Thin line…

This has been out for quite a while now, the fettuccine-like mee pok version of the Sibu instant kampua (RM6.90, 40 sen more than the usual)…

Sibu instant kampua, mee pok 1

…from the original maker or the pioneer, the one who first started making this stuff for sale and to be sent here, there and everywhere. Mee means noodles and pok means thin as in paper thin…

Sibu instant kampua, mee pok 2

Recently, I went and got myself a pack to give it a try and for the uninitiated, to cook this, you need to bring a pot of water to boil and put the noodles in…

Step 1

Loosen the strands and let it boil for around 3 minutes…

Step 2

After that, you drain away the water…

Step 3

At this stage, you can toss the noodles with the ingredients and eat already but usually, I would go a little bit further. I would put them in cold water and rinse well to remove any excess starch so that the noodles would not be sticky and clump together.

Step 4

Then I drained away the water and poured in some boiling water and put the pot back on the fire to heat the noodles up a bit. I am sure it isn’t all that nice to eat them cold. Lastly, I drained away the water and tossed the noodles with the ingredients provided in little sachets – one of the lard plus onion oil and the other, the light soy sauce.

Finally, garnish with thinly-sliced boiled pork and fried shallots and chopped spring onions and serve…or perhaps, you may want to have it with roast pork belly instead…

Sibu instant kampua mee pok with pork belly

…or slices of roast chicken…

Sibu instant kampua mee pok with roast chicken

…or whatever. It’s all up to you.

It may look kind of plain but those of you who have tried this Sibu Foochow delight and have fallen in love with it will attest to the fact that the beauty of it is while eating, you can savour the fragrance of the lard and the fried shallots in it plus the flavours of the shallots added and the spring onions…and the added taste of whatever meat or any other condiment that you may be having with the noodles.

Incidentally, it seems that many have jumped on the bandwagon and have come out with their own versions of the instant kampua noodles. This one…

*Friend’s photo on Facebook – sorry for the blurry pic*

…is selling at the Sibu Central Market at RM7.50 a pack and I was told that they are also selling the original there at this same price too. Gee!!! That’s easy money – just order and collect…and sell at a profit of RM1.00 per pack. I also heard that there are others selling at around RM6.00 or RM6.50 as well. Of course, I have not tried any of them…but if anyone of you has done that and finds any that is nicer, do let me know. I’d go and grab some right away. Thanks.

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26 thoughts on “Thin line…”

  1. Any seasonings that come with the noodles? Wouldn’t it be bland if served that way? Maybe we are too used to the dark soy sauce version >_<

    No, definitely not – that’s what the uninitiated would think. Same with my friend from NZ last time. She could never understand how anything so pale could ever be nice. Changed her mind instantly the moment she tried BOTH…and she loved it so much she wanted another bowl – light soy sauce!

    There are two sachets in one packet of noodles, one of the very fragrant onion oil and I’m pretty sure there’s msg in it and one of light soy sauce. You can opt for the dark soy sauce if you want. My friend, Annie-Q, will only want it dark, not me, the original/authentic kampua = the one I grew up eating..had light soy sauce not dark.

  2. ok ok i got the hints…

    You do? You’re coming…or you’re going to cook some right away…at 2.54 a.m.? 😀

  3. When one selling like hot cakes, other will follow.

    I have been sending some kampua around, maybe should ask for some commission from the owner. Haha.

    wonder anyone from Kuching going to start instant kolok mee soon? 😉

    I don’t get a sen either…but he will give me a pack or two…once in a blue moon. Other times, I would have to order and buy and pay like everybody else, no special discount. 😦

    1. Yes, it is selling at Premier 101 in Kuching but I haven’t had the chance to try. Went there twice but it was always sold out. A lot of my FB friends have been praising high to the sky.

      Everybody loves it! That’s why it’s selling like hot cakes. Advance orders required. How much at Premier 101?

  4. First glance at it looks like “teow chiam” (soya bean noodles), the one in your 2nd picture.. I had “teow chiam” almost everyday during my confinement, cooked with minced meat, sesame oil and wine.. I requested for noodles instead of rice.. Haha, J looks so cute while enjoying the precious kampua..

    Never had that. Here, ladies in confinement would eat mee sua….the whole month. 😀

  5. oh, interesting to see instant mee pok kampua!! when having wantan mee here, sometimes i will order the common thinner noodles, and sometimes i’ll go for the fatter mee pok – depending on my mood, haha!!

    Variety is the spice of life!

  6. Looks very good, Arthur.. feel like taking a plate now though it is really impossible from here.. hahaha.. When it comes to seasoning, I prefer my mom’s simple ones… sesame oil, lots of fried garlic, shallots and light sauce… very fragrant..

    Then it’s not kampua anymore. Kampua is more the way of cooking, the cooked dish, than the name of the noodles.

  7. There’s lot of mee pok here in sg bit not if it’s kampua. I still prefer mee kia, thinner like wanton noodles.

    I love the mee pok in Singapore, with the pork fat crusts and all. Haven’t had it for a long long time now.

  8. I guess looks can be deceiving or shall I say, never judge a plate of noodle by its colour? 😉
    I hear so much of this in your blog and fb…people placing order in advance some more! And look at small kuching’s expression – he must be thinking, ‘mmm no words to describe’.
    But I haven’t seen any instant kampua sold at grocery stores over here..wonder where I can find? Must really give it a try and taste it myself!

    That goes without saying. Never judge a dish by the appearance – the test of the pudding is in the eating.
    You can contact them via phone or Facebook and order, RM8.00 a pack of 5 packets…and pay online and they will send to you – you will have to collect it here:
    RG 17, Ground Floor, Kelana Sentral, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
    This is their Facebook link:

  9. oh my this looks good and perfect for weekend breakfast at home.

    Exactly! At RM1.30 a plate, it’s cheaper than eating it outside – minus the meat, at least RM2.00 but of course, this one, you’ll have to cook yourself. Saves the trouble of going out too!

  10. You sure know how to cook your noodles 🙂 Looks so good! Very convenient then, don’t have to go out to eat.

    Yes, I will keep some at home…but no preservatives, good for around 3 months only so can’t hoard a lot.

  11. Alamak….now I got the feeling that these instant Kampua will gonna be like the Penang White Curry noodle fever 😀

    Already! Over here, at least. Selling like hotcakes, have to book in advance.

  12. I like this mee pok kampua version. Very nice, i think nicer than the original one and the curly. Yes, you’re right, i like my dark mee pok. 🙂

    I prefer the curly but I do think mee pok is nicer dark, same with pian sip if the skin is too thick. Go well with the stronger taste of the sauce.

  13. I prefer the Mee Pok version and always brings back more of those than the thin noodles. Yum!

    The normal/usual ones – I like them all….but these instant ones, the curly version is my favourite.

  14. Hey! I have a restaurant photo I was going to try and email you from last week…swing by and let me know your email addy. If you don’t want to have it showing on my blog I do have that contact form in the side bar – you can drop me a note there and I will email you when I get the notice from the form service.

    Ok, will do that. You don’t get to see my email address via my comments? I’ve to type that everytime I make a comment there. I can see yours here but maybe wordpress is different.

  15. I realize that I can make consistently good kampua from this brand by making it 3 minutes EXACTLY – not a second too long or less (well, at least not 30 seconds anyway).

    It’s quite unforgiving in that matter, too long and it becomes soggy but now that I know, it consistently comes out good!

    Yes, have to keep time…like how I cook my eggs. Watch that second hand! 😉

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