Blood ties…

I have a paternal cousin in Miri – we sort off grew up together but her family was on the move a lot so over the years, we lost contact…but we did get in touch with each other again and were reunited after so many years when she and her sister now residing in the UK came to Sibu. She came again another time and her UK sister and her hubby were in town again too not too long ago before the Chinese New Year this year but this was the first time that I had gone over to Miri and got to meet her there.

She took us for dinner here…

Dynasty Restaurant, Miri 1

…at the Chinese restaurant of the same name…

Dynasty Restaurant, Miri 2

…adjoining the hotel. I don’t know if it is actually part of the hotel or not for it is not halal and we had these beautiful barbecued pork ribs…

BBQ ribs 1

…that were so succulent, so tender…

BBQ ribs 2

…but I do know of hotels where they have separate kitchens, one specifically for their Chinese restaurant and the other one for the rest of the eateries that they may have.

At the dinner, I got to see my cousin’s hubby again – the only time I met him before was when they came to Sibu a long long time ago, way over twenty years, that’s for sure, when they just got married…and I also met my youngest cousin in the family. Gosh!!! He was a little kid when I last saw him and now he has two of his own, one already in the uni and the younger one in Form 3. How time has flown!!!

Actually, this was served first that night at the dinner…

Curry in a bun 1

…the curry in a bun. It was so so so good and I loved the thick curry inside with lots of potatoes…

Curry in a bun 2

I was contemplating on getting one and bringing it all the way home but knowing how that airline can be so unreliable and prone to delays and cancellations, I decided against it in the end. My! My! That dish alone was so huge that after having had that, I was already so full!

The Four Seasons came next…

Four Seasons

…and I wondered why as usually, this should be served first. I liked the presentation though – I’ve never seen it done like this elsewhere.

Then, we had this seafood combo in a pumpkin…

Seafood in a pumpkin

…which was very very nice too…and after the pork ribs, this duck dish followed…

Sunkist sliced duck

Of course, my missus did not touch that but I feasted on it. Yum! Yummmm!!!!

Their midin was served cooked in two different ways…

2-style midin

…one fried with garlic and the other with Foochow red wine – both tasted great!

And just when I thought it was all over, there came this tofu dish…

Tofu with egg gravy

…and a fruit platter.

Thank you so much, cousin, for the scrumptious feast – everything tasted absolutely great and we sure enjoyed ourselves – both the exquisitely awesome food we had and catching up with everybody…and thank you so much also for the goodies that you went through the trouble of getting for Melissa…

For Melissa

She loves them, of course, and at the time of writing, is going through them slowly, savouring it all bit by bit. I certainly look forward to meeting all of you again…in Miri or in Sibu perhaps. One thing that’s certain, we’ll keep in touch.

And talking about cousins and gifts, this went halfway around the world from the UK to KK and then, to me here in little ol’ Sibu town…

From Gerrie

My maternal cousin just got home from England/Scotland recently and she got to try these there – her son’s favourite and she loved it so much that she just had to get me a couple of boxes to try and true enough, they were so so so good. Those Walkers and whatever, step aside…and if, like me, you love those Marks & Spencer’s butter viennese cookies, these are at least a few times better. Thank you, thank you, Gerrie, for remembering me and getting me these…and also not forgetting ‘Nui & Ai Chang for bringing them over from KK and sending them right to my doorstep – much obliged, indeed!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Blood ties…”

  1. Thanks, cousin for visiting Miri & it was great seeing you & Mrs again. I’m glad that you enjoyed dinner. My family & I enjoyed your company. Please do come again in the near future & I will order those ribs & curry in a bun for you again.

    Looking forward to that. Sure will go again now that I’ve had a lot of practice driving halfway to Bintulu and back once a week every week and everyone tells me the road from Bintulu to Miri is very good, so I’ll drive there next time. In your face, MasWings – ye’ daylight robbers!!!!

  2. the curry in bun reminds me that i once had mushroom soup in bun too at Chef At Home if i’m not mistaken.. but i wanna try that curry in bun.. i’m sure it’s nicer than the soup’s πŸ˜€

    Not the same – this is curry wrapped in bread dough and baked. Some say it’s an Ipoh original – but I had one once from Bintulu and I had it in Penang once too…and I know there are two places making this in Sibu – but I have not gone to try. Dunno if they still do or not. None in Kuching?

