Golden flower (1)…

Her name is King Hua meaning Gold/Golden Flower and she hails from Bintangor, less than an hour’s drive from Sibu, but she is currently teaching in a school in the peninsula. She was home last week for the school holidays and she came to Sibu on Friday morning to collect her orders for the instant Sibu kampua noodles

The Kitchen's instant Sibu kampua
*Cousin’s photo on Facebook*

Nope, these were not hers but the batch that I ordered for my cousin in Brisbane, Australia – she shared the above photo on Facebook to acknowledge receipt when they had reached her safely.

I went to pick King Hua up the moment she got into town and took her here for the kampua noodles

RTM Cafe kampua noodles

Oh? It has gone up in price, now RM2.80 as opposed to RM2.50 only before. Of course, she thought it was still so very cheap as she would not be able to get anything at that price over at the other side…and she loved it so very much! In her opinion, it was so much nicer than her favourite in Bintangor and the serving was so so huge.

I decided to try their fried belacan (dried prawn paste) seafood noodles (RM4.50)…

RTM Cafe fried belacan seafood noodles

…which I thought was very good. Initially, I had to get used to the smell and taste of the belacan they used – of course, they did not use the high quality Bintulu belacan but once I was quite accustomed to it, I started to like it and I certainly wouldn’t mind having that should I drop by this place again…if I could resist the kampua noodles and not order that, that is.

I first saw this plate when Annie came home that day and I dropped by here to see her – she was there as soon as she arrived for her kampua fix…and the words on the plate caught my attention…

Healthy eating plate 1

Translated, they mean “healthy eating plate” and the advice all around include this one…

Healthy eating plate 2

– consume less salt (or literally, practise reduction of salt) and this…

Healthy eating plate 3

– reduce fats and oils and also sugar…

Healthy eating plate 4

Hmmmm….I would say that eating what was in that plate alone, I would have violated the first two and my glass of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) took care of the remaining one. Hehehehehe!!!!!

After that breakfast, I took King Hua to collect her order for the instant Sibu kampua noodles after which we headed to the stall at Bandong to buy some of the Sarawak kek lapis (layer cake) on sale there…

Kek lapis Sarawak
*King Hua’s photo on Facebook*

…before we proceeded to the town centre…and what came after that would have to wait till the next post. Come back tomorrow for the continuing episode…

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40 thoughts on “Golden flower (1)…”

  1. Oh those layer cakes look beautiful, are they expensive there?

    They are! Lots of work plus the ingredients used don’t come cheap including the butter, Golden Churn no less.. Prices very depending on what you buy.

  2. Good tips on the plate…though really, how often do we all really follow it?

    I do perhaps follow the tips for breakfast only but the rest of the day…OMG…

    The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I do follow them when cooking and eating at home but when eating out, I would be at the mercy of those concerned. 😦

  3. I like your seafood noodles.. Looks like hailam noodles minus the gravy.. I’ve tasted Sarawak kek lapis twice.. Both times also our colleague bought back when he went there for work.. If I remember, he bought the pink one.. And I mean really light pink in colour (along with some other bright colours)! But I still had many slices anyway, teehee..

    A must-buy for anyone coming to Sarawak. Not sure where he got his though. Those mass-produced ones would pale in comparison…and can last a long time without refrigeration – so you can imagine the amount of preservatives used. Like everything else, one must know where to go for the best in town!

  4. I like the Sarawak kek lapis, I did bought some of it when I went to Kuching last year!!!

    Hope you did not buy those by the roadside pavement. Most people would take the sampan across river to this Malay lady’s house – hers ok but mass production, would be able to find nicer ones elsewhere…if you know where.

    1. Um…I bought those sell along outside of the shop block in Kuching town….are those are not good?

      Oh no!!! Dunno how long they’ve been there, not refrigerated…under the hot sun day in day out. Must have added a lot of preservatives. They’re cheaper though…and some are quite nice too. That’s why it is best to visit a place where one has friends and they can tell you what to do and what not to do…and take you to the BEST places to eat in town. Many come and eat anywhere and simply say the food here is no good. What do they know? Tsk! Tsk!

