My friend, Philip, from the US gave me these packets of sambal laksa (laksa paste) around July last year

Sambal laksa
*Archive photo*

and I tried the one on the right but I did not think it had the authentic Sarawak laksa taste. What put me off this particular brand was that even though I did not have to sieve the broth (you would need to do this with some brands of the paste), there was some powdery residue in it, making it somewhat unpalatable. I had the Hj. Manan one before and though it was pretty good, I also did not think it was quite like the real thing. However, the expiry date was drawing near – in June this year so I decided I might as well cook it instead of letting go to waste.

In my mind, I was of the opinion that last Friday would be a good day to do that as Melissa would be coming home for the weekend followed by a week-long mid-semester break. I had bought the prawns a few days earlier and peeled them so that would be one less thing to do in the morning in question. I would not say it was difficult but there would be quite a few things to see to and it could be very time-consuming. Ah well!!! As everyone knows, I’ve already retired and I have all the time in the world so I could just go through it slowly, doing one thing at a time, and as a matter of fact, I quite enjoyed getting it all done at my own casual and easy pace.

To start off, I bought a ringgit worth of taugeh (bean sprouts) and I had to go through the chore of removing the tails. Once done, I boiled some water and poured it over them to blanch them…


…and drained away the water quickly before they got overdone. I also poured the water over the mihun (rice vermicelli) to soften it…


Then I cut the tauhu pok (fried bean curd cakes) thinly…

Tauhu pok & omelette

…and fried some omelette and did the same.

I had forgotten to buy some daun sup (Chinese coriander) so for the garnishing, I just chopped some spring onions that we had growing in our garden…

Spring onion

…and I also pounded some chillies with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Chili belacan dip

…for the dip.

I boiled the prawns in two bowls of water and saved the stock and I sliced some fish cake and did the same…

Prawns & fish cake slices

Usually, in Sarawak laksa, chicken is used. The breast meat is boiled and then shredded into thin strips but I was not having any meat that day so I substituted that with the fish cake.

All right, I had everything done now…

Sarawak laksa ingredients

…and the last thing I would have to do was to cook the broth.

I poured the stock from the prawns and fish cake into a pot and brought it to boil. Then I emptied the packet of sambal laksa into it and let it simmer for a while. Lastly, I put in an ikan bilis (dried anchovies) stock cube and poured in a can of santan (coconut milk). Of course it would be nicer to use fresh santan but I was too lazy to buy some grated coconut and squeeze. Once I had brought it back to boil, the broth was ready…

Sarawak laksa broth

All that we had to do after that was to put the mihun and a bit of everything else in a bowl, pour the broth over it, garnish with the chopped spring onions and serve…

STP's Sarawak laksa 1

That certainly was a lot of work, wasn’t it? It sure would be easier and faster if there were more than one person doing everything but it was no matter. Just watching Melissa enjoying one huge bowl all to herself to the max…

STP's Sarawak laksa 2

…when she came home that afternoon was worth every minute that I spent cooking it.

I am sure you would do the same for your loved ones as well, wouldn’t you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Slowly…”

  1. That looks delicious. It looks very well done, and so lovingly prepared. It makes the extra time worth it, when doing for those you love.

    I’m the same way. The main loved one I prepare meals for is my ten year old daughter and I must say that I enjoy it so much, that I do it daily. Today, she wanted Mexican and so we stopped by the market, after church, to pick up a few extra ingredients to make the quesadillss that she enjoys so much. Some of the ingredients are marinating at the moment. I’ll be preparing that dish in a few hours. Hopefully, I’ll remember to take pictures.

    Oooo….Mexican! We haven’t had that for a long long time. Didn’t get to go for that when we went over to KL last year, nor when we went to NZ the end of the previous. My girl loved Taco Bill – they had one in Singapore, none here. 😦

  2. that’s quite painstaking to prepare, but yeah, the best reward is when your loved one loves your food! and it’d be impossible not to enjoy your beautiful cooking 🙂

    Flatterer! 😉 But thanks for your kind words, I like… Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Looks awesome! someone bought me a packet of sarawak laksa paste and i have yet to use it lol, still resting in my fridge i think

    That must be from Constance. Gosh! When was she here – the year before or the previous year? So long ago.

