Well, another weekend’s here. What have you got planned?

Actually, this wasn’t last weekend but the weekend before that – when we just got back from Miri. How time flies!!! We decided to eat out that Friday and settled upon this place…

Fat Mum 1

….that we used to frequent on Sunday evenings after church when my girl was younger – she loved the deep fried meat-stuffed yew char koi from a stall there and the ikan bakar (grilled fish) from another one outside the shop. I am not sure whether the stalls are still operating or not as they used to open at night only and we were there for lunch that day.

I remember taking a friend there once too and when she saw the sign, she remarked, “Are you trying to insult me?” You can jolly well guess her shape and size – not much different from mine. Hehehehehehe!!!!! It’s a very interesting shop really with all the curios and collectibles…

Fat Mum 2

…here, there and everywhere…

Fat Mum 3

…even on the ceiling!

We had their sweet corn soup – my girl’s favourite way back then…

Fat Mum - sweet corn soup

…and the kiam sor hu (salty crispy/crusty fish)…

Fat Mum - kiam sor hu

…was good as well.

We wanted their butter prawns too and when it was served…

Fat Mum - butter prawns

…my heart skipped a beat! Instead of the cheaper seawater prawns, they used the freshwater udang galah which is not known for being cheap, not at all and the serving was big – I had to brace myself for a whooping bill at the end of the meal. Unfortunately, it did not taste all that great, not the dish as a whole but the prawns – they were kind of bland, not sweet so we did not really enjoy them all that much.

We had the cangkuk manis with egg for our vegetable dish…

Fat Mum - cangkuk manis egg

…and when I went to pay, I was in for a pleasant surprise – the total came up to only RM40.90 inclusive of rice and drinks for three!!! My! My! That was much less that elsewhere minus the fish and prawns. Gee!!! It sure is cheap here…but if and when I do come back again, I would have to tell them to cut down on their msg – all of us thought there was a bit too much of that in their cooking.

Lunch on Saturday was nasi kerabu

Sri Tanjung - nasi kerabu

…at the usual place – available only on Saturdays and  make sure you go early as they always run out very quickly. We were there at around 11 something and there wasn’t any more fish so we had to go with the chicken. Nonetheless, it was so so so good and we all enjoyed it a lot. I googled for the recipe, thinking that perhaps I could cook my own…but at the mere sight of the list of ingredients and the work involved, I think I’d just go and eat it at this shop whenever the craving for it arises. After all, it’s only RM5.50 for a plate like this.

That night, there was my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner and the next morning, after church, we stopped by here for brunch before we sent Melissa back to her rural school. She had the rojak telur (RM4.00)…

Yummy Kafe - rojak telur

…that I had had before and thought was pretty good. My missus had the piansip soup (RM2.70) while I decided to try something from this stall…

Yummy Kaft - new stall

…where my favourite popiah used to be.

I had their meat dumpling noodles (RM5.00)…

Yummy Kaft - meat dumpling noodles 1

…which were served with a little bit of black vinegar.

I saw a note indicating: “Bukan mee kuning” – translation: not yellow noodles and this was what was in the bowl…

Yummy Kafe - meat dumpling noodles 2

I am not sure – I didn’t ask – but probably they made their own noodles as they did seem like it. It was nice – something that I wouldn’t mind having once in a while for a change but no, it did not bowl me over and you would not catch me rushing back for more.

So, anything special in mind for today or tomorrow? Well, whatever you’re going to have, I hope it will be good…and do have a great weekend…and to all mums, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY tomorrow! Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Weekend…”

  1. The noodles look great, very springy, more like the hand-made noodles kinda thing. Rm40+ for three is cheap considering the dishes you guys had….

    A bowl of prawn noodles – this type, one and half prawns…RM30 already. I can’t afford to indulge like that. 😦

  2. No special plan for the weekend, just an ordinary ones…

    Wait for your boy to grow up and celebrate for you – you’re his mum.

  3. Oh dear ….cangkuk manis again ! I need a fix soon. Btw, it will be a long weekend for me. I’m on leave on Monday.

    On leave again? Before Easter weekend, also on leave. Some people have all the luck in the world!

  4. One thing about Sibu that I like is the food! Cheap, big and nice! Of course applicable to certain places.

    Weekend is here! Yahoo! Maybe can try that fat mum shop, very interesting coffee shop. Where?

