I went strolling around the vicinity of the hotel in Miri where we were staying and I saw this place…

Fiesta Filipina, Miri 1

…and I made up my mind right away that I would have to drop by and try the cuisine served there. I have a few Filipino friends in the blogging world and also on Facebook including Ishmael and Rome so they would be able to tell me whether the dishes that I ordered were really authentic Filipino or not but the moment I stepped into the place…

Fiesta Filipina, Miri 2

…I was pretty sure it would be as authentic as authentic could be. The people were conversing in Tagalog and there was that big picture of the Last Supper on the wall and the crucifix and the holy pictures all over. I guess most everybody would know that the majority of Filipinos are Catholics and very devout ones at that, except perhaps those in the south closer to Sabah.

Of course I did not order the Crispy Prata as we just had that on our first night in Miri and besides, there were only the two of us and I was afraid that we might not be able to finish one whole leg by ourselves. Instead, I settled for the fish…

Pritong Bangus 1

…with all the bones removed and deep fried. Actually, I took a photograph of the dish but with so many photographs taken during the trip in my memory card, I must have deleted it by mistake so all I have left now is this close-up view of the fish…

Pritong Bangus 2

I would not say that it swept me off my feet as it was deep-fried plain unlike our ikan bakar (grilled fish) where they would marinate it with all kinds of stuff and serve it with very nice sambal (chili dip). Besides, considering that it was just deep fried and served like that, the taste would be heavily dependent on the fish. Yes, it was fresh, the meat was soft and smooth but I was not fond of the smell (like how I don’t quite fancy the smell of salmon). I am not familiar with this type of fish and I am not too sure whether I have eaten it before or not…but eaten with the dark soy sauce and the cut fresh chilies in it, it was, at best, not too bad.

For the soup, I ordered this dish…

Sinigang Na Baboy 1

…and what caught my attention most of all was the name. Baboy or to be more exact, babui is pig or pork in our ethnic Melanau langauge. I have blogged about the similarities between Tagalog and our local ethnic or Malay languages before here.

Well, this was what it looked like…

Sinigang Na Baboy 2

…and no, despite the presence of that huge chili, it was not spicy at all. It was sourish though and I would say I quite liked it.

I did not order the Tinolang Manok

Tinolang Manok

…and manok is actually chicken in Iban and in the Sarawak Malay dialect as well.

I enjoyed this a lot that day – their Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong 1

…or the binjal (called terung/terong here) omelette. They had the skin of the vegetable removed and coating it with egg, they fried it to make this very special omelette…

Tortang Talong 2

I certainly liked that very much but no, I don’t think I would try cooking that myself – I am pretty sure I would mash up the poor vegetable and make an absolute mess.

Everyone would know by now, I suppose, what we call pian sip or pian sik here in Sibu – our Foochow version of the wanton or meat dumplings. It seems that in Tagalog, their pansit refers to noodles…

Pansit Canton

…so this dish would be their Cantonese fried noodles, I guess.

No, I did not order that and neither did I have the time to go back to try it or any of the other dishes on their menu. We just were not in Miri long enough…but you can be sure that should I ever go over again, I would make it a point to go back there to sample more of their specialties.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Fiesta…”

  1. Oh… I also had filipino foods in SG. I love the fried fish the most ! Most of their food are pork, they are pork lovers.

    Not too fond of the type of fish used and it was just fried – our ikan bakar would be better.

  2. My sister’s Filipino maid used to cook their native dishes for our dinner some 2 decades ago. Mabuhay! Everything was very delicious and different from our Malaysian or Thai cuisine. I love them all.
    Somehow I saw your photos and none looked like what I ate. I still believe that you had a good meal there. What I found their difference was they have good variety of egg dishes done in unique styles plus their wide variety of desserts. I guess they have cooking influences from Spain and Portugal etc etc….

    Spain, definitely – they were under them once. Portugal? Maybe not – you’d find them in Malacca. Lots of other things on their menu and after our heavy breakfast, we would not be able to order a lot to try…plus there were only the two of us. 😦

  3. Interesting dishes, unfortunately we don’t have any restaurants serving Philippine food here in Penang 😦

    Oh? Just like Sibu then…but we can get crispy prata at a number of places in town – they call it Philippine pork leg.

  4. mmm, definitely makes me wish we had more filipino restaurants in kl. we have only one or two right now. oh, i like the look of the special omelette! 🙂

    I know Kuching has one – went to try but did not like the crispy prata – all fat, no meat, I remember…we get better ones at the Chinese places around. Not too sure if there are any others in Miri besides this one or not.

  5. Hi,
    I got to know your fantastic blog through Phong Hong.
    I like to cook, that is why i enjoy reading your blog about different food you ate from various places.
    For this post,i was impressed by the Tortang Talong or binjal omelette and the .Crispy Prata as well. Thanks for sharing, I am going to try the Tortang Talong soon, since i love brinjal so much .

    Welcome, welcome…any friend of friends of mine is my friend. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you will keep coming back, do stick around.

    Will hop over to your blog, hope to see your tortang talong sometime. I wouldn’t dare to try – men are so kasar…sure I would mash the brinjal till beyond recognition while removing the skin.

  6. There is one Filippino cafe in Jalan Padungan Kuching opened by a relative of my friend, but never been there. My friend rants about it’s Philippines pork trotter. Maybe will try it out when go back.