  5. Instant kampua & Penang curry mee are selling like hot dogs over here. Kek lapis, front row, browish colour is call sisik ikan if I am not wrong.

    It’s yellow with brownish red streaks – that’s sisik ikan. KingHua loves it so so much, would want to buy more the next time she comes back. The green one with black & white – that’s Oreo. She did not like it – will never buy again…and the other green one’s pandan – her mum asked somebody to make at home, she said not as nice as the sisik ikan though – RM80 for one square…so RM20 for one quarter, the loaf-size they sell everywhere. Cheap! Usually at least over RM25 each, the good ones…not the ones sold at the roadside or the market.

    P.S. Where to get instant kampua in Kuching? I know they’ve somebody there, selling at RM7.50 a pack. Anybody else selling? In Miri, a lot!!! Prices ranging from RM8.00-13.50, can even buy online. So clever those people – make money so easily. Penang one, everybody who has tried said over-rated. I would agree!

    1. My friend got hers at George Peck, Choice Premier at 101

      Yup, that’s their relative’s place…authorised. Not somebody buying a lot and re-selling for a huge profit. Some supermarket here too, I heard…RM7.50 a pack.

  6. It’s quite funny that they choose to serve the noodles on that plate. It might not be so good for their business if ppl start eating healthier. LOL!

    I guess not many bother about it…like those horrendous photos on cigarette boxes.

  7. muahahaha!! i LOVE that plate!!
    “Amalkan kurang gula”.. “Amalkan kurang lemak dan minyak”
    do you know where i can get those plates?? :p

    It comes free with some milk powder. If I see it in the shops. I’ll get one for you. 😀 Can’t ask the lady for it – that day, I saw one, free with Indomie, I think…blue and white, same as one I have at home…and I was hinting all over, but she did not ask if I wanted it. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  8. I think they shouldnt use that plate to serve your noodle. Very contradicting. Lol

    I think I saw quite a lot – free with milk powder…or maybe no more offer, the shops sell at RM1 or RM2 each, cheap. I see them doing it all the time!

  9. Slowly the Kampua Noodles will increase price… due to too much promotion and advertising in suituapui’s blog… LOL… Key in Kampua Noodles in the google search, imagine whose blog will spring up… Good reviews each time.. but still consider cheap.. for less than rm3, can get a plate of good and nice food!

    Hehehehehe!!!! People are grumbling away. Google…and they get my blog, so irritating! 😀

  10. what a cool plate! i’ve never seen a plate with that kind of message before. imagine the possibilities … amalkan kurang garam … cintai kebersihan … jauhi diri dari rasuah 😀

    I would be interested in just one – Amalkan kurang harga! 😀

  11. Ahhh…kek lapis! Did not get to eat it this year… 😦
    BTW…the above instant kampua noodles only available in Sibu? Sarikei got or not? :-p

    I don’t think so, unless somebody buys from here and sell sin his shop there at a higher price. Kek lapis, you can go for Lavender’s – theirs is very nice too – the Indonesian-style one.

    1. I don’t want Indonesian style….
      I like those steamed ones from S’wak. hehe…. 😉

      You’ll have to come back for that. Not pregnant, no craving…so not sending. Seremban’s poslaju service can give me a heart attack, so angry – once is enough.

  12. I’m wondering do you ever find any wholegrain versions of noodles? I’ve seen them in organic supermarkets but the price tag is quite high.

    We just cooked organic wholemeal spirals that day:
    My cousin sent me some from Australia. Tasted the same like any other pasta. We still have the spaghetti – yet to cook that.
    They have the noodles at those health shops here or at the specialised shelves in the big supermarts too, I’m sure – I’ve never gone to check as I’m into really into those things and yes, as far as I know, they’re a whole lot more expensive.
    These Sibu noodles are neither organic nor wholemeal but they claim that no preservatives have been added so shelf-life is around 3 months only – best consumed quickly.

