I hardly ever buy ice cream home to eat. Usually I would eat it once in a while for dessert at my favourite café in town…but Melissa is home for the one-week school break and the other day, we dropped by the supermarket in the neighbourhood to pick up some stuff and browsing through their freezers with all the different types and brands of ice cream, I decided to buy this (RM11.50)…

Magnum 1

…for a little bit of indulgence on our part while she’s home.

Like I said, I don’t usually buy these things and I thought it was a box of those minis that I would finish in just one bite. However, Melissa wanted one after dinner that day and when she opened the box, I realised that I had bought the normal big-sized ones…

Magnum 2

…and there were only three inside. I guess that would be just perfect – one for me, one for Melissa and one for the mum.

It looked the same as any of the usual ones that I had had before…

Magnum 3

…and they seem to be pretty proud of the fact that they use “Belgian chocolate” in the making…

Magnum 4

I, for one, would not be able to tell the difference. People told me once to buy the imported KitKat from Langkawi (which we can get here actually) as it would be a lot nicer, creamier…bla…bla…bla…  To me, they’re all the same – just the price is nicer…if you get what I mean. Hehehehehe!!!!

Anyway, I tried one myself…

Magnum 5

…and ooooooo….!!!! It was so so so nice!!! I don’t know about the chocolate – it was just chocolate to me but I found the vanilla ice cream inside so rich, so creamy, so smooth…and with the hint of strawberry, I absolutely loved it!

Of course, I finished it in no time at all…

Magnum 6

…and if you ask me, I would say that this is a whole lot nicer than those branded imported ones and at less than RM4.00 each, it is definitely a whole lot cheaper. Other than the snob appeal, if one is into that kind of thing, why pay more and settle for less?

Oh dear! Oh dear! Now I would have to resist the temptation of going back there and getting some more… Sighhhhh!!!!

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32 thoughts on “Smooth…”

  1. Tats not the only Magnum u like, I reckon?

    It is. I’m only a friend of Vincent’s….but too bad he hasn’t been a good friend of mine lately. 😦

  2. I still have a couple sticks left in my fridge now lol, there’s another gold caramel flavor, but too sweet to my liking

    You have? I thought you’re watching your figure? 😉

    1. I wasn’t a fan of Vanilla as a child but the older I get – it’s not too shabby!

      You’ll love it too…when the chocolate or strawberry of most ice cream here tastes like cough syrup.

  3. Still a little bit of chocolate left on the stick! Mustn’t let it go to waste. Just sent you an email too.

    I tried but couldn’t get it off the stick. 😉 Ok, will check.

  4. For me, I like to buy the container ones and bun kosong to spread it on. I prefer chocolate to ice cream.

    Chocolate is too heaty for me. May get sore throat and fall sick…even from drinking Milo. 😦

  5. The other weekend in Jaya Jusco here, they gave out free samples of Mini Magnums, so I was one of them taking the free stick… hahaha… But I didnt buy cos I will surely put on you-know-what.. Like you, I will not be able to resist after a good meal… hahaha..

    Lucky you. I guess once in a long while is fine, no harm done…or not much at least. 😉

  6. wow, it’s MAGNUM ice cream!! i loike it, so yummy!! and our dear Arthur had just one?? how could that be enough?? haha.. at least have two!! :p

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Finally we have something in common. Lick! Lick! Slurpssss!!!! 😉

  7. I like Magnum ice cream too.. I have tried almost all the flavours.. I like the chocolate brownie one.. There’s no brownie inside, I mean I can’t taste it, but I still like it, teehee.. The hubs bought Magnum mini, it’s half the size of the original Magnum, and there are 6 inside the packet.. I myself can wallop all 6! Fiat!

    Gosh!!! I wanted the mini ones, no need to eat so much one go…but me so jakun, did not see properly and bought the big ones.

  8. Aah Magnum. Addicted to this before during studying in Unimas. My friend and I would sneak out from the classroom to have this ice-cream. So indulging. lol!

