That way…

When in KL, should I get the chance, I would love to drop by here for dinner. I was told that it was very popular as people would come for the home-cooked style dishes that they served and the star attraction would be the fried egg…

Fried eggs *Archive photo*

…done the way mama used to cook it.

I saw them doing that on tv and my goodness, they used so much oil and they could fry a few eggs at a time. They would all go swimming in the hot oil and once done, they lifted the whole thing and served. These days, one can hardly get eggs fried like that as people would usually use a non-stick pan with or without any oil but personally, never mind what they say – I would always prefer them done the good old fashioned way.

My mum used to fry eggs that way too. Whenever there was nothing much in the house to eat, like when what was left over from lunch was not quite enough for dinner, she would fry each of us an egg. To get it done like that, one would need a bit more oil than usual. Just heat up the wok, pour in the oil, wait for it to become really hot, crack the egg, and drop it into the oil…

Fried egg 1

Just let it cook for a while and you can splash some of the hot oil over the top of the egg so it would cook as well without you having to flip it over…

Fried egg 2

I do not really fancy fried egg that has been flipped over as to me, it does not look as nice…plus that was not the way my mum used to do it.

Once the edge has turned golden in colour and is nice and crispy…

Fried egg 3

…you may remove the egg from the wok already.

Move it gently to loosen it from the bottom of the wok if it is slightly stuck to it – it will come off very easily, no worries, and push it up the side of the wok and let the oil flow back down…

Fried egg 4

…before serving. If you are very particular, you may let the egg stand on some kitchen towel to soak away the oil further before you place it on the plate.

Fried eggs 5

There you have it, fried eggs done exactly that same way that my mum used to do it…

Fried eggs 6

…all those years when I was growing up. Of course, we never had them for breakfast at the time. Come to think of it, I cannot recall ever seeing a sausage then…other than the lap cheong, those Chinese ones. Folks in those days never had it so good as people today.

And talking about those reminds me of my friend, Annie-Q, who, when she came home to Sibu from KL for about a week that day, gave me some wine-infused ones made by her mother-in-law. Well, before she left, her mum gave me a HUGEΒ tilapia, fresh from the lakes at the hydro-electricity generating Batang Ai in Sarawak…and my missus took it and steamed it…

Steamed tilapia

…using this…

Thai steamed fish sauce

…and oooooo….it was so very good!!! We certainly enjoyed it to the max! The sauce has that exotic Thai cuisine taste and fragrance and seeing that we love it so much, we certainly would want to use it again.

As a matter of fact, I have some ideas as to how I may be able to use it in ways other than this but that will have to wait till I get round to doing it. Stick around…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “That way…”

  1. i only learnt how to fry an egg in my 20s wtf because i was so afraid that the oil would splatter all over and on me too..

    so that’s how i do it,
    1. on gas and pour oil into wok/pan
    2. off gas before the oil is too hot
    3. add egg into the wok/pan
    4. on gas
    5. let the oil does its wonder
    6. and voila i get a sunny side up without oil splatters on me! yay XD

    and i still do it that way today. *facepalm*

    Gosh! I’ve put in the egg when the oil is not hot enough – it did not turn out the way I would want it. Can’t imagine turning off the heat first. Use the ladle to “burst the bubbles” if you do not want it to splutter…or don’t stand so close and use a longer ladle. πŸ˜€

  2. That type of egg is good in texture but often oily, i prefer to fry mine using non-stick wok so i can add a minimum amount of oil πŸ˜›

    …and the taste and the fragrance too but yes, I do use a non-stick pan with a little oil as well. I’ve tried frying without oil – it did not look nice and it did not taste good either. I’d rather not have the egg, if like that. This way is so much better…but I wouldn’t have it like this too often. For one thing, the question of health aside, it is more troublesome to take out the wok (and wash after use) and for another, cooking oil is not all that cheap these days, so I’d settle for second best… 😦

  3. Wow, the egg looks so good, exactly the way I like it, cripsy edges. And boy, the fish look awesome but I prefer steaming in Teochew style. Yum!!!…Yum!!!…

    Teochew style is good, any style is good…if the fish is fresh and sweet. Once we had big bawal putih (pek chio) at Green Hill, very far from Kuching – just steamed with ginger, nothing else…so so so nice. So we ordered another one, cooked exactly the same way – not as nice. Can vary between fish.