  4. Whoa if you didn’t mention all those steps and just post the last picture, I thought you bought from outside or ate out somewhere… Looks awesome and lots of ‘liew’.. I love kari laksa too and I would love to have a bowl right now.. Ooohh I love to add cockles too..

    Correction, this is Sarawak laksa…but I think at some places in Kuching they have started to add cockles too. Something quite unheard of before and the taste is completely different from kari laksa, not like curry…and not so lemak. Of course, people here would say it is a lot nicer. 😉

  5. So much ingredients! Sure taste good… everyone is asking for some now.. hahaa…

    This is just for the photo. In actual fact, after the photo taking, dumped more ingredients and drowned everything with the yummy broth. Slurpssssss!!!!! Come, come…come to Sibu, whoever wants. 😉

  6. Though tedious work to prepare laksa all by yourself, I, for one still prefer to do it alone, as the saying goes…too many cook spoil the soup. Judging from the pix, I can see that it is a delightful & yummy bowl of laksa and worth your sweat to prepare & see your loved ones enjoying it. Slurpppp!!!!….

    Precisely. My missus and I are completely different – she will make a mess of the whole kitchen and clean up after she’s through. I tak tahan one – do, clean…do, clean, do, clean….so when she’s cooking, I’d stay out of the kitchen. 😉

  7. Ooh, Sarawak Laksa. My neighbour introduced me to this deliciousness a few years back. I bet he’d agree with you about the packet mixes just not meeting expectations.

    There used to be a very good brand – simply the best! I think the old folks died or retired and the younger ones took over…and they did many things that were supposed to “improve” it, including changing the name of the brand to something quite western/foreign, but unfortunately, all that did not work out. I think they’ve wrapped up the whole business now, no more. 😦

  8. So much “liao” inside…. Melissa is back, must be a lot of cooking to do right? Home cooking is always the best.

    Yes. She’ll be cooking too – let her enjoy pampering us for a change. 😉

  9. That certainly is a lot of work! But worth every minute if you enjoy cooking it, and you’re cooking for your loved ones & they enjoyed your food till the last drop 🙂

    Yes. Work is not work when you love what you’re doing. Otherwise, it can be such a chore.

  10. I remembered last time Mery bought me some laksa paste too. It’s pretty good.

    Wahh..yours can sell for at least RM10 per bowl. Very delicious and loaded with wholesome of goodness! Slurrppp

    I think the special you had when you were in Sibu was RM10 a bowl too, right? Most famous and most popular but I’m just so-so with the one there, prefer a couple of others in town.

  11. So many ‘liao’ inside! Yumz~

    That’s one thing about cooking your own laksa – you end up preparing enough to feed an army. Nice for a laksa party, invite friends to come and join…or else we would end up over-eating. 😉

  12. oh Sarawak laksa!! looks yummy yummy, and you have got a lot of “hor liao” in there!!

    Want some? Come on over… I’ll cook for you. 😉

  13. ah finally able to come back online.. been lying on the hospital bed for the past 4 days due to acute tonsillitis.. first time with this condition and also the first time i’m on iv drips ><

    great to be back to see some nice food here! but i think i have to cut down on spicy stuff for the time being.

    Ahhhhh!!!! Glad it’s just your tonsils, thank God. You got them removed? Can eat lots of ice cream – I had mine done when I was 5! Can’t remember a thing…just that I had a lot of ice cream to eat. 😉

  14. Well worth the effort! I have not tried Sarawak laksa yet but from the looks of it, I would probably go for a second bowl 🙂

    Come, come on over. You can try and be the judge yourself. I refrain from making any comparison… 😉

  15. LOVING the sprouts!!! I keep the ‘tail’ on tho…more nutritious!!!! YAY!

    Is it? I think I’ve heard that before. Not fond of the colour though – greyish/brownish.

    1. Totally understand! There are lots of people who are turned off by foods that are certain colors! 🙂

      Never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the worst-looking, the most foul-smelling stuff can be the tastiest. 😀

  16. Nice! I finally went and got the instant kampua – it’s very good, but can’t eat more than a few packets, the lard is really strong!

    A few packets? Gosh!!! One at a time! The packets used to be smaller, six in a pack…and I would need two then. Now, they’re bigger so one is enough. The lard is unadulterated – unlike what you find in the shops these days. They will mix as lard is too expensive.

  17. mak oi… much liu…more than noodle liao. Yumz

    This was the BEFORE. You’ve yet to see the AFTER. 😀

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