Pour me a drink…

I remember many years ago, one of those branded coffee places opened an outlet at the Sarawak Plaza in Kuching and of course, we made a beeline there to give the drinks a try. I do not recall having any that swept me off my feet but the kids enjoyed the vanilla drink that was on their menu and loved going back there for more. In fact, Melissa was telling me that she used to buy that in cartons to drink when she was in Wellington, New Zealand and she liked it a lot. That was why when she saw this at that supermarket in town, the one that stocks up on all the imported stuff usually not available elsewhere, she grabbed two for herself and also to let me try…

Vanilla soya

I think they were selling that at a discounted price as the expiry date was drawing very near, otherwise I bet it would not be all that affordable. Well, it was nice, that much I would say with the blend of vanilla and soya bean milk but somehow, it came across to me like melted ice cream.

Personally, I would prefer this one…

V-soy 1

– made in Thailand, a combination of soya bean and purple brown rice, barley, malt extract and black sesame…

V-soy 2

I thought the combination was great and I loved it a lot. In case anyone is going out looking for this, it is available at most supermarkets and shops here selling at around RM4.00 a carton. Perhaps you would like to try both and give me your verdict?

As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and you may wish to differ and of course, you’re free to do so. Β For instance, I did not really like the soy and vinegar flavour of the made-in-Singapore purple wheat noodles…

PWN soy & vinegar

…but my friend, Rose, quite enjoyed the packet that I gave her to try though she did say that it was a little bit too sour and the vinegar drowned out the taste of the soy sauce completely. My favourite, without any reservation whatsoever, would be the chili and lime flavour…which King Hua‘s hubby says is not nice so he did not buy that for her…

For King Hua
*King Hua’s photo on Facebook*

Anyway, going back to our topic of drinks, my friend, King Hua, gave me a pack of this Kluang coffee that day…

Kluang coffee

…when she came to town. I’ve given it a try and initially, I did not really think it was any good. The following day, I tried a stronger brew – two sachets in a mug and it wasn’t much better either. It so happened that I let it sit there to cool down and drank it a while later and betcha by golly wow, it wasn’t too bad after all!!! However, I still think it pales in comparison to our own locally-roasted coffee…but of course, tastes do differ so what I like, others may feel otherwise. To each his own!

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27 thoughts on “Pour me a drink…”

  1. susu lemak manis, santan kelapa muda… maybe you should try this Bailey’s ?

    When I first tried that one that I liked, I told my girl that it was very rich and reminded me of santan. You can try it and see how close it comes to your suggested concoction.

    1. oh, i tried before, and i like it ahak ahak… nice, but sweet… and not cheap… so nowadays, if got crave for Soyabean milk, buy from tepi jalan 1.5litre, no sugar, and drink… really creamy and can taste the soyabean… no sugar mah… Well, can make your own at home… pretty easy… go get the machine… hahaha Good Morning Teacher…!

      I used to make, real thick and rich one, and I pounded the soaked beans by hand, don’t play-play…but Melissa doesn’t like it – would rather drink the factory-made ones – hardly any soya bean, all sugar. 😦

      1. Maybe becos it was salty? Ur hard work… Hahaha

        Hahahahahahaha!!!! That would make it even nicer – my labour of love!

  2. Sanitarium’s soya drink is really awesome! I had that before but yea, not cheap 😦

    Sometimes it is because of the very much stronger currency of the country of origin. For one thing, if we convert back to their money and compare the prices, they’re not much more expensive here – at times by just a ringgit or two and at times, even cheaper than at some places there…or at least at this particular supermarket here. If they are not sold out by the time the expiry draws ner, say, the following month, the promo prices can be very attractive.a

  3. Yeah, So Good isn’t cheap at all – not even in Australia unless there’s a promo going on!

    I remember Coles selling So Good for close to rice milk (Asians just throw the stuff away) for about AUD 6 but if there’s a promo it can go down to maybe AUD 2 or less.

    My sister bought a lot of those when she last came back after my mom’s passing too, it’s for my niece, who is allergic to almost everything including gluten (the nephew isn’t that bad) so there’s a lot in the fridge. I grabbed it one night by accident and had a glass, it was really good, better than I remembered it! So Good! πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! It was nice but if it is expensive, then I can live without it. Of course, like in the case of your niece, that’s a different story. Ya…I heard from my friend overseas that on normal days, they can’t afford to buy much of anything but once, there is a promo, they would stock up on whatever is on offer.

  4. Those imported stuff is expensive but taste way nicer than our local made. I tasted the Indomie noodle you gave me. Nicer than those Koka. Probably because sour is never my favorite tastebud, so spicy better than sour to me. Lol.

    See!!! When I say it’s good, it’s good – can always take my word for it:
    …and it’s cheap too!!! Less than half the price. Ohhhh? I thought ladies love sour stuff?

    1. Say who??? Haha. This lady is definitely not into that sour part. Lol

      Hah!!! That’s why you’re always so sweet… πŸ˜‰

  5. That bowl of instant noodles plus runny egg makes my day. Used to drink Nescafe Gold and recently I try out Kopiko L.A. Coffee. Both taste good to me.

    I tried Gold a long time ago, did not like it…so I just stick to the original – Arabica.

  6. The V-Soy multigrain is available here too, and the hubs loves it.. When he buys V-Soy, he always buys this multigrain one.. The colour of the soy milk is slightly dark, very tasty, quite rich & creamy, and very filling too.. Sometimes he takes half a box, and that keeps him full until lunch time..

