First thing in the morning…

The first thing on my mind in the morning would be…breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day and for those of you who declare that you can’t eat a thing so early and would skip it every day, you would need some adjustment in your lifestyle.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the food at the hotel cafe has always been good even during those times that I stayed there many many years ago. On our second day in Miri, I had nasi lemak for my first round…

Day 2 Round 1

…despite the fact that we just had nasi lemak the night before. The curry chicken was very good…

Curry chicken

…and went absolutely well with the rice.

I went and watched the girl at the egg station cooking the eggs…

Sunny side up

…and I  would say she was very good at it. I loved how she flipped the omelette so very easily unlike when I do it myself at home and when I complimented her on that, she said she was so used to it already, having been doing it every day for so many years. Of course, I ordered that for my second round that morning…

Day 2 Round 2

…and I also had some of their siew mai

Siew mai

…which were nice but they came across more like fish balls than meat dumplings to me. I loved how they indicated what sauce…

Chili or tomato

…was in which so one would not need to scoop a bit out and try to guess whether it was chili or tomato.

On the morning of Day 3, I had this…

Day 3 Round 1

I thought the spread was not as nice as the previous two mornings and most of the things were repeated. That was why when I used to stay at hotels on my working trips before I retired, after a few days, I would be hitting the shops nearby already. As far as hotel food is concerned, there is just so much that one can take.

The half-boiled/cooked eggs were done exactly the way I like them…

Half-boiled eggs

– the yolk was still runny while the white was already hard, just like how I would cook mine at home.

Their poached eggs were quite disastrous though. I had one with my porridge that morning…


…and I do think mine’s a lot better even though I still suck big time when it comes to cooking poached eggs. The porridge was great, chicken, I think it was…though I did wish they had given more condiments to go with it – salted or century egg, pickled lettuce, fish in black bean sauce and so on but unfortunately, they had none of those.

Besides the porridge, I also went to their bread and pastries counter and I chose these two…

Assorted pastries

…which were pretty ok, this much I would say…but then again. I’m not really a bread person unless it’s sandwiches stuffed with ham and bacon and everything. Yum! Yum!

Just one more thing about the hotel where we were staying. They do give complimentary newspapers every day but maybe I did not put in my request upon checking in so I had to collect mine from the bell counter. The second morning, there was no one there so I went in and helped myself to one…but later on, I did inform the bellhop that I had done that, giving him my room number and on the morning of the third day, they had the initiative to send one to my room…

Complimentary newspaper

…even without my asking them to do so. Isn’t that nice?

The location of the other hotels may be better if you’re into shopping and all that kind of stuff, otherwise, I think this place is a little bit cheaper than the rest and better in more ways than one.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “First thing in the morning…”

  1. Ahhh….. reminds me that i haven’t had half boiled egg for quite some time! Gosh, i should make one tomorrow morning 😛

    How do you like yours?

  2. Love the omelette and the curry chicken… yummy!

    All nice, even the porridge despite there being hardly any condiments to go with it – chicken, I think. Yummy!

  3. i can’t resist nasi lemak at hotel breakfasts too … i’d skip dim sum and noodles in favour of extra servings of nasi lemak. perfect brekkie at a hotel 🙂

    So far, the only really really good one was years ago at Cititel Pennag – the rest had been at best, all right and paled in comparison. Normally, I would go for a bit of everything. 😉

  4. Nice breakfast each morning. Yummy nasi lemak with an ugly looking hard boiled egg but the omelette & half boiled egg are nicely done though

    Yes, I thought so too. You should see the rest – worse! I wonder how they cut them into halves – with a meat cleaver perhaps.

  5. Haha I thought first thing in the morning is pangsai.. Ooops sorry, mentioning this in the morning before bfast, teehee..
    I always always like hotel food.. Buffets too.. I love all the food you took.. I would have taken the same too – the nasi lemak, sausages, dimsum, mee goreng, and ohh that cold ham & cheese section with warm buns! Oohhh la la…

    You have a very good drainage system.

    I used to enjoy hotel breakfast more…but after all my working trips and staying in hotels, it does not excite me anymore. These days, if for two only, I would just ask my missus and daughter to go. I’ve had my share of it.

  6. The food looks nice. Great staying when all the service and accommodation are good. 🙂

    I do enjoy staying in hotels, just relax and laze around…so nice…and I don’t mind breakfast in the morning if it is good. Some places, I think I can prepare nicer stuff for myself at home in the morning. 😦

  7. The food sure look yummy. Yes, I always enjoy a good breakfast in hotel, but not all hotels have good food and service.

    Yup. If there’s an option, I would rather opt for “without breakfast” and venture out to try the nice local stuff instead. With such a heavy breakfast, I can even skip lunch – miss all the opportunities to sample the local delights.

  8. huhu. breakfast!! i dunno got time for breakfast or not before the ceramah thing started.

    I always bring along a Kit Kat or something…in case I get jittery from being too hungry.

  9. Mmm…very nice breakfast! I would go two rounds with the nasi lemak 🙂

    Moderation! Must control… We were there for three mornings in a row, wouldn’t want to be thrown off the plane. 😀

  10. I like the newspaper service!!! When we’re on vacation hardly get a chance to read newspaper!!!

    Now I make it a point to check the online newspapers…so I can keep myself updated on anything of interest.

  11. Your breakfast meals are really fulfilling… full and filling! hahahaa… Normally in hotel buffet breakfast, I take a bit on this and that but at least two bowls of white porridge with the condiments…

    The best things in life are free. Have a hearty breakfast and then skip lunch…or have a light one. They say a heavy lunch makes you sleepy and we will not do your work well the rest of the day.

  12. Mmm, I like your choice of breakfast for day 2. And the way they indicated which was chili sauce and which was tomato sauce – creative. 🙂

    Yes, first time I saw it, I thought it was kinda cute.

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