Golden Flower (2)…

So near, yet so far – how true that actually is! King Hua lived less than an hour’s drive away most of her life but she does not know much about the places in Sibu nor her way around town, other than what she has read in my blog, that is. But then again, I had friends coming over to KL proper to see me and they too did not know the directions in the city centre. They would tell me that they lived in PJ or Shah Alam and they rarely ventured into the national capital at all. But anyway, it was my pleasure to take her around to all the places she wanted to go to and to buy what she wanted to buy.

After having bought the kek lapis earlier, we went to the supermarket in the town centre. This is the one that sells all the imported stuff – chocolates, cookies, canned and dried foods, fresh milk, breakfast cereals and even the made-in-the-UK real beef Bovril. King Hua just could not resist grabbing all the things that they had on their shelves – I think in total, she spent way over RM100 in just a few minutes! And she was so nice as to get me a pack of the Japanese green tea Kit-Kat that I like a lot…

From King Hua

Incidentally, she also brought me a bottle of my favourite out-of-this-world Bintangor rojak sauce, some kopi-o (black coffee) that she says is very nice and would like me to try…and a packet of tomato flat noodles. Hmmmm…interesting! Thank you so much, King Hua – it is so thoughtful of you…and I’m so sorry that it completely slipped my mind and I did not get you anything! Never mind, I’ll make it up to you some day, promise!

She loved the coffee that we had at the kampua place earlier so I took her here to buy some – theirs is simply the best…and she kept saying how fragrant it was, so fragrant that it filled the entire car. After that, we stopped by the Sibu Central Market to buy some terbaloi to give to her friends back in the peninsula but for some reason or other, there was none available.

Finally, we stopped by here…

Payung Cafe floral decor 1

…for an early lunch, no prize for guessing where we went…

Payung Cafe floral decor 2

She loved the Payung rojak

Payung rojak

…so so much and said that it was even nicer than the highly-acclaimed Bintangor one and she too fell in love with the buah kedundong leaves that they had in it. So how good was it exactly? Well, I kept telling her not to eat so much of it as we were both still rather full after our heavy breakfast and there would be other things that I would want her to try and enjoy…but she said she loved it so much and insisted on finishing everything that was on the plate.

She thought the Payung otak-otak

Payung Cafe otak-otak

…was indeed different from what she would find in Johore and felt it was very nice but a bit too spicy for her and she’s not really into anything spicy but her hubby would love it a lot, she said.

They have a new guy at the café and he made a mess of the mushroom roll…

Payung Cafe mushroom roll

…so the presentation was not as nice as usual but nonetheless, King Hua loved it a lot!

She tried the durian ice cream but was not exactly thrilled as she said she had one a lot nicer at some place in Singapore. We were filled to the brim already by then so there was no possibility of getting her to try some of the other delightful desserts that they serve here.

After that, I took her to the bus station to catch one back to Bintangor. That was a very short trip indeed but I would say that it was really very fruitful. At least, she got what she wanted and more…and she managed to try some of the nice stuff we have in this little town but of course, she will have to come back again and stay much longer if she wants to sample more of the best we have around.

I went straight home after that and my daughter could not wait to tell me what Annie-Q‘s mum had given me – her special own home-made organic tofu…

From Annie & Philip

They had dropped by my house while I was out and Annie also gave me the very nice nasi lemak sambal that she bought on her one-day eating trip to Sarikei and Bintangor. That very night, I went to the airport to pick Philip’s son who was in town for a few days to visit his grandma and that very nice friend of mine in the US insisted on getting his son to bring over for me that can of made-in-Canada Ma Ling luncheon meat. Honestly, everyone’s so kind and generous I really do not know how I could possibly repay all of them other than a simple thank you from the bottom of Β my heart.

Incidentally, I have already tried the relatively new Q-Q (curly) version of the instant Sibu kampua noodles

The Kitchen Q-Q instant Sibu kampua

…and I must say that I liked it a lot, thank you so much to Eric, the guy behind the business venture, who gave me a pack to sample and to show his appreciation for helping him promote his product via my blog and also on Facebook.

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36 thoughts on “Golden Flower (2)…”

  1. mai puak lak, mai eng nik, mai eng neng…

    See… see.. everyone who went over, sure u will bring them to this place. but not us, not me… u happily went back and take your nap… we have to go and find ourselves … twice… or u think they would not able to serve both of us at once? tat’s it… will need to order double of the good ones the next time we are there…

    Servings are too small for you. Hehehehehehehe!!!! Was going to take you there, mana tau…pandai pandai curi-curi went there by yourselves. Must be you didn’t want to belanja me makan there – so just sneaked there while I was sleeping and enjoyed everything there and paid for your own. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. Green tea kit kat! Great and intense flavor but i didn’t quite like it, i thought it was a little too sweet to my liking, what do you think?

