That’s what they like…

On Saturday evening, the weekend after we got back from Miri, my brother-in-law asked us out to dinner on the occasion of his birthday…

BIL's 61st birthday cake

…so  there we were here again – they do like the food here so that is why they would pick this place as and when the need arises.

Of course, it being a birthday celebration, the dinner had to start with the mee sua, our traditional Foochow longevity noodles – the fried version with the “golden eggs”…

Ruby's birthday mee sua with golden eggs

It was very nicely done that night and I would say that I enjoyed it a lot.

We had one of the specialties of the house – their pandan chicken…

Ruby's pandan chciken

…which was, as usual, very good….but personally, I did not think their sweet and sour fish…

Ruby's sweet & sour fish

…was all that great. The batter coating was soft and soggy like it had been cooked for a while already – I like this dish best when served as soon as the sauce has been poured over the fish and not a moment too soon.

Everybody thought this was too salty and overcooked…

Ruby's Four Heavenly Kings

…but it was fine by me. I didn’t mind it being less crunchy as long as it was not cooked till really really soft.

On the other hand, I was of the opinion that this prawn dish was rather salty…

Ruby's salty & crusty prawns

…but nobody else seemed to share the same sentiments.

The tofu was all right, the same as usual…

Ruby's salad tofu

…but after the one we had in Miri, this one would just have to take a back seat, I’m afraid.

My brother-in-law’s daughter, my niece, flew home for the sole purpose of celebrating her dad’s birthday and she had been to Thailand recently and brought back a whole lot of clothes and stuff for my missus and daughter – none for me, I’m afraid…for the obvious reason that it is virtually impossible to find anything my size. She also gave us these goodies…

Goodies from niece

…for us to enjoy.

Thanks a lot, Mary, and thank you also to my brother-in-law for the birthday treat. Happy birthday once again, God bless always and all good wishes in the year ahead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “That’s what they like…”

  1. lol, i was thinking what’s wrong with the presentation of having few stones beside, it turns out to be eggs lol

    Gee!!! Not the first time with you! You certainly need new glasses! 😀

  2. So many goodies, guess now you got more receipe to cook now lo!!!

    Nothing that I would want to try and feature in my blog – I only do mum’s simple/easy but yummy dishes.

  3. As usual, you are never short of yummy goodies!

    The food looks good but sound like you did not enjoy it very much. The cook overdo with the salt that night. Lol.

    …and too much msg too plus we’ve gone there a bit too often – wouldn’t mind a change and try some place else but the last time, we went to Million – I think I’d rather come here.

  4. I like that noodles with eggs as starter.. Normally the noodles will come last, but of coz if it’s a birthday celebration, it comes first.. I like that prawn dish.. Is it salted-egg butter sotong? Wah, again, look at that loot of goodies !!!

    No, just butter prawns. Salted egg, not so popular here – it’s butter prawns, dry or creamy…or cereal prawns…usually. I like salted egg prawns though – know one good place for that in town, have not been for a while now.

  5. Those golden eggs look delicious.

    Just fry hardboiled in a bit of oil. Used to cook something like that long ago – will skip the frying part these days, less oil…but mainly because I’m now very lazy. Hehehehehe!!!

  6. belated happy birthday to your BIL.. and wow, so many delicious dishes, and nice “old-school” birthday cake~~ 🙂

    Thanks. Yes, yam…layers of jelly and cake, not my favourite but ok lah, more of the sake of having one. 😦

  7. The pandas chicken already looks good here, no wonder it’s their specialty. Seems like you have a good dinner. And enjoy your authentic tom yum instant noodles !

    Tom yum? The one you saw on Facebook today? Nope, Sarawak laksa is a world of difference from tom yum. You will just have to try to know what it is like. I would say that I like both.

  8. Oh, that an awesome dinner. Food is always great and I just simply love all of them. How did they do the golden egg, coated with anything before deep fried? Happy Belated Blessed birthday to your BIL and hope many many more to come. Cheersssss!!!!

    Nope, just drop it in hot oil, keep turning till it’s golden all over…or at least, that was what I did – no batter needed. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  9. So much blessings on FOOD!! Ruby’s dishes are really something to look forward to… Love all the dishes above.. even Golden Eggs are much to be admired.. hahaa…

    Take it from one who knows – been there, eaten those! Come, come back…for more!!!

  10. I also like Thai pandan chicken! soggy? 😦
    ” I like this dish best when served as soon as the sauce has been poured over the fish and not a moment too soon.” I also like it this way. Can eat the crispiness

    Yup, if soggy, really not nice. Might as well not deep fry the fish – just cook it like that with the sweet and sour sauce, even nicer.

  11. Very nice selection of dishes but too bad some are not up to par. But still, it is nice to have a family celebration where we can eat and be merry!

    Ya, that’s the most important – getting together, bonding. The food is ok, just that it could have been better…or we’ve had better at this same place before.

  12. So many great dishes. I feel like I want to taste all of them. hehe, happy weekend!

    You MUST try the kerabu when you come back to Sibu. It’s really good – Melissa says nicer than what she ever had in the peninsula.

  13. so many “balls” ah….each one how many :p

    One…but some ate the white only, some did not want…so guess who had the most. Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. mmm, CAKE! >:D happy belated to your brother-in-law. of all the many dishes.. CAAAAKE!!! haha.

    Thanks. Hmmmm…yam jelly & sponge layer, not my favourite. 😦

  15. The butterscotch bread is really yummy when you toast it!

    Yes, fills the whole house with the fragrance. Very nice!

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