Throw it all away…

I don’t know if it’s the same over at your place but here, when we buy char siew (barbecued pork) or roast pork…

Roast pork
*Archive photo*

…home, they would give you the char siew sauce or the roast pork sauce respectively. Usually when you eat in, they may pour the sauces over the meat and serve. My daughter loves the one they have for roast duck – if I’m not mistaken, they have sour plum in that one.

Anyway, when we buy home the char siew or the roast pork, we would just eat the meat like that and never bother about the sauce and usually, my missus would just throw it all away. I have heard of people using the char siew sauce to fry meat for the filling in their own homemade steamed paos (buns) but whatever one does with it,- is fine by me – I think it is such a waste to simply discard it like that. Well, we bought some roast pork ourselves the other day and when I opened the little plastic bag of the sauce, I could smell its fragrance, bursting with flavours – if I’m not mistaken, I think I could detect the use of five-spice powder in it. I just chucked it in the fridge in the hope that I might put it to good use on a later date.

A couple of days later, we had some leftover rice and I decided to fry that using the sauce and this was what I dished out in the end…

Roast pork sauce fried rice

Nothing fancy, more or the less the usual – frying the sliced shallots and garlic in a little bit of oil, adding the slices of fish cake and chili followed by the rice and the thinly-sliced French beans, pouring in the sauce and mixing it altogether well and last but not least, throwing in the eggs and sprinkling the chopped spring onions all over it.Β It would be nice if we had some roast pork left but unfortunately, we had eaten all of it and that was why I used the fish cake instead…and normally, peas would be nice when frying rice this way but my daughter does not like green peas and anyway, I did not have those in the freezer so I added the French beans instead for a little bit of green.

So was it nice?

Roast pork sauce fried rice 2

Well, I would say it tasted really great and I certainly would not mind frying rice with the sauce again should we happen to have any at hand…and I certainly would save a bit of the roast pork for that the next time around.

Moving away from the post proper, I stopped by one of my favourite bakeries in town and I could not resist getting one of these…

German pudding 1

…to try. They called it “German pudding” which I thought was a not-so-glamorous name and it looked like a cross between an egg tart and a Portuguese egg tart with the torched bits on top like that.

The filling turned out to be…

German pudding 2

…something like a cross between egg custard and cheesecake – the type that you chill to set. Probably there was cheese in it and hence, the name, “German”, I wouldn’t know. Well, I thought it was quite nice though personally, I would prefer plain ol’ egg custard…and anyway, at RM2.90 each, I would much sooner go for my plate of kampua noodles which would be a whole lot more filling and I probably would enjoy it a lot more.

I also bought their Japanese baked cotton cheesecake…

Wecare Japanese cotton cheesecake

…which was RM14.00 each when my blogger-friend from Malacca/Penang came to town and she bought one to try and she loved it a lot! I remember it was less sometime ago, around RM10.00…but now, it is RM15.00 each. A Bintangor friend, currently teaching in Banting, Selangor, bought one too when she was here and she said it was very nice, just as nice as those she could get in the peninsula…and a whole lot cheaper! In fact, Mamakucing and the rest had one when they were here and they thought it was really good too!

Well, Melissa loves it and even though she can bake her own, she would hardly have time for much else on working days as she is the type that is so very serious and conscientious in her work. So, I decided to get one for her to take to her jungle school to enjoy and to share with her friends there. Sigh!!! Which parent wouldn’t do the same? You would too, wouldn’t you?

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24 thoughts on “Throw it all away…”

  1. The filling of the tart looks good, and my mom loves that type of cheese cake though i am quite fond of, it feels like eating air but with a lot of calories 😑

    You mean you’re not quite fond of it, right? I used to love it till I kept getting so many from my students and I got so “jelak” of it. Now, I’d give it a pass – no, thank you. Like eating air? I thought it’s supposed to be rich and flavourful? Cake, I would prefer the ones with the normal cake texture.

  2. eeks, reading this at 2:30am and you’ve made me hungrrrryyyy! lovely pics of the roast pork, the fried rice and the desserts πŸ™‚

    2.30? Good grief! What are you doing up so late? Just got home after painting the town red? Ooooo….it’s so nice to be young! πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

  3. But in my house my mom just throw it away duh!!! O.o!!!

    Can keep to marinate meat…and then roast in the oven. Will save on all the stuff you would need to marinate prior to cooking.