    The manok looks good to me.

    That’s the one I went to – still going strong so I guess it has its own following. Didn’t like the pork leg – all fat, hardly any meat…and can’t remember the rest that we had. Did not leave a lasting impression. I would say the Philippine pork leg here is much nicer – my cousin’s hubby working here would buy two or three to take back to Kuching – keep in freezer…and heat up to eat anytime he likes. Never bought from anywhere in Kuching.

  7. The names of the dishes sounds interesting. Boneless fish???…are they really boneless. Brinjal omelette looks good and last one sounds like piansip plus wanton.

    Yup, they removed ALL the bones. I wonder if they do that with other types of fish – not so fond of this milk fish. 😦

  8. I immediately know that the restaurant is Filipino because of the image of the last supper. Most of the homes here in the Philippines have images of the Last Supper at the dining area.

    It seems like you’re not totally impressed with the food. No problemo, 🙂 there’s more Filipino food that we can offer.

    I think that Malay and Filipino languages are in the same family. That’s why the similarities.

    I am glad that you tried our food.

    I lovde the brinjal omelette – really enjoyed that and the soup was nice – the fish, I did not like the fish they used. Too bad I did not get to try more.

  9. Never tried Filipino food in Malaysia before.. only in my sister’s place in California last time.. her best friend is a filipino and she cooked different varieties for us when we were there last time… Come to think of it, there is none in Ipoh.. KL, not sure but must be plenty in Singapore. 🙂

    No idea. One in Kuching and this one in Miri, dunno if there are others or not. None in Penang either and only a few in KL – never saw any and all that I did see were those Filipino pancake franchise shops – not the same. They should come over and venture into this line – if your food is good, you can never go wrong. Sure to make lots of money!

  10. I would love to try authentic Filipino cuisine. I am not familiar with their dishes and the only dish that I have heard of is Chicken Adobo.

    I’ve heard of their chicken adobo too, other than their crispy prata – didn’t notice it on their menu that day or I would have wanted to order and try.

  11. There’s a waste, I always backup first before I delete, just in case it miss delete one…I did that before, so sad….can’t recover back anything !!! =[

    Usually I do it on my PC, can always go to the recycle bin and restore…but that day, I was trying to sort out all the photos in my camera. 😦

  12. oh… I think I’m gonna try cooking Tortang Talong myself. Kind of bored with the usual way of cooking the brinjal. 🙂

    Good luck. Blog about it when you do.

  13. i’m back i’m back!, after nearly 1 week on inactivity on my blog.. been so tied up taking care of the newborn at the hospital with janice. haha.

    You’ve been away? Gee!!! I didn’t even notice. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. haha, okay, my bet is nobody notices too! hahaha.
      Now let me slide back to that hole I came out from, away from this cruel cruel world. 😀

      Hahahahaha!!! Poor thing. So sensitive eh? 😉

  14. stp, you’re pretty hardcore!! how often do you update your blog? (: i feel like i should give you a run for your money. LOL! thanks so much for your support on the store.. please help spread word on it? (: appreciate it very much!!!

    all the food in this post is reminding me how i’m way overdue for lunch!
    haven’t had good ribs in a while.. i love when the meat just falls off the bone. yum yum!

    Gosh!!! It’s time for tea and you haven’t had your lunch? Oh me oh my!!! My eating times are very regular – that explains my shape – regularly round! Muahahahahaha!!!! I have a post a day….and so far, I’ve faithfully kept that up day after day.

    1. my bad.. i realised i must’ve read two of your posts in a mixed up sequence. O__O there are no ribs in this post.. only the next one! lol. a post a day! seems like you’ve posted a lot more. i’ve been trying to challenge myself to do a post a day for three years now (this is the third year) but, I KEEP FAILING D:

      how do you make the time? do you cheat and save drafts? hehe

      I’m retired, lots of time on my hands…and when I have lots of things to blog about, I would do as many as I can in a day and schedule all of them, and reshuffle them, if necessary. I’ve posts lined up right up till after next week. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

      1. well! i consider that semi-cheating. haha. i thought you’d just sit and write. in one sitting, it’s pretty tough, no? i used to spend manymany hours but i guess i semi-cheat, too these days. i edit & resize all my photos well before i work on a post. haha! thanks for lettin me on the “secret”, arthur ;P

        ps: i really like your name! i only know one other arthur and he’s the son of my long-ago piano teacher. he’s now a famous drummer/musician i hear.

        Too bad I’m nobody famous…despite the name. 😀

        Yup! When I do sit down to write, I would write the whole thing in one sitting…or when I have a lot of time on my hands, I may do two in a row. That would include uploading my photos onto flickr…and then adding them to the post at the specific sections as relevant. Once done, I would save…and then schedule the post to the next available date and time.

        Sure it takes a lot of time but then I’ve all the time I need…and it keeps me mentally active. No intention of turning senile just yet, old though I may be… 😉

  15. Very interesting food. Like others, I have not tried filipino food before, wonder how they taste like.

    Know of any in KL? Can go and give it a try. The crispy prata should be nice. 😉

  16. Me never tried Filipino food before either. Haven’t heard of any in KL. So are these authentic dishes?

    I guess so. My Filipino friends know them…and they did not say anything to the contrary.

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