Not over…

I really have my cousin’s wife to thank for all that she did during our stay in Miri. I guess we could have called a cab whenever we needed one but I heard that the fares would be astronomical – just like in Georgetown, Penang where they would simply refuse to go by meter and charge RM15.00 (this was a few years ago, dunno now) to go anywhere within the city centre. I had to fork out that amount of money just to go from one end of Penang Road (Komtar) to the other end (Cititel Penang) – I know!

On our final day in Miri, when my girl was done with the course she was attending, I contacted my cousin’s wife to get her help to pick her from the course venue and send her over to our hotel. Later, she came again to send us to the airport but no, she did not take us straight there. Instead, she insisted that we stopped by here…

Lotus Cafe, Miri 1

…for a late lunch…

Lotus Cafe, Miri 2

I thought the drink she had looked very special and nice – the teh see with cincao (tea with evaporated milk plus grass jelly)…

Lotus Cafe, Miri - teh see cincao

…Melissa liked the tomato kway teow that she ordered…

Lotus Cafe, Miri - tomato kway teow

…while my cousin’s wife had rice with this Japanese tofu by the side…

Lotus Cafe, Miri - Japanese tofu

My missus was full of praises of the Thai chicken and rice that she had…

Lotus Cafe, Miri - Thai chciken & rice

…and Melissa did sample a bit and agreed with her.

Oops!!! I don’t know what got into me but I simply forgot to take a photograph of what I had – their Singapore-style fried bihun…which turned out to be rice vermicelli fried with curry powder. It was nice, not bad at all…but of course, my own versions of fried bihun would be just as nice, if not nicer. Wink! Wink!

Well, that was not all! We also had this chocolate cheese cake…

Lotus Cafe, Miri - chocolate cheese cake

…as well as this mango cheese one…

Lotus Cafe, Miri - mango cheese cake

…and both were nice though between the two, I think the mango one had an edge over the other.

While we were there, I sneaked next door to a place called Dave’s Deli…and to my surprise, this place belonged to some very old friends of mine. I’m not sure why it was named Dave though for as far as I can recall, none of the brothers was named David or Dave. Anyway, I did not want the chicken pie nor the shepherd pie and they only had one steak and mushroom pie (RM7.50) left…

Dave's Deli, Miri - steak & mushroom pie 1

…so I bought that for Melissa, knowing that she loves such things… a lot!

As soon as we got home, I heated it up in the oven and let her eat…

Dave's Deli, Miri - steak & mushroom pie 2

It was very good – a whole lot nicer than what we had here or here…and Melissa enjoyed it to the max.

Soon it was time to make our way to the airport for our flight home to Sibu…

Author: suituapui

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22 thoughts on “Not over…”

  1. Cakes are certainly promising but i am more tempted for that drink, it appears that sarawak has many interesting and colorful drinks eh? like the tricolor milk tea

    Oh? The teh-C special? You can get that all over at your side now, right? This is new…even to me.

  2. ooo, i guess the problem of extortionist cab drivers are in a lot of cities all over the country!

    Nope, extortionists are only those in KL, many but to be fair to the good ones, not all of them are.

    Penang – they have fixed rates – RM15 all around the city centre, Bayan Lepas to the city (including Queensbay) is RM30, Batu Feringghi side to the city is RM100 – the only thing is the rates are not all that affordable and with so many visitors and tourists, many people will use taxis…so they can easily go by meter and make enough.

    I think Miri is like Penang and Kuching too, standard rates but expensive and when I was in Miri that day, somebody told me that here in Sibu, they go by meter. I would not know – hardly anybody uses a taxi here so that is why they would rather go and queue at the airport. At least, there is some money to be made there. Considering that for them here, passengers are so hard to come by, I wouldn’t mind paying them a little bit more. In KL, it is inexcusable – daylight robbery, hooligans!

  3. The cakes are very tempting. I think we had this in Kuching too. But I will still go for the teh c special without other condinement. Lol. I am a teh c peng lover, very particular about teh. 😉

    Not me, I’m a coffee person…

  4. Wow, all the food looks so good.. I’ve never tried teh see with cincao.. Only soya with cendol (or cincau).. I like the rice with tofu.. Will usually order this kind of tofu when we eat out in restaurants.. You know, kids favourite.. Especially with its thick eggy gravy and all.. Oh my, I love that steak & mushroom pie! I can eat 10! Teehee..

    Good grief!!! That would be RM75.00 altogether! >.<

  5. Very nice food … your cousin knows best! The cakes look delish too… a meal is not complete without some desserts!

    She said we were lucky. They do not have cakes all the time – made at home, delivered and sold there…something like the mille crepes at Noodle House here, it seems.

  6. Oooo…nice cakes and pie too! I love pies but quite hard to find really goods ones over here.

    This one’s good – no good ones in Sibu, beef pies…that is. Our chicken pies at one place here are quite good….and comparatively so so so much cheaper.