  3. Good to hear you enjoyed your stay in Miri, Arthur. The pork ribs at Dynasty restaurant is certainly very good – one of their speciality. My nephew, Kalus, loves it ! Ok, next time I know what shortbread to get you from the UK! πŸ˜‰ Did you know the Duchy Originals brand was originally set up by Prince Charles ? Waitrose, my favourite supermarket here in the UK, has now taken over and has re-branded it Duchy Originals from Waitrose.

    I guessed it had some connection with the Duchess – and I thought it was Kate, probably her favourite or something …not Horsey. Hehehehehe!!!! The strong buttery fragrance is simply out of this world – so very nice!

  4. The meal looks expensive.. Situated inside the hotel? Hmm, but usually if it’s in the hotel, it’s halal wor.. But nevermind, janji sedap, and it’s all in the tummy now, burrrppp…

    Not here. Most are but I know there are some here with two kitchens so it is up to you to choose. This one is outside the hotel…so I guess if you want halal, you can have your dinner in the ballroom or function room and food would be cooked in the kitchen inside the hotel – probably the same one that dishes out all the food for breakfast at the cafe.

  5. Oh no!! To see all these scrumptious food in the morning… now something is making noise here… Really, the food looks fantastic.. so different from over here in Ipoh…

    Wanna go to Miri? I can meet you all there? πŸ˜‰

  6. Ah curry bun…just like the one in lukut. Saw the same way of preparing pumpkin dish when go makan with claire in ipoh

    Not much pumpkin in the dish though, all seafood, had to korek2 the little that is left round the sides.

  7. wow, so much of food!! all look so delicious.. love the pork ribs, love the curry in a bun, love the seafood in pumpkin, love the duck~~ oh, so hungry now!!!

    Have a break! Have a Kit Kat! πŸ˜€

  8. I am so hungry! How can you have post so many yummy dishes in one post! I like that look of pork and duck. And also Gardenia butterscotch bread. Drooling.

    You’ve finished all of your Gardenia stuff? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Awesome food. Curry in the bun, had once in Port Dickson. Love the Gardenia butterscoth bread. Bought back from KL the other day, not cheap, RM4.20 per loaf. Taste great even eaten on its own. I don’t think we have over here. Have been searching high & low.

    I brought a loaf back from Miri and then my niece came back from KL/Singapore for the weekend and gave us another loaf – oooo…..never short of nice things to eat. Hehehehehehe!!! I hear there’s a place selling it in Miri.

  10. Wow, what a grand dinner! Everything looks good, especially the pork πŸ™‚

    Yes, it was so so good…but I think I liked the curry in the bun the best – I have this soft spot for more exotic ASEAN/Malaysian stuff. The curry was so good and the bun was very crusty and fragrant. Never had better!

  11. Gosh..I want to gobble down the juicy and succulent pork ribs. I tried making my own but I yet t achieve the best result.

    Keep trying. Bet they’re good, no matter what, can always create your own…no need to be exactly the same.

  12. great choices for this feast! the thick potato curry with bread, the pumpkin soup, the duck, the midin, the tofu, i want them ALLLLLLLLL! πŸ˜€

    Sure you can eat so much? It was a real struggle and in the end, they had to tapao home what was left.

  13. Awwww…the ribs looks very good!!! Curry in bun? I had those at ipoh or kampar many years ago, very nice, we even ta pow back few times. Bread are slight different, over here one are quite flat and round.

    Very thoughtful way to prepare the midin, can have both!

    Aiyooo, the more I look at the pix , the more I feel hungry!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Don’t look! Ya, the bread is not the same – very crusty – more like the bread bowl for soup in western cuisine, nicer, I think. I like it like this – those I had before, soft…like regular bread.

  14. Wah … STP ate good stuffs again !! The bbq pork looks so salivating. Must be one of the best restaurants in miri !

    I’ve heard a number of people praising the food at this hotel – both at the cafe and the Chinese restaurant and I would agree.

  15. Wow, what a grand dinner! The choice of food so good. It was interesting that they serve the curry in a bun before the four seasons platter. Mmmm, I had curry in a bun long time ago, in Ipoh- very famous back then, but it looked different. Flat bread, if I remember correctly. Like the rest of the dishes too, especially the seafood in pumpkin πŸ™‚

    The one I had from Bintulu was in a bun like this – but the texture of the bun was like normal bread. The one I had in Penang too was like normal bread…but it was like a flat piece of dough folded to wrap the curry inside and baked. I like this one better – the crusty bun…much nicer, same as what you’d get when you have soup served in a bread bowl.

  16. That’s some good looking porky dishes!!!

    …and the rest as well. Great stuff, this restaurant!

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