    What chocolate isn’t sweet? Nibble, not bite. I like the taste – [SK] went to Japan and bought some there and when he came back, he sent me a bar. That was the first time I tried it and liked it a lot more than the usual ones.

  3. actually i think i spend nearly 200 in a minute. i am sucker for chocolates! thanks for bringing me around!

    Only in Sibu…only in Sibu! So whoever says there’s nothing in this little ol’ town has got it all wrong, eh? You’re most welcome.

  4. I still prefer the original kit kat. Haha.

    That place is where you entertain your guests huh? Any special vip for you? Lol

    Nope, business is business, I do not expect anything special but as they say, what goes around comes around. I’m ok with the original Kit Kat, but then again, I’m not really into chocolate. More into white and this green tea one’s different from the usual.

  5. Ahhh, the (imported stuff) shop sells beef Bovril, I missed that taste.. Many many years ago, Bovril was beef.. Then changed to vegetarian.. Now I’m using the normal Bovril which I get from the stores, the vegetarian one..
    I saw your green tea Kit Kat first when my screen was loading.. Yummzz, never tasted that before, sure nice..
    Aahh, Payung’s mushroom roll.. Your must-have in Payung.. Read a few posts on mushroom roll already..

    Not easily available, the real beef ones. Ya, give it a try – the green tea Kit Kat. Ummm….next visit, I did not order the mushroom roll – stick around for that. πŸ˜€

    1. That’s interesting – I assumed that all Bovril was based on beef as that’s all I’ve ever seen here in Australia. Then again we have Marmite, Vegemite, Promite, Aussiemite, etc. – all vegetarian. So I guess there’s already a fair amount of competition in that space.

      Check the labels. There’s yeast-based Bovril now (like Marmite), no beef content – so it was with the ones my cousin sent me from Melbourne…after the mad cow disease scare. Tastes more or less the same but the brand name is no longer relevant really since there’s no longer any bovine.

    1. In Japan, not only got green, they have roast tea kit kat and cinamon kit kat too! My friend told me when she went during halloween, they have pumpkin kit kat!!! hahahhahah

      At one time, they had a number of varieties – did not sell well, I guess… I bought one once, very cheap. Green tea always expensive, only this time RM17 plus a pack. Maybe people bought to try, now not selling so well anymore?

  6. wah!! Green Tea Kit-Kat!! i like that, but then at RM24.50 a packet is very expensive.. never have bought it here before, but “borong” a few packets at one go when I was in Japan, just around RM10 over there.. and i remember giving you one little piece?? hahaha~~ πŸ˜€

    Wahhhhh!!!! A few packets and you only sent me ONE piece, really a very good friend lah you like that! You see – people so kind and generous, gave me one WHOLE pack!!! The offer price is RM17 something, not as what you see in the price tag…and it came all the way here, no need to go all the way to Japan to buy. How much do you have to pay for the same in KL?

    1. yes lah, you want me to say that more obvious meh?? you are worth ONE piece from that few packets lah.. muahahahahaha!! but hey, don’t forget you have got a little bit of everything in that little box leh~~ :p

      Sobs!!! Sobsss!!!! You mean to say I am worth next to nothing – just one piece. 😦 Ah well! At least my friend, King Hua, does not think so – she gave me one WHOLE pack!!! Some people are really so so so very sweet, so very nice! Hehehehehehe!!!!!!

  7. I like the Green Tea Kit-kat…actually I like any flavor of it, always have a big pack (the original flavor) in my fridge, hehe!!! =]

    The Made in Malaysia ones would be cheaper, more affordable. These imported ones are rather on the high side…even when on special offer.

  8. Hey the kitkat RM24.50 is cheap leh. Even airport i think more expensive leh. SK gave me one of those green tea kit kat before .

    Special offer…only RM17 something, not as stated on the price tag. Ya, everyone says the chocolates here are cheaper than airport duty free.

  9. Beautiful creation of the flowers at……”ho suar”. Give me that plate of rojak and I can finish it all by myself. You are spoilt again with all the nice goodies, all year round if I am right.

    No lah, just once in a while Hehehehehe!!!!! The rojak is really the best, my favourite – never bother to order the guava, pomelo, papaya, herbs or whatever salad that they have – nice also but this is so so so good.

  10. Many thanks Arthur. That little bit of kit kat for Rm24.50? That’s about ten bowls of kampua.

    Welcome, posts on the brief outing coming up soon. It was on special offer, RM17 something only…so not that many bowls – maybe 2 bars = 1 bowl. πŸ˜‰

  11. *tsk*… that instant kampua noodles got any website or not? Available for online purchase or not?!

