One night in Bangkok…

I am pretty sure that they spent more than one night in Bangkok and at Pattaya too, my friend and her hubby, when they went over to Thailand on a “honeymoon” last week…but as soon as she got back to Sibu, she sent me an sms asking me when I would be free for breakfast. Well, I would say that I am free most of the time so we arranged to meet here the very next morning for breakfast.

Gosh!!! Look at the things she brought back for me…

From Thailand 1

…and what caught my attention was the name of the brand of this particular item…

From Thailand 2

Sacred Heart? That’s the name of the Catholic cathedral here in Sibu and also the school where I used to teach before I retired. According to her, those sweets were made by the nuns at a church in Thailand by that same name. I took one out and was not very impressed by the look of it initially but when I tried it, I found that it was so very nice with the peanut inside and the sweet part was kind of thin and crispy/crunchy like thin glass or crystal unlike our coconut candy that we used to enjoy when we were kids – those were as hard as stone, not these. I liked it so much that I had to have another…and another…and another!

And if you think that was all she gave me, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken. She also passed me these that she said her husband bought on a recent trip to Sarikei…

From Sarikei

Ooooo….those straight udang kering (dried prawns) must have cost a bomb! They’re so expensive these days. Thank you so much, my friend, for all the goodies – that is really so very nice of you, I must say.

Now if you’re wondering what we had for breakfast, she had the Sarawak laksaΒ (RM5.00)…

YummyKafe Sarawak laksa

I heard somebody say that the one here was very nice and while she was in Thailand, she saw on Facebook the photos of the one I cooked last week and she was drooling away. According to her, one can have just so much of tom yam and in comparison, our Sarawak laksa is still the best…and true enough, the one here was good or according to her, it Β was as good as the good ones in town and better than the one that she had here….as soon as they got home as having been away for so many days, her hubby, who was already suffering from the withdrawal symptoms, simply had to go for his fix of kampua noodles.

And talking about kampua noodles, that was exactly what I had that morning (RM2.70)…

YummyKafe kampua mee

I did not intend to have that initially but when I got to the shop, I noticed that they had a new stall there, not the same people as the one that was there before…

YummyKafe kampua stall

The moment I arrived, a familiar face (extreme left) greeted me. Hey!!! They used to have a kampua noodle stall at one of the better known coffee shops (Kok Cheng, at the corner opposite the Cathay Cinema in Sibu – now the Star Cineplex) in town in the early 70’s! He could still remember me despite the fact that we had not seen each other all these years. I can clearly recall that at one time, I had a bet with a friend that if I could eat FIVE plates of the kampua noodles, he would pay for them. Of course I could and he paid for them but after eating, I felt so heavy and just had to lie down and sleep. Hehehehehe!!!!!

I was delighted that the noodles I had were very good, as nice as I remember them to be. I also ordered a small bowl of their pian sip to try (RM1.80)…

YummyKafe pian sip 1

…and I would say that I loved the soup. It was very clear and absolutely tasty. The skin was thin, very nice, but I did wish that they had a little bit more meat in the dumplings…

YummyKafe pian sip 2

All things considered, this is definitely one of the better ones that I’ve tried around town and I sure would not mind going there for these again.

Incidentally, while waiting for my friend, I noticed this…

YummyKafe rojak stall

…at the rojak telur stall. Obviously, the girl had cut everything ready and put it all in plates and what I liked about it was how she did not stack up all the plates one on top of the contents in the other. I have seen that done in a Chinese restaurant where they arranged the tomato and orange slices and the lettuce leaves on the plates before hand so they could just put everything on each plate after cooking and serve and that got me wondering as to whether they made sure that the bottom of each plate was clean or not. Another plus point in this girl’s favour was the fact that she took the trouble to cover those plates at the top as well…and I felt the effort on her part was indeed most commendable.

All in all, breakfast was good and I had a great time chatting with my friend about her trip to Thailand and everything else. Thanks once again to her for all the stuff she gave me – it is indeed very much appreciated.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “One night in Bangkok…”

  1. You definitely are blessed with nice things given to you by loved ones. I’m planning on making some type of beef jerky in the dehydrator. That will be for our dog. Also, planning on making dehydrated shrimp in there too.

    I have seen that done in a Chinese restaurant where they arranged the tomato and orange slices and the lettuce leaves on the plates before hand so they could just put everything on each plate after cooking and serve and that got me wondering as to whether they made sure that the bottom of each plate was clean or not.