    Wahhhhh!!!! Student time also so rich kah? Our time, we had coloured sugar-syrup ice… 😦

  9. I like the strawberries favor of this!!! =]

    When it comes to ice cream, I’m all for vanilla but I don’t mind the streaks of strawberry.

  10. I buy Magnum ice-cream (the almond-coated ones) all the time here when they are on specials! Usually about AUD$4 for a pack of 4 regular-sized ones (normal price $6-7). Yummy!!

    That’s very cheap…if you do not convert. 😉

  11. We get a lot of Magnums too! 🙂

    It’s quite good, and the new limited edition Gold one is pretty awesome too. However, my favorite is still the almond crunch, that’s the best covering for me but my better half likes the chocolate brownie.

    BTW, Magnum used to be *the* snob ice cream back when all we had was the iced lollies. It was soo expensive back in the days. Haha!

    P/S – I can taste the difference between chocolate coz the cocoa beans over here are more acidic but in a more important tell, they use more palm oil than “imported” ones, which results in a less favorable taste. Also, the local ones use a lot more chemical stabilizers to make the chocolate “solid” in our room temperature and humidity so it doesn’t melt and while I can’t taste the stabilizers (at least I don’t think that’s possible) I can taste the difference in composition.

    I can even taste the difference between “old” Twix and “new” Twix (most countries changed their Twix to the “new” formulation which has a crunchy biscuit but I prefer the pre-2008 soggy biscuit, it tastes heavier and better suited to the candy bar, the new crunchy biscuit isn’t my favorite but it’s all you can get now (local, US, Australia, UK, all changed to new biscuit) unless you find it in South American/Eastern European countries)

    I don’t think I’ve ever had Twix and I seldom eat chocolate too – just those imported ones that people coming back from overseas would give me, lots of them…all the time, never ending. I still have a box of Roses from Australia in the fridge atm…and even those, I would just eat a bit – my missus would finish them off most of the time…so I don’t really know what the local chocolate tastes like. Almond crunch eh? Will give it a try the next time around.

  12. I super love Magnum ice cream too. We were given free samples of the magnum mini the other day and I found it just nice, not too big nor too small. Yums!

    Tsk! Tsk! How come they do not give free samples here? They should send me a voucher for this promo hor? 😉

  13. The other day i saw in someones blog say this co is launching new product. What magnum Gold or something…got prettty James bond girls one leh

    I did see GOLD, didn’t buy. No pretty girls… Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. STP! noooooooo magnums! *droools* i personally prefer the cornetto series cause every part of the cone have different fillings! My brother though, is a magnum diehard.

    I’m with your bro! Not really a fan of Cornetto. Last time, they had Romero – I super loved that and then they stopped making. So sad. 😦

  15. I haven’t had a Magnum for years! It used to be one of my favourites as a kid.

    We certainly did not have anything of the sort when I was a kid. I’ve had others over the more recent years, maybe even a Magnum though not exactly this one, but I was not really impressed. This one was really good, a lot better than any that I can remember ever eating, be it this brand or any of the others.

  16. I work for the co that supplies the chocolate for Magnum ice-cream and I can guarantee that it’s a really high end Belgium chocolate…REALLY produced and delivered from Belgium! Hence, the price for 1 Magnum.. 🙂

    Price is fine. It’s really good so I would say it’s value for money – not like those branded ones, over RM10 for one little cup that melts so quickly and does not taste all that great. 😦

  17. Lol! I love the magnum ice creams too. Just bought a box of mini ones, original flavour, for my kids since it is school holidays. And these are much affordable compared to the premium ice creams or gelato sold at the malls 😀.

    Precisely, and they may not necessarily be as good even.

  18. I get this all the time from HB. Like he said I prefer the chocolate brownie. The recent launched Magnum Gold has the gold-covered milk chocolate shell is worth a try.

    I saw that in the supermart the other day – ok, will give it a try.

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