  4. That is how my mum fry eggs. Just dash dark soy sauce and that was our dinner. πŸ™‚

    We would have that…even today when there’s nothing much left over for dinner. πŸ˜‰

  5. I always love fried eggs with sweet soya sauce. I tried frying eggs in a wok once, and I like the results! Used to do it in a non-stick pan. I read somewhere that there is this chef who is well known for his fried eggs (done like yours) and it cost RM5.00 per egg should you order it. I am quite curious what is so special but who cares, we can fry up our own at home.

    What? For just one egg! Absurd! Ridiculous! We’ll just fry our own and eat to our heart’s content. Just like those branded stuff…expensive, but not necessarily nicer.

  6. MIL said the secret to delicious and nicely fried eggs would be to use a LOT of oil, banjir style.. But I seldom fry eggs, only scramble.. Scared.. hehe..

    Yes, banjir. Sounds like how my mum did it and how I’m doing it too. πŸ˜‰

  7. your egg is sort of how my grandmother used to make hers too. and then my grandfather would add some soy sauce to his, but i preferred mine plain. nice memories we all have, ya πŸ™‚

    Those were the days when people used woks, not non-stick pans…and definitely no rings! Tsk! Tsk!

  8. I love this kind of egg, nice meal.

    My favourite…but have to confine to once in a while, oily. So many other ways to cook and eat egg.

  9. Yes, we all love this type of fried egg with crispy edges. And with a dash of light soy sauce, voila! can finish with a bowl of rice πŸ˜‹. But I would soak up the excess oil first πŸ˜‰.
    Yes, steamed fish is lovely and healthy, but the fish must be fresh. I usually steam my fish using simple ingredients – ginger, soy sauce, a dash of oil and coriander. Sometimes I would add tomato or salted vege (ala Teochew style). Yummy!

    If you wait and let it drain longer before taking it out of the wok, much of the oil would have flown back down in the wok. I do let it sit on some kitchen towels, anyway – just to get rid of whatever is left…it only takes a little bit of effort, making it healthier…a bit.

    I never add oil…but I’ve seen that in restaurants – a bit of onion oil with bits of fried shallots – sure would help make the steamed fish more fragrant so for mine, it’s usually just ginger and chili, spring onions or Chinese celery and a bit of oyster sauce. Have had the tomato and salted veg Teochew version, at restaurants very often. Nice too.

  10. Oh dear, I think I’m having a heart attack just looking at all of that oil! They sure do look yummy though. πŸ˜‰

    Moderation is the key! Not all the time, not so often. The idea of taking out the wok, heating it and waiting for the oil to get hot…and later washing the oily wok would be enough to make sure I do not do this often. I’m so lazy! Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. This way the egg certainly taste very nice and crispy at the edges but needs more oil to make it this way…. Put in soy sauce and i oukd take a plate of rice during my younger days!

    Now cannot finish one plate of rice…or you would need much nicer stuff than just a fried egg with soy sauce to go with it. πŸ˜‰

  12. I called this the old school way of frying the egg. When I was young, I used to think frying the ‘telur dadar’ is more difficult. My mom told me, if ladies couldn’t flip the telur dadar well (without breaking the shape) then the ladies are not ready to be married yet. So I had practised to fry the telur dadar since then. Lol!

    Wahhhh!!!! That’s good motivation…to get the girls to learn how to cook! Muahahahaha!!!

  13. Need to practise some more on the egg..still no enough those “bulu bulu”

    Didn’t want to use too much oil – will not a lot more for more of the frills and must be very very hot.

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