Change of plans…

Actually, we were planning to go some place else but Annie, home for the holidays from KL, invited us to join her and her family here. Gosh!!! From her photographs on Facebook, I knew she was there the day before for lunch and now, she would like to go there for a second round for dinner.

So, there we were…again and it seemed that they have a nice new menu now…

Bistecca & Bistro menu

…though the place is a bit too dim in the evening and it is rather difficult to read the fine print. It certainly does not help one bit that the font is extremely small and in a lighter shade of grey or whatever colour that I just could not make out in the dark. For that same reason, I prefer coming here in the daytime as I would be able to take nicer photographs in natural daylight.

We ordered lots of pizzas including my favourite – the Pizza Italia and this one that we had had before as well and liked a lot – the one with mushrooms…

Bistecca & Bistro pizza 1

…and the kids loved the Hawaiian…

Bistecca & Bistro pizza 2

…though I know the mum isn’t all that fond of pineapples…and we also had the pepperoni one as well…

Bistecca & Bistro pizza 3

Four pizzas altogether, other than our own individual orders!

My missus had the terrayaki chicken chop…

Bistecca & Bistro terrayaki chicken chop

…which was nicer than any that we had had elsewhere plus their really good own-made mushroom sauce that came with it was an added bonus!

I decided to try their pork burger…

Bistecca & Bistro pork burger 1

…which turned out really great as well…

Bistecca & Bistro pork burger 2

…but I had some of the pizzas and sampled a bit of most of everything so much so that towards the end, I was kind of struggling to finish it all up.

We ordered a whole lot of other stuff but I gave up trying to take photographs of them as they would not turn out very nice in the relatively dark surroundings.

It seemed that Annie had ordered some of the instant Sibu kampua noodles to take back to KL and when she went to collect earlier that day, the boss of that very lucrative business venture asked her to pass me these…

Sibu instant kampua - kolo mee

…to try. They now have the curly version of the noodles now – something like what you would get in your Kuching kolo mee, and from their Facebook page, I saw that they also have mee pok, the flat version of the noodles but that one is selling at RM6.90 a pack as opposed to only RM6.50 for the rest. Well, I’ve yet to cook any but when I do, rest assured that I would blog about it. It sure is nice of you to remember me, Eric, thank you so much.

And I must thank Annie’s mum too for the tilapia, fresh arrival from Batang Ai. She gave me one huge ikan patin the last time and it  was absolutely superb – no mud smell at all.

Last but definitely not least, I must thank Annie for the scrumptious dinner treat. We certainly enjoyed everything and gosh…by the end of it, we were so full we could hardly walk. LOL!!! Well, it looks like the other place would have to wait a while longer – I think I have had enough Italian at this point in time…

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35 thoughts on “Change of plans…”

  1. Oh the noodles, only available in Sibu?

    Yup, and have to order way ahead of time. I hear those ordering last week would need to wait till the 7th. Small business venture, not really a big thing, all handmade.

  2. the crust for the pizza looks very nice, and the chicken chop looks really good too. on the other hand, i’m not sure about the burger (the bun and the patty look a bit too generic), though the leaves in the burger look fresh and crunchy! 😀

    Dunno about the bun, like any other bun – could have toasted it lightly to make it a bit crusty…but the patty was definitely own made – can’t get pork patties anywhere at the supermarts or the fast food franchise places, that’s for sure. I only ordered it as it was pork, first time having that – on the whole, very nice but if it comes to burger patty, I think beef is still my favourite compared to pork…or chicken.

  3. Oh. That chicken chop and pork burger attracted me. Yum. Yum. Must try them out one day.

    Wow. This kampua business is very good. Hmm. What products can we do and export? 😉

    You can export that… I hear they’re buying in Miri RM8.00, 8.50…and even as high as RM12.00 or 13.50!!! Ridiculous! So easy, those people – just get from the source and sell at those exorbitant prices and make lots of profit for doing nothing! At those cutthroat prices, still so many people willing to buy, selling like hot cakes.

  4. Wow, I like all that you were having.. Except the Hawaiian.. I usually go for all-meat or the super supreme, coz I’m a meaty person, Groaaaarrrrr !!! Hahahaha.. I can I can finish the terriyaki chicken chop and your pork burger by myself..

    Annie’s kids love the Hawaiian – you see all the time we went ourselves, we never ordered that? That’s the thing as parents – we order (and eat) what our kids want…and leave out what they don’t want. I’m sure you do the same.