    They have a Facebook page:
    You can PM them and see if they are willing to send to you. As far as I know, booking closed, not available till after 7th – demand too much for them to cope. I sent one (RM6.50) via poslaju (RM10.00), total RM16.50 for five of what you see in the photograph, i.e over RM3.00 each, no meat. Worth it or not, if compared to prices of kampua in the peninsula?

    1. Now i wait for Eric, once he can cope with his order, i told him i want to be the agent in KL. That time people can buy from me! hahahhahah . Still waiting, hmmmmmm.

      I am amazed that even at such high prices, so many people are willing to fork out the money to buy.

      1. Okays…Annie Q you be agent..then I wait and buy from you πŸ˜‰

        Wahhhhh!!!! Not confirmed, already customer waiting. This kind of business, sure can make big profit one! πŸ˜‰

  12. Wah, “Golden Flower” also shop a lot at Ta Kiong ya? hahahhaha. I bought 6 packs Whitakers Mini choco back here in KL too. It is nice, you should check it out, taste different. Over here quite hard to find, i know there are a lot in Langkawi and very cheap, but not in KL.

    Payung, don’t have enough time, i want to try their mulu ice cream and i want to have their Jelly Pisang.

    Ah, i should hv get u the rojak sauce too, forgot about it. πŸ™‚

    LOL!!! Have to wait till your next trip home now. πŸ˜‰ Ya…she said she spent over RM200 in just a minute and I was a witness to that – seemed like everything she wanted. πŸ˜€

  13. so many items in this blog post that i haven’t tried … i haven’t had green tea kit kat, and i haven’t had that bintangor rojak sauce πŸ˜€

    I’m sure you can get the Kit Kat there…but the rojak sauce, you will have to come over to try. Rather sweet though – some may not like it as much.

  14. Where did you get the Japanese green tea kit kat? Ta Kiong?

    Yup. I’m sure they have that at their Kuching branch. Not sure about the special offer though – RM17 something a pack at the moment. I hear they do not give offers as attrative in Kuching – city people there all very rich. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. The flowers are so beautiful!!

    Otak otak looks kinda yummy to eat with rice!

    Yes, goes so very well with rice. I loved it but my friend thought it was rather spicy.

  16. Payung!! Love the rojak and the popiah… I wonder whether we tried those or not the last time… maybe the popiah.. not the rojak, right?

    That was almost two years ago, m’am… How to remember, so long already? Hint! Hint! πŸ˜‰

  17. Ah, those food looks so tempting! and Ma Ling luncheon meat, my favorite brand too!

    The China ones are the pits these days. I never buy them anymore. Singapore ones are pretty good, getting very popular around here.

  18. Otak Otak looks nicee!! huge fan, thought it’s those pandan chicken wrap at first, both also i like! wahahah

    Come on over, we have one place where the pandan chicken is so very nice too – different from those elsewhere. You’ll love it here – so many nice things to eat, so many that you would not find elsewhere. Come, come…everyone can fly!

  19. My, my those flowers are gorgeous and so nice that they placed edible flowers in a dish.

    They have a new guy at the cafΓ© and he made a mess of the mushroom roll…

    I had to chuckle when I read the above comment.

    Yes, that’s one thing that I like about this place – it’s so different from the rest, none like it elsewhere. πŸ˜€ It should be whole – I think he tire the spring roll skin in the preparation. 😦

  20. Green tea kit kat is nice. Quite pricey but during promotion or some Japanese food fair, they are quite cheap πŸ˜ƒ. In Japan, they have other seasonal flavours like Cherry blossom green tea during the spring! It was nice but too sweet for my liking…sweeter than the normal green tea kit Kat.

    Sigh, been reading SO much about Sibu kampua from your blog…normal ones, curly ones… but over here tak ada!? Hmm, Eric should consider expanding his business to the peninsula πŸ˜‰.

    How much were they selling those Japanese Kit Kat at those fairs? The postal charges can be killing and no preservatives – good for three months only so sending by sea is out of the question.

  21. The fresh flowers are always lovely. The diners will be happy the moment they step into this restaurant.

    Yes, they do contribute to the feel of the place, so very nice.

  22. Nice! I didn’t know there’s a new QQ version of the instant Sibu kampua noodles!

    I brought a lot of packets back to KL when I came back – had to pack it in my hand luggage as to not crush it. It’s surprisingly delicious! The people I gave it too felt the same too!

    Yup, they have it now and there’s mee pok too but that’s selling at RM6.90, dunno why.

  23. Noodles AND Tofu in the same post? Wowza! Lovely! Speaking of LOVELY…those flowers are amazing! Great photo!

    Those are everyday flowers found everywhere – nobody would bother to give a second glance but they really know how to put them to good use here. Impressive.

  24. The last pic of the noodles look good!

    And after reading this post…I now crave rojak:D

    Gotta come here and try this rojak – not the same as any other and very very nice! Many have tried and have fallen in love with it!

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