  4. hmmm, i hate that when i ordered chicken rice and the boss poured char siew sauce all over my dish.. it’s usually sweet and covers the aroma of the chicken rice, which i don’t find it nice at all.. once bitten twice shy, i’ll always remember to remind the boss to just drizzle some soy sauce..

    roast pork sauce?? hmmm, we don’t have it here i guess.. only char siew sauce which seems to be liked by many =.=”

    Yup! They did that at that last place my missus and I went to and we did not like it like that – worse still, the sauce was way too sweet. Don’t think we would ever go back there again. 😦

    Here, at the places we usually go to, they give you the roast pork sauce when you buy home…and there’s plum sauce too if you’re buying roast duck. Don’t recall them pouring over the meats when serving – maybe a bit, can’t remember.

  5. Roasted pork looks tempting but too fat for me, only like the cripsy skin. Yes, they do give the chilli dip and sauce, black & sweet and not sour. The sauce you put into good use, eh.

    Waste not, want not… πŸ˜‰

  6. Yes, I definitely would.. each time my sons come back, I sure buy them goodies to be taken back to their respective 2nd homes… they really miss Ipoh food a lot..
    About the Roasted Pork, over here they give chillie paste… no black sauce whatever…

    The special chili dip will come with chicken rice if we’re buying that…but not with char siew or roast pork.

  7. I always like your fried rice.. Looks good and enuff ‘wok hei’.. Oohh I love roasted pork too, ‘siew yok’, isn’t it? I always leave some ‘siew yok’ aside if I’m having it.. Then later can use them to fry with leeks or any other vegetables… Yummzzzz

    Too bad we would eat it all every time, none left for anything else… 😦

    P.S. Something wrong with your url, can’t click to go straight to your blog. You got the spelling correct?

  8. I also hardly take the sauce. I find it either too sweet or too salty. Once I made it into a salad dressing and I must say that it was quite good. I should try frying rice with it too. That roasted pork up there sure looks scrumptious!

    Salad? Hmmm…I wonder what that tastes like. I would keep for frying rice, not that we get it often as we seldom tapao home…only once in a while.

  9. If the siu yoke is inside your fried rice…hmmm I can tell you how good was it. Fish cake also ok werd!

    Ok but lacks the fragrance and taste of siew yoke. Nom…nom…nom, so nice!

  10. The German pudding looks nice. It looks like an egg tart to me. And the Japanese baked cotton cheesecake… I bet it tastes really delicious. πŸ™‚

    It’s very nice. You have WeCare in Kuching – not sure if they sell the cheesecake there or not. I’d much sooner have this than the usual ones.

  11. The fried rice does look great – I guess the char siew sauce can be used in lieu of soy sauce for seasoning, ya?

    Yes. If it’s char siew, they do sell it in bottles, I think.

  12. nope they dont give sauce for roast pork but cha rsiew they will give sauce…certain place only la.

    usually i dont eat with sauce la. If put sauce then the roast pork will be less crunchy.

    Yup, not so nice. Usually, I would mix the sauce with the rice and eat – much nicer that way than plain white rice.

  13. Ahhh, the Japanese cotton cheesecake is my favorite.

    Well, whenever my folks buy char siew home, we’ll tell them not to give the sauces as it’ll go to waste. Failing which, we’d just throw it away. Nothing like its original taste. =)

    Indeed. But the sauce may be used for fried rice or for marinating meat for cooking/roasting. No need to think about how to marinate, take the short cut.

  14. Such a doting dad…you’re right, which parent wouldn’t do that?
    Not a fan of Japanese cheese cake, prefer the traditional cheesecake with crust. And your fried rice always looks so good, whichever style you cook!πŸ˜‹

    Not me. My students used to call me “Cheesecake” and every reason they had, they’d buy me a slice EACH – I got so sick of it that to this day, I wouldn’t want to eat anymore.

  15. I never like to have sauce on the roasted pork but given to char siew is still ok.
    I remembered I tried the cotton cheesecake that QP bought the day I arrived. It was good and the level of sweetness just nice.

    Yes, not really sweet…and I love the soft cotton-like texture.

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