When I went with my friend, Philip, from the US to Sarikei to eat the prawn noodles there…

Sarikei Glory Cafe's prawn noodles
*Archive photo*

…I saw a banner promoting the coconut pudding at that particular shop…

Coconut pudding at Sarikei Glory Cafe
*Archive photo*

It was only after I had left that somebody asked me if I had that and said that they made it themselves and it was very nice. Well, I wouldn’t know when I would be heading back there so I would not know either whether I would ever get to try theirs.

However, we do have our own here now (RM8.00)…

Coconut pudding 1

…from a local farm that produces goat’s milk, if I’m not mistaken. These are sold at selected coffee shops all over town and I am pretty sure I saw their base among the shops (next to a bakery, Joy, I think the name is) opposite/across the road from the POSLAJU office before the turning into Sg Merah.

I happened to drop by one of those coffee shops round the corner not far from my house so I grabbed hold of one to see what it was all about. I opened it and peered inside…

Coconut pudding 2

…and I would not say it got me all excited.

I scooped a bit out…

Coconut pudding 3

…and tried. It turned out to be something with the coconut flesh and the coconut juice/water used to make some kind of jelly to hold it all together…

Coconut pudding 4

I’m not really a fan of young coconut nor am I a fan of the drink even though I hear that it has a lot of health benefits so I would not say that it was love at first gulp.

I am pretty sure that this would be a lot nicer…

Sangkaya ice cream 1

This is some kind of coconut ice cream, so I’ve been told…and they’ve outlets/stalls all over parts of KL and the surrounding areas. I think there is one at Jalan Alor in the Bukit Bintang vicinity.

Sangkaya ice cream 2

Well, there can be no denying that it sure looks really good, right?

I don’t know if any of you have tried it or not but if you have, do share your feedback. Come, tell everybody whether it is as nice as it seems.

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28 thoughts on “Coconut…”

  1. We have that type of coconut jelly here in Penang too, selling only at rm4+….

    RM4!!! RM2 also, I wouldn’t buy. Give me free also I don’t want. I did not expect it to be coconut JELLY – I thought it was some kind of nice pudding and at RM8, no…no…no, thank you. My daughter likes it though. She said she used to buy to eat when she was in Sg Petani, just that they did not make theirs in a coconut – I guess that way one can see it as it is.

  2. Actually coconut pudding is not hard to make….

    Ya, it’s just jelly. I was expecting something rich and creamy like custard or caramel pudding. At least, now I know it is something that I would not want to buy nor eat again.

  3. I’m a super huge fan of coconut, I always drink it and my mom would eat the inside one, she loves it so much too!!! =]

    I don’t mind the water and the flesh of a very young coconut – not white yet but I would not go out of my way to eat. They keep telling me they’re good for health though.

  4. Your prawn noodles look scrumptious!! With big prawns and all.. Here, our pathetic “har mein” only has a few small prawns, half an egg, fish cakes and taugeh.. Me too, give me 5! Not a fan of coconut water too, tasteless la, hehe.. Didn’t even drink it during my last trimester of my pregnancy altho people say it’s beneficial during the last trimester..

    Not cheap! RM30.00 or more… Amen!

  5. I will grab a bowl of prawn noodles, yummy. A coconut drink after that.

    That bowl is so huge you would not be able to take in anymore after that – that was why I did not try the coconut pudding there.

  6. i love coconut, and i love to have a fresh young coconut all by myself so i can sip the refreshing water and taste the tender flesh.. but i have not tried those coconut jelly before, hehe, call me jakun~~ :p

    I’m with you on this. Don’t bother with the jelly – more a gimmick, nothing to shout about. More a gimmick, I would think.

  7. Not a great fun of coconut drink as I remember once it gave me gastric problems a decade ago in the wee hours at my in laws home. I prefer the ice cream anytime.

    Too “cold” perhaps? Gastric? My! My! Got to review your eating habits and diet now.

  8. Oh boy, that bowl of prawn nooddles looks awesome. Am a great fan of coconut drink. The young ones, the flesh is smooth and silky and the water is so refreshing. Slurpppp!!!!