  7. With all those awesome food you had in Miri, guess you have gained quite a few kilos. Oh boy, the cake & pie really makes me want to sink my teeth into them. Nom!!!…Nom!!!…

    Not really, same as usual. Already too fat to make much of a difference. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. Yah taxi in Penang is very very expensive, esp if the taxi driver figures out u r a tourist. I once got charged RM20 for a short journey…. it’s actually better to hire a taxi for a couple of hours than hail a taxi to get somewhere.

  9. yeah, the teh see with cincao looks nice.. they didn’t mix all together but pour them into the glass separately to create the layers, nice looking.. and the mango cheese cake, wow, looks yummy!!!

    I love walking around, going through all the shops, the markets…. That time in Penang, I did not feel like walking all the way back to the hotel so I flagged down a taxi and was told – RM15.00. I said that’s just down the road…and the man said that’s the standard rate to anywhere in the city centre. Tsk! Tsk!

  10. That teh see looks very interesting. I’m not sure that I’d like the sweetness of it, but it is visually appealing.

    Do like me. Ask for good ol’ plain water…but I do fall into temptation and have a glass of iced black coffee sometimes.

  11. Ooh .. I love both cakes. Chocolates and mango are my favourite. Btw , the tomato noodles could be originated from sg. Lembing in Kuantan.

    Nope. From Kuching. Ever since the 60’s, they have been cooking kway teow like that…and their noodles too. They deep-fry the noodles till crispy and pour the tomato gravy over them – same as Cantonese fried just that the gravy is different.

    Kuching, lots of Hakka and Cantonese and Teochew. Food is not the same as the Foochows…and when I was in Kuching then, my collegemates hated Kuching tomato mee or kway teow…and would insist that the Sibu Foochow style is the best! They did not like kolo mee too – kampua was the only one for them…and at that time, not found in Kuching. I was not like them. 😉

  12. You always have good food, I love to try the cincao. Taxi still the same don’t run by meter, just tell them where u are going and they give u the price.

    …and that’s where the problem arises – their standard rates are simply not affordable. 😦

  13. very nice 3 layers of teh see with cincao.
    I agreed on the pie. The filling is generous and looks yummy.

    Filling’s perfect – could do with a stronger buttery fragrance in the pastry.

  14. That glass of teh c with cincau looks good. Look at the milk ! So rich.

    The cheese cakes look good too……

    I know why you forgotten to take a picture of what you had eaten……because as you said, you can cook better ! haha

    Not really – did not realise it till much later when I checked the photos I had taken – only found out then and it was already too late. 😦

  15. Teh see with cincau…sounds yummy. Seems like people in Miri very creative when it comes to food 😉.
    Dave’s Deli? We have it over here too. Well known for their pies, I prefer the sheperd pie. But long time didn’t eat there..

    Oh? I wonder if it’s actually a franchise. I did not want to buy the shepherd pie as I can make my own – much nicer, I’m sure…plus if I take back to Sibu, the mashed potato cover might get all messed up and would be completely ruined.

  16. yummy pictures. I now have the impression that your daily affair other than blogging is to bring your friends and guests to various food outlets to makan good food. Ahh, now this is a life worth living!

    …and vice versa. Sometimes, people bring me – I just tag along. Hint! Hint! 😉

  17. Teh C looks very interesting, did you order one and try?

    Dave Deli’s? Is it same one like KL? If yes, they are famous for their roast chicken and sandwiches, which i like many many years ago, they are still around.

    No, I’m usually not into tea. Ya, the name sounds familiar – they have those things there but I wanted to get their pies and take home to Sibu for Melissa to enjoy. Too bad only one steak & mushroom left.

  18. But when it follow by meter also not that reliable as I noticed the driver will purposely very very very slow, then I’ve a question why by meter they drive that slow le?? maybe they’ve too much time?

    It’s not so much the speed. Sometimes they take you on a long route, say jam…when in fact, there isn’t any. Ah well! God is all seeing, all-knowing. They will get their just reward.

  19. I love pastries… They all looks great!

    They have nice ones in Kuching – nicer than this one…or the nice chicken pies we have in Sibu – ask Rose, she’ll tell you they’re good. I bought her some of the ones here to try. Can’t remember exactly where though. Old liao! 😦

  20. Actually there is a free shuttle bus around Georgetown, the Penang Free CAT.

    Now? Didn’t hear of any at the time I was there. There was a bus service then but it was not free plus visitors would not know the routes and would not know which one to take to go to where. I’ve seen them along Penang Road. Good grief!!! They’re simply too big for those narrow roads in the city centres and when they had to negotiate those corners turning from a side lane into the road, they would have so much difficulty and would hold up the traffic on all sides. Bad enough that the roads are often jammed. Hopefully it’s not like this now.

  21. I wish someone would serve teh see with cincau. Had some in Kuching…yummy. I wonder if its a East Malaysian specialty?

    Dunno. Never tried before. I’m a kopi-o-peng kao kao guy… Either that or plain water.

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