    Block right behind Kingwood new extension – Payung is on the end to the left, it’s to the right. In fact, if you go straight out from the hotel multi-storey car park, you will go straight into Fat Mum’s back entrance. Their black pepper beef is the favourite of many.

  5. Fat Mum … a very cute and memorable name indeed for a restaurant! they can open a sister restaurant called Fat Dad (and then Fat Son and Fat Daughter) 🙂

    Or maybe I can open one…and call it Fat Dad! 😀

  6. Indeed the food is very cheap at Fat Mum… the udang galah, how many they gave? I saw two only? I like the butter prawn toppings, I think they added in nestum flakes as well?

    A lot. 8, I think…but these were the medium ones – around RM35 a kg. The big ones would be RM50 a kg. Can’t afford to eat, maybe only on special occasions. 😦

  7. OMG! I am hungry now and I see all these picture. Sweet corn soup, butter prawn and cangkuk manis. Oh my! All I like.

    Oh no! Oh no! Watch your figure! After all your effort, must keep it up wor… 😛

  8. So cheap, RM40.90 only and somemore with udang galah. All looks nice.

    I was shocked, could not believe my ears! Udang galah, so expensive one!

  9. Only RM40.90 inclusive of the udang galah is a steal! I would have thought they made a mistake.

    Me too. But some KL friends who stayed at the hotel right behind this place went and ate and they enjoyed the food and could not believe how cheap it was. They had steamed fish – one whole Soon Hock between the two of them plus other dishes.

  10. Fat Mum Coffee Shop, interesting name, where is this place?

    Sigh, exam week. Tomorrow will just go out to have dinner with family. Stress more than enjoy myself I think. Hahahaha

    Happy Mother’s Day to Lucy and your mum!

    Behind Kingwood, same block as Payung – on opposite ends – the two. Ya….not easy being a mum these days – like going back to school. Hehehehehe!!!!! Thanks for the wishes. Happy Mama’s Day to you and yours too!

  11. The Nasi kerabu is so blue! RM5.50 is too cheap considering the amount of work involved. This weekend is spent working as usual, but at least it’s the greatest job on earth, haha. More singing tomorrow!

    Ya, I wouldn’t mind a lighter shade of blue but those petals are really blue. I’ve seen nyonya dumplings from Malacca, all blue and they actually looked terrible. Yes, very very cheap…and a whole lot of things in a plate – each required to be prepared individually. Not easy, that was why I abandoned the idea.

    If music be the food of love, play on… Hope to catch you live someday!

  12. loaded with MSG? hmmm……thought you dont like that

    Yalor. Last night my in-laws went to this same place – I did not want to join them…so much msg, not for me! Never mind how nice, or how cheap.

  13. where is this place? ((((: looks very quaint! would love to try if it’s not toooo far out of the way

    In Sibu. I like visiting such places – first time. Very interesting, so many things to look at…but subsequent visits, I don’t like so much anymore. To me, it will be a whole lot of clutter then. So messy. 😀

  14. I always used to think this was a dubious place coz they open late and the first time I was there (about 17 or so) was with a couple of friends and the next table was full of “gangsters”. Haha!

    Worse still, one of the guys was talking so loud to someone who he’s arranging to meet up on the phone that we could all hear him.

    Guy: You come here now! We’re all here waiting for you at Fat Mum.
    (Other guy on phone): (don’t know what he replied)
    Guy: You wanted to fight, what you chicken now?
    (Other guy on phone): (don’t know what he replied)
    Guy: You don’t know where Fat Mum is? How can you call yourself someone from Sibu?
    (Other guy on phone): (don’t know what he replied)
    Guy: Fat Mum! It’s near Catholic High. You pretend don’t know or you scared to come? Bring your friends like you said!

    I can still remember till today. It was so funny in hindsight, the “gangsters” of Sibu.

    The way some people give directions, it’s a wonder anyone can get to where they want to go. I know a lot of people like that. It certainly is not near Catholic High – but back to back to Kingwood extension.

    Yes, what I do know is many of the eateries in that area open till the wee hours of the morning, catering mostly for those who frequent the not very respectable night clubs and karaoke pubs in the vicinity. I guess if you go there at a late hour, you’re bound to encounter the likes of those – not if you go early…or like in our case, for lunch.

  15. I like the name fat mum!

    Food looks good! The noodles does look a tad like udon!

    The really fat ones may not be thus amused. 😀

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