    Now, RM30, don’t play play! Ya, I like young coconut but not when it is not young enough…and I like the drink, not in jelly form. 😦

  9. HB told me about the prawn noodles in Sarikei. We really want to make a trip there.hehe

    Make sure he takes you there the next time you come to Sibu. I hitch a ride, can? Don’t mind playing lamp post… Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. i love coconuts! Now I missed Thailand fragrant coconuts! hahah! Just RM3 or RM4 only….

    Wow! Go to Sarikei just for the prawn noodles?? Must be delicious.

    You’ve never gone to try. Come, come…you drive, I tumpang! πŸ˜€

  11. I never like coconut drink. But many told me they are good for health.

    I don’t mind the drink but I am not fond of the flesh if it is already white, not really young anymore.

  12. Wowowow.. the coconut pudding looks tempting. hehe. Am not a fan of coconut either. I drank only when I’m sick. It’s good to cool down the body temperature. However, bad for people with joint problems. huhu.

    Oh? It must be “cold” then. I have a problem with “heaty” stuff so it’s ok for me.

  13. So u like young coconuts eh? The younger the better… And also frm jalan alor? Hmmm… Sneaky… Go set appt wt bmh 1M, he can send u some via his tikar terbang…

    You can’t send me any? Dijamin sampai hari esok? πŸ˜‰

  14. When I had chicken pox, my partner made me drink one coconut a day! It is supposed to be good and cooling. I appreciated the trouble he took to get fresh ones for me everyday buy I got so scared of coconut water/coconut flesh that until today, I don’t want to drink anymore!

    Yes, I heard about that…and also water chestnut juice too. I think the cooling benefit is good for people with chicken pox.

  15. I wouldn’t mind having some especially in hot weathers! But I love the fresh coconut juice better.. whenever I feel heaty, I will drive to some short distance away and get a big fresh coconut for RM3.50. Well, jelly also I dont mind… cooling ma… but for RM4 or RM8, I rather have the fresh juice… Yes, can make jelly ourselves.. for a small packet of jelly powder, we can keep inside the fridge and last for days… hahaa..

    Oh? So for the effort of cutting and making the jelly and all, they make a profit of over 100%. No wonder the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. 😦

  16. I always enjoy coconut. My Beloved Wife especially like coconut juice because it is beneficial to the kidneys..

    Seems it is “cooling”. I love the juice, iced. Refreshing.

  17. Yeah, coconut pudding or jelly is nothing to shout about. Might as well drink the coconut juice and eat the flesh..cooling benefit if you’re feeling heaty, healthier and taste good too!

    Yup, I second that 100%!

  18. Many raw foodiest use Young/Thai Coconuts in MANY MANY foods – but – in my area they are rarely available. We have what I like to call store-bought ‘default’ coconuts but they are very small and not young or of great quality. I long for the day our area/region gets young coconuts…at ALL…let alone for a decent/affordable price.

    It’s a tropical fruit. Just like avocado and imported fruits here will burn a hole in our pockets. 😦

  19. Nice! I didn’t know Sibu makes those coconuts but I guess it’s inevitable! πŸ™‚

    It’s good though, now you can get it locally!

    Sangkaya eh? Never tried it but it looks interesting! Congrats on finally joining the club! *wink wink*

    Club? What club? Doing paid posts and promos? No, no…I’m not into that. My nephew is in the business so I just thought I would just give a little nudge and hopefully it will help in some small way.

  20. I am glad I manage to try this famous prawns noodles I sarikei on my recent trip back. If not too full, I think I will like the coconut pudding, I dont think there is coconut flesh in there, all pudding . Yum!!

    Next time don bother order tom yam, original taste a lot better. is.expensive, RM60 for two bowls!! Tsk tsk tsk.

    πŸ˜€ Next time, I’d skip the prawn noodles – tried both already, so ok liao…no need to spend all that money. Will surely try their coconut pudding – they make their own, they say.

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