    Wow!!! All the nutrition he needs, eh? πŸ˜€

  7. Could it because it’s closed to the expire date that why’s it taste like melted ice cre?

    Nope, it’s the vanilla – like vanilla ice cream…and it wasn’t about to expire just yet. At least a month to go, if not more. I bought the VERY expensive HD ice cream once, over RM10 for a little cup, and it melted so quickly that I ended up drinking it instead of eating – the taste is something like that. Just my take on it. My girl enjoys it, of course. I’m sure all who love vanilla would like it too.

  8. I’ve been looking for soy bean milk that doesn’t have sugar or any chemicals in it. Do you know of any brands that are just soya milk with no additions?

    Perhaps you can try the health shops. I know one here…where my friend’s mum sells her organic tofu. They have that there.

  9. I bought a packet of Koka from Jaya Jusco recently… have tried it but didn’t post up yet… not too bad… mine is the normal type of flavour, chicken mushroom one…

    Oh? Not the purple wheat noodles. Not too sure if they have those here…but I did see a lot of cup noodles, same brand.

  10. I used to buy nesquik instant flavoured milk powder which comes in strawberry,vanilla n choc flavour for my kids n u just put 2 scoops in fresh or long life milk n to make milkshakes just scoop in some ice cream n blendered. Next time if my gf go your part I will get some for Melissa. One tin lasts a long time n saves me a lot of money getting milkshakes in shops :)!

    Oh no!!! No, thanks. I think we can get Nesquik here too…and you can jolly well guess who will be drinking it all up in the end. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. Eh … how come vanilla instead of coffee at a coffee place ? Try the ah huat kopi o. It’s good too. Very kau.

    Nope. Will stick to our own locally-roasted, the best one can find anywhere.

    I guess they have that for those tagging along and they do not drink coffee, kids especially. Dunno if they still have it or not though – never bothered to check. That particular outlet in Kuching has closed down since but there’s one at the airport, I know.

  12. yeah, right!! one man’s meat is another man’s poison, just like kampua i supposed?? hehehe~~ *quickly run away mode*

    You did not like the one I sent you. Oh dear!!! I’m so sad. I was hoping you’d love it and I could send you more. 😦

  13. Yes, to each his own!
    I have tried the V Soy drink, very tasty. Read somewhere that soya bean drink is a healthier alternative to milk. But i normally buy soya bean drink from the stall – I just ask for no sugar and no ice…creamy yum yum πŸ˜‹.
    Haven’t tried the Koka instant noodles, though.

    The ones at the stalls are usually very diluted, not so nice…or at least the ones here. I love it thick and rich. The noodles are nice but at those prices, I would just settle for our own cheaper ones or those from Indonesia.

  14. Ohh Vanilla Bliss! Sounds good! Finally it’s something I can get from here LOL! Perhaps will give it a try!

    Yup! Should be a lot more affordable in AUD!

  15. yeah the coffee taste better when you let it sit. today try the mui hock coffee. slightly better than the kluang coffee. coz both i take it black la. if put a bit sugar mybe nicer la
    but hor ady enuff sugar in my blood!

    Only slightly? Impossible! Maybe as it doesn’t come in pre-mix sachets, you don’t know hoe to make. Like this coffee shop in Sg Merah – everyone used to go just for the coffee – the father was making. Now nobody goes as the son is making – not nice. Same coffee powder – can buy from there too. Another one is at Rejang Park – one dark guy making and we thought he was the towkay neo’s adopted son. So nice…and then, he left – not nice anymore…and another one’s Kopitiam Fantasy – if it’s the guy making, it’s nice…if anybody else, not nice at all. It should taste something like what you had at RTM Cafe…not like what you gave me…or maybe you did not buy the right one. πŸ˜›

  16. I prefer V-soy too !!!

    Purple wheat noodles sound very weird.. but i would try it if i see it in the market.. haha.

    The supermart here that stocks up on Singapore products here does not have a branch in Kuching. Don’t know if you can get it there.

  17. I generally don’t like those packaged soya beans drinks and prefer fresh. But I find the V-Soy brand very good.

    Yeah…the rest have hardly any soya bean taste, just very sweet. I used to like Bonus but I don’t think they still have that any longer.

  18. I have been drinking the V Soy for quite some times, love it!!

    Ahhhh!!!! That’s good. Not really cheap though, around double the price of the usual.

  19. Neat to see some Soy beverages here on your site! And those noodles πŸ™‚ I grabbed some Coconut Milk this past weekend…it was the best deal based on price at that point and time. My go-to is Almond Milk. I also like – more recently – Cashew Milk and Hemp Milk – when I can find it for a good price πŸ™‚

    Wow!!! So many types of milk? Don’t think we have all those here…but yes, we have coconut milk but mainly for cooking and for some local desserts and cakes.

  20. Ah, i have yet to try that noodles. Once i try will tell you is it good or not. I want to try that lime and chili, sound more appetizing and that soy and vinegar sound good too.

    Cap Televisyen Kluang coffee? Elaine just pass me few sachets to me this morning for me to try.

    Go ahead and try – see whether it is better than Choon Seng or not. Hehehehehehe!!!! Ya, I like the chili and lime and my missus & Melissa too!

  21. Hehehe..I love my Kluang coffee more πŸ˜€ Will try to be on a lookout for the Sibu one that you mentioned.

    Have to get it from here. Can’t send – did it once, the gas made the box expand…made it round like a bowling ball. So scared it would explode, luckily it did not!!! And the fragrance filled the whole poslaju office even though I sealed it so tightly.

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