  13. I have always been fascinated by the kek lapis. But after looking at the recipe (they use something like 20 eggs) and the time taken to bake layer by layer, no thanks. I would rather spend some money to buy the ready baked ones provided that they are good

    It was a fad at one time, everyone here was doing it – my missus too though I would not say her layers were all that fine but the following year, she could not be bothered anymore and she just mixed it all together – one layer, end of story. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 Tasted just as nice, of course, with all those rich ingredients used.

  14. Hv to goreng that shop la. Apasal u loyal customer they tarak gv discount. Some more wanna naik harga by 30sens. Tsk tsk tsk

    Not that loyal lah. I hardly ever go there (a bit far and out of the way) – will only go bringing anyone who comes to town and wants the best kampua around. For one thing, their serving is so huge, like a mountain – their one bowl can make two plates elsewhere – you ask King Hua lah, true or not.

  15. Sibu trademark – kampua noodle. hehe. 😀

    Yup! The one and only. If you come to Sibu, you must go and try the halal one at Sunny Cafe, Sg Antu (opposite RTM). They’re very good too.

  16. It is my first time seeing a plate with that message too, so funny and you can slowly eat and find out more other message, like a puzzle. haha.

    AH! I have yet to try out the cake, tummy still unwell. See, too many food in my tummy till they “fight” 😦

    Never mind, already enjoyed, ate a lot…so can puasa liao. LOL!!! 😀

  17. The Sibu instant kampua is not available in the peninsula? Arthur you’ve got to tell them to make it available here. Your readers are dying to get hold of them!

    Unfortunately, no. You want? But fully booked till the 7th – none available before then… 😦

  18. Haha, seems like a contradictory message on the plate versus the food that was served on it and as you say, you have already violated them anyway! You can just cover them with the food, lol! 😀

    Ya, by the time I had eaten the noodles to reveal the warnings, it was already too late… Hehehehehe!!!!!

  19. i love to try those colourful layer cake.

    You’ve never had these? Got to know the good ones – not all are good, especially those cheaper mass-produced ones.

  20. I am also living in brisbane. Just want to know whether you have sent the kampua to your cousins via post. No problems with customs? Thanks.

    Nope, the husband was back here for a few days and so I ordered for her and sent them back through him. No problem. Not the first time they’ve brought them into Oz.

  21. Wow, those are a lot of noodles. I believe you posted about how popular they are before, right?
    Interesting messages on the plates. I guess someone wants their customers to be mindful of that they are eating or perhaps they just want to be viewed as a health conscious restaurant?

    Some milk company – they give the plate free if you buy their products. Ya, been here a number of times already, usually when bringing somebody dropping by in town – I think theirs is the best. Unfortunately, I can’t go regularly or I would have nothing to blog about.

  22. I guess they got the interesting plates free when purchasing some goods, but restaurants or stalls would not use free gift plates to serve, normally.

    Oh, the Sarawak layer cakes look so lovely. Are they very sweet? They’re pretty expensive over here. Wanted to buy when I saw them some time ago but the price put me off. 😏 But they look so lovely!

    There are sweet ones and there are the not-sweet ones…like the sisik ikan, a nicer version of the masam manis, not sweet. Yup, they sure do not come cheap!

  23. The instant kampua is really good!

    I brought a lot of packets back and they’re a hit! Need to book in advance though but I found out that the black (soy) version is about the same as the regular version if you don’t put in the soy packet.

    it’s surprisingly delicious but can’t eat more than 2 packets coz of the lard.

    They’re bigger now – one packet is more than enough. When they started, there were six in a pack but the packets were small – I would need two.

    1. I tried eating 3 once and it was so hard to mix coz of the surface area of a plate – it just wasn’t enough. I eat two as well.

      Too bad they don’t have char siew, but that’s something that can be bought at BBQ stores for RM 5 / stick.

      Yup, can buy that if you intend to cook kampua…or just boil some pork and slice thinly – may not have the colour but it will taste the same.

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