maroon bag to a red bag, and wrong flavour??
    I think the staff felt you look better with the bright red bag? 😀

    Hmmmm….good for old man when crossing roads perhaps – Danger! Danger! All cars must stop and give way. 😀

  4. LOL chicken and duck all sapu la but yea, i do agree that the soup has too much msg but the noodles are springy nevertheless.

    Yup, I used the sachet of seasoning no less than three or four times. Just a pinch each time was more than enough!

  5. Well, at least you satisfied your curiosity about the noodles. No harm done, just make sure to remember not to buy them again 🙂

    Yes, definitely not…and not at that price! 😦

  6. Both bowls of noodles looks good after you added all the extra ingredients. 1st time see you ” mong cha cha” getting the wrong things. For me, I still like mee Daddy, being it curry or chicken.

    My favourit e too but my missus dos not like it – says the noodles smell of biscuit so I will have to buy my own when I feel like eating. She has her favourite – Mee Sedaap…but somehow, she will buy all kinds of brands, not necessarily the one she likes – I cannot understand why. Women!

  7. Lol. This is a very funny post. I enjoyed reading this post. Haha.

    MyKuali white curry noodle pricing varies from one state to another. Really ridiculous. Aren’t we 1Malaysia, and price should be the same for everyone irregardless of state?

    Of course, shipment charges have to be accounted for…and in places where they sell well, sure they will charge more. What I cannot understand is why Mee Daddy is made in Sibu and yet, it is more expensive than many of the others from the peninsula…or even those from other countries, like Indonesia. Ridiculous!!! Good thing it is not too expensive, or sure I would boycott – no second thought.

  8. Ai ya … so blur !Never mind la, just finish it in whatever ways you like. Goreng…etc.

    Exactly what I’ve been thinking…but just noodles at that price is mighty expensive. 😦

  9. Really Arthur! Maybe your mind was preoccupied that very day.. .never mind, I am in your club, it is not surprising to me… hahahaa… by the way, the kuali white curry over here is selling at 6.90… I tried one packet and it was very spicy… I didnt put the creamer though…

    They said they’ve toned it down, lots of complaints – not so spicy anymore. Ya…if you had added the creamer, halfway you would feel “jelak” already and it would be quite a struggle to finish the whole bowl. Yes, yes…we’re in the same boat – the senior citizens. Hehehehehe!!!

  10. Had that before. Not that bad la. Add a bit if vege and egg taste good enough for me

    Not for me. The meat or whatever in the sauce, so black – eat, also geli-geli… 😦

  11. Agree with you, the last one sure is lot nicer than the previous one!!!

    Same with all instant noodles – add extra ingredients of your own, sure will bring the taste to a whole new level.

    1. Yes, because at the first time I refresh, refresh, it doesn’t came out…=.=!!! So I comment one more time lo!!! Sorry ya!!!

      Oh? No problem at all. The more the merrier. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  12. Lol, why were you so ‘blur blur’ that day! 😉Maroon became red, duck became chicken..
    Haven’t tried this brand before, anyway I am hesitant to try other flavours besides the good old curry and Tom yum. The Penang white curry is selling around RM7 at the hypermarket over here. Don’t quite like it..a bit too sweet for my liking and I don’t put in the creamer…fattening & jelak 😬lol

    Didn’t think it was all that great either…plus it is a lot more expensive than the usual, no, thank you. Would stick to the normal more affordable ones.

  13. aren’t noodles just the best though?! 😀 😀 i love how you add your own ingredients to it.. something i do, too. but i really quite like instant noodles that already have (a) packet(s) of extra ingredients like veg or some dried shrimp. that’s why i’m quite obsessed with mamee chef these days.

    Mamee chef eh? Maybe I’ll grab a pack and try one of these days. We have that here. It’s also in the rameneater’s top 10 list.

  14. “usually when we say that we will just walk around and look-see, we will surely end up buying something, right or not?” –> nod nod. So true! LOL!
    HAHAHA!! Your mind and hands were not cooperating lar…
    Nowadays, Instant noodles aren’t cheap.

    There are more affordable ones – best is not to be tricked into buying these “imported” more special looking ones. 😦

  15. The egg looks good though.

    I can’t remember which brand but my late grandma used to like a salt flavoured one for mee suah. She said it was like old fashion home made ones.

    Mee sua here is salty. Must be the traditional type. That’s why we do not add salt to the soup – it will be salty enough once we put the boiled mee sua inside.

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