    1. Wow, Louiz! You sure can eat. Buffet fits you. 😉

      Young. I used to as well…but not anymore. A total waste of money, going for buffets.

  5. Am eyeing at the chicken chop. Crust of the pizzas seems too thick for my liking. Prefer the thin crispy crust. Anyway, all looks great.

    Not thick at all – like people, can’t simply judge by outward appearance. I’ve shared photos of the cross-section in my previous posts on the place. Thin and crusty, no complaint about the crust. Terayaki chicken chop – my girl says it’s the best in town better than all she has had elsewhere.

  6. So nice of Annie and her mom!! So now they have curly kampua noodles too… Wait till I retire la… will follow the kucing family to go if they go.. hehehe…

    When? When? Many years from now? Your kids don’t want to come kah? 😉

  7. I like hawaiian, don’t know is it because of the pineapple, hehe!!!

    I like too though my daughter prefers others – same here, dunno if it’s because of the pineapples… 😀

  8. Oooh … The pizzas looks good ! Luckily I had one over the weekend!!

    The ones here are nice. I’m ok with pizzas – would love them once in a while for a change, same thing with burgers.

  9. oooh, like like like!! pizza, chicken chop, pork burger!! so delicious, so yummy, slurp slurp!!!

    I know, I know. Your kind of cuisine. You’ll take me to this kind of place the next time I go KL, won’t you? 😉

  10. The crinkle cut fries caught my attention – I haven’t seen those for years!

    Oh? I did not even notice. Can’t say I’m a fan of fries, prefer mashed or baked wedges.

  11. I wish i can have some sibu kampua 😦

    You’ll have to come here for the real thing but you may get some decent ones elsewhere. Beggars can’t be choosers. 😉

  12. Pizza looks good. Can’t go wrong with pineapples for pizzas 😀

    Ahhhhhh!!! Another vote in favour of pineapples!

  13. Wah, so many pizzas! Somehow I don’t like Hawaiian pizza. Prefer other meaty variations. The pork burger looks big and good.

    Oops!!! You’re in the other camp. 😀

  14. HA! Reading this post still make me full!! My mum also said it will be a long time only she will go back again! It is my boys fault, they love pizza and they can have it everyday!

    You’re most welcome! Glad manage to catch up with you, Melissa and Lucy again. Since my time was most occupied. LOL! Thanks for all the goodies you give to me too and not forget the kek lapis!! I forgot to take a pix of it, shall do that tonight! Thanks again for everything.

    That Bintangor King Hua bought the same two – she said sisik ikan (masam manis) the best – would want to buy again next time, Oreo not nice – don’t want to buy anymore…and her mum asked someone at hom eto make – pandan, nice…but sisik ikan is the best. Try yours – see waht you think! 😉

  15. so next target is what. No more italian….

    Got leh!!! That one where we wanted to go but changed plans – still haven’t gone yet…but must wait till anak is around. She would not want to miss out on that.

  16. The pizza (especially the mushroom) looks really good. Was there a lot of people for the dinner, that sounds like a lot of food. You did mention kids, I know some of them can really eat a lot. My daughter is the same way, have no idea where she puts it all since she is so thin. Her metabolism is high. Mine is also, although but she definitely has me beat by a lot, but then she is a lot younger than me. 😉

    There were nine of us – 6 adults, one teenager and two kids…and actually, the kids were to one who were really into pizzas. Ya…kids may eat a lot, I know but not my girl when she was a little kid – so hard to feed her. Thankfully, she became ok with her eating, more or less, when she grew bigger/older.

  17. The pizza reminds me that I have 3 vouchers from Pizza Hut yet to use, haha xD

    No, thanks. Would not go for theirs – the extra-thick bread crust. My daughter wouldn’t mind their pastas though.

  18. Sometimes a change of plans aren’t too bad, eh!? Glad you had fun and some good eats!

    We sure did, thanks to my friend who was in town for most of the week-long holidays.

  19. Love the thin crust pizzas but no pineapples for me! I would only order Hawaiian pizza if my kids are around coz they love it! 😄

    You’re not alone, it seems…

  20. Yeah, the wait times are quite long!

    I was told there’s a long wait for the regular ones, so I loaded up on the dark soy sauce versions myself! It’s a good business model, I hear they’re selling it in Kuching for RM 7.50 – a friend of mine bought it there!

    Yup…and RM8.00 to as high as RM13.50 in Miri.

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