    I’ve always wonder the same thing too. Thankfully, I have not had that happen to me, but I have seen restaurants featured on TV that have done that. While it might cut down on time, I’m concerned about cleanliness, no thank you!

    They always say never look into the kitchens at the Chinese restaurants, you’ll faint! I do think, however, that these days, that is no longer true of all of them though there would be some still that would certainly have to pull up their socks.

    Yes, I am indeed blessed with so many thoughtful and generous friends. Dried beef jerky’s a popular snack with drinks here – they sell them at places that make BBQ pork or chicken slices or what we call bak kua…and we use dried shrimps/prawns a lot especially in our ethnic-style of cooking – they cost a bomb these days! 😦

  2. Hmmmmmmmm … I think I try to look for sarawak laksa with big prawns over the weekend ! Btw, guess that friend of yours is non other than rose. Lol

    Yes, if you put your cursor over my friend, you would see the link to her blog. Sarawak laksa in Johore? Blerk!!!

  3. Wow so many goodies! Rm 5 for that portion of sarawak laksa sounds good to me πŸ˜€

    Indeed! Both of us were stunned, taken by surprise! And there were a lot of prawns in it too!

  4. I’ve always liked that song “One Night In Bangkok”

    I do like the turquoise color of those plate/cover sets that are stacked, tho! Nice color!

    Goodies are always FUN!!! And I love seeing you post them!

    Yes, from “Chess”, and “I know him so well” too. Ummmm….not too fond of plastic. Yes, it sure is nice to receive…but I do enjoy giving too. As thou givest, thus shalt thou receive or what goes around comes around and I do believe that that does not only include material things alone.

  5. Actually my mom did that too, I always wondering the bottom of the plate is clean or not but then is okay la… As in Chinese we said dirty eat dirty grow up mah, hehe!!!

    Yup, that’s what they say. Why would your mum do that? Usually, that’s only when they are cooking a lot and there’s not much space in the kitchen to put all the plates…then only will they stack them up.

  6. Now, you can slowly enjoy all the goodies from your friend. Laksa looks good. That packet of udang kering, isit the smoked type?

    The other two, yes. Well, Rose is Kuching born and raised, so if she says the laksa’s good, then it is good.

  7. Wow, your loot of goodies are yummy.. Those coconut chips, peanut candies, yummmzzz, good for munching, nom nom nom…
    Kampua & piansip, your favourite, I see these often in most of your posts, hah… I can finish 5 bowls of piansip!

    You can? All the soup? Come, come…you can have all you want here! πŸ˜‰

  8. wow, how sweet!! peanut toffee, coconut chips, cashew nuts, medicated balm and keychain from Thailand plus goodies from Sarikei~~ πŸ™‚

    wow, yummy!! laksa, kampua and piansip at Sibu~~ πŸ™‚

    Yes, such sweet friends, I have…all so generous and thoughtful.

  9. ooo, udang kering, interesting … are they eaten as snacks on their own or used as in ingredient in recipes? πŸ™‚

    I buy a lot for friends in the peninsula – they say they’re great with beer and whatever liquor they drink.

  10. Whoa, five plates of kampua noodles in one sitting! Can you still do that? Hee..hee…. You didn’t show us how the peanut toffee looks like. Have you tried the coconut chips? Nice?

    No way. Old already, can hardly finish one now. Haven’t tried the coconut chips yet.

  11. Bangkok! i have not been there before.. wish i can travel soon. lol!

    Have a great friday arthur! πŸ˜€

    No way, Isaac 2 coming up soon… πŸ˜‰ You too, have a great weekend ahead.

  12. Have been missing Sarawak laksa. For kampua, I have another packet to cook at home.*to satisfy the crave..for a temporary time* ahaha

    Come on over again…or buy the laksa sambal and cook your own. πŸ˜‰

  13. Lots of goodies again!! Your food cupboard must be full by now… endless food pouring in.. hahaha… Blessings..blessings!

    Truly blessed, praise the Lord. But wait…wait…watch the next few posts. More, lots more coming my way. You need a new cupboard, I need one too…but not for shoes. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  14. You are most welcome, my friend. Glad you like the goodies.

    Thanks for the breakfast anyway. πŸ™‚

    My pleasure. See when we can go again. πŸ˜€

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