Without her…

Melissa was grumbling away that we had gone for pizza without her when my cousin was in town but of course, I told her that we could go anytime she wanted. That was why when she came home the following weekend, I made it a point to take her there for lunch.

This time around, I made sure that I ordered the right one – their Pizza Italia (RM28.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro - Pizza Italia 1

…and yes, it was so good…

Bistecca & Bistro - Pizza Italia 2

…with the ham and the chicken and the three types of cheese used. The crust looked thick at the side but actually, it was not and as you can see, they really made it very thin…

Bistecca & Bistro - Pizza Italia 3


We also had pasta – their pastora (RM18.00) and we opted for the fusilli…

Bistecca & Bistro - pastora 1

It was very nice with its “simple sauce of bacon, mushroom, chili, garlic and parmesan”…

Bistecca & Bistro - pastora 2

– a welcome change from the usual thicker and heavier sauces.

I also ordered the Long Beach club sandwich (RM28.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro - club sandwich 1

…which came out looking like something you would get from one of the Subway outlets…

Bistecca & Bistro - club sandwich 2

It was nice but I was disappointed as the name “club sandwich” would conjure images of a layer of thinly-sliced beef and a slice of roast chicken, ham or bacon and a fried egg in my head. That’s my idea of a club sandwich and this one did not measure up at all – I should have read the fine print.

Still, it was a great lunch and we did enjoy everything that we had…and most importantly, Melissa was happy that her wish to go and eat pizza was granted after all.

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27 thoughts on “Without her…”

  1. Oh yes, the pizza crust seems perfectly done, but i am not too fond of the bacon though 😛

    Oh goodie!!! You can pick out all from your slices and pass them to me. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Something like from Subway, how about the size? From the picture, it looks like foot long size duh!!!

    Yup, it was that long all right.

  3. Oohh, I love pizza, and I always order the one with salami if I go to a pizza place.. The pastora looks good, but if me, I would like to have the carbonarra because I love anything creamy and cheesy.. What’s inside the sandwich? From the picture, I can see lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and bacon (or was it ham?) and some white thing in between (was it mustard?).. What else?

    I guess that’s about it. Like I said, I did not read the fine print, just ordered after seeing the name “club sandwich”. My daughter’s not really a fan of carbonara, nor is my missus – not into rich and creamy stuff, not a lot, that’s for sure. This one’s a welcome change – usually, we would order bolognese. Don’t think there’s mustard in it – probably one of the cheeses in it or mayo.

  4. I’m a pizza lover. The pizzas looks good here. Can see the crispy thick crust at the side and freshly baked. It’s ok if the pizza is thin , that’s more delicious rather than fill with lots of bread. Yummy!

    Not exactly thick at the side – I think they pushed it up a bit so the toppings would stay in the middle. The crust was just as thin as elsewhere in the pizza. Yup…we don’t like bread crust – that’s why I hardly ever drop by that pizza franchise place.

  5. Though not a pasta or pizza lover but still they look good to me. For pizza, the most I would take is a piece or two. Tom’ pizza in Kuching has very nice pizza with cripsy thin crust, thinner than yours, that’s my type.

    Haven’t heard anyone talking about it. They’re opening a new place in Kuching, coming soon – O’some, the name…

    1. Tom’s pizza is now located at Coffee Talk, Jalan Song (formerly at Dalight, King Centre). O’some is at 3rd Mile, next to a shop called “Ciak pah boi”. I think open in April if my memory serves me right.

      Yup, that’s what I heard. Hmmm…dunno all these places – usually somebody will bring me here and there – if depending on myself, I would just eat at places next door or across the street from hotels where I stay. What to do – when nobody bothers to come to take me around? 😦

  6. oh pizza, oh pasta, oh sandwich!! would be nice to have a change sometimes huh?? and yes, though that so-called club sandwich doesn’t look any “club” to me~~ anyway, just eat and be happy!! 🙂

    Yes, at least it was nice. My daughter enjoyed it – she loved Subway when she was in Wellington.

  7. The pizza certainly looks delicious and I ll love to have the pasta as well.

    You must check this place out the next time you drop by Sibu – it’s good, worth a visit, I must say.

  8. The pastora looks really good!! But.. Are Sibu food all this pricey now? O.o

    Pricey? I thought they’re pretty reasonable compared to elsewhere – like the not-so-nice one we went to in Kuching, same number of mains plus a dessert and the bill went up to over RM100. Here, it is usually around RM70 like that. What to expect when you want to dine at one of these classier joints? Of course, there are cheaper places around – you can always choose to go to those though I would not say you would find anything as nice.

    1. I see.. I say pricey because the price is comparable to KL’s food price, I thought Sibu’s would be cheaper =P On second thought, good food that comes at that price in Sibu would be justifiable, in KL that may not be the case, same price but quality is questionable.

      By right, it should be more expensive…as the things have to be sent from there or Singapore – they only use top quality imported ingredients and if they run out of anything, some items on their menu will not be available for a while. They do not compromise on quality and taste here so it is only right to pay a bit more – still, it is cheaper than the one I went to in Kuching…and I’m sure, many places in the peninsula as well.

  9. Love love love Pizza ! Especially with bacon toppings. We don’t have much choice of pizza outlet in Seremban.

    For thin crust, we have this one…and there’s another one – Austrian guy, home-based dining but I never bother to go and try. There is another one, bread crust…other than that franchise place. I think that’s all we have…and thankfully, this one is nice.

  10. Love your orders! Love the pizza and long beach club sandwiches!!

    Have you checked this place out? Worth a try. Opens 12 till 3 for lunch – not so crowded and noisy compared to nighttime.

  11. ooozying with cheese…..overload ni……Price normal la

    Yalor…and cheaper than some places I’ve been to, and more importantly, all’s nice! Always satisfied, happy = value for money…

  12. that crust does look deceptive!

    Ya, it does look so thick all round the side but actually, it isn’t, not at all – just the same thin crust, pushed up a bit like that – to keep the toppings in, I guess.

  13. Same with my kids here.. Wonder why the younger generation so love the pizzas… hahahaa… anytime also can eat pizza one… As for me, give me chinese food each day also I don’t mind..

    You old school mah. Me, I’m fine with it – don’t mind anything at all…as long as it’s nice.

  14. I’m a fan of pasta… but not the creamy type of pasta.. i love aglio olio the most.. hehehehe…

    I like the creamy…but not too much. Ok if sharing…but I would probably be struggling through to the end if I were to have a plate all to myself.

  15. all the food looks good … hearty … i like the uneven crust of the pizza! 😀

    Yes, I was not impressed when they first started but now, after over a year, I would have to say they’ve improved a lot, a whole lot nicer now.

  16. Some hearty meals there. For me a good pasta is irresistible.

    They’re consistently good here – which is more than what I can say about the pasta elsewhere in town. 😦

  17. I thought your sandwich looked quite nice but can’t beat the pizza!

    Yup, I would say they were as good as they looked – both nice but the pizza had an edge over the sandwich!

  18. WOW! The price!! I hope Sibu is not getting expensive!
    p/s: If we get to meet in Kuching, I’ll take you to my fav pizza place. It’s way better than this one. 😉

    Your treat??? Oooooo….can’t wait.

  19. Yeah, the pizza looks yummy. Prefer thin crusts any time. And three types of cheese? Bring it on! 😋

    Come, come… It took our breath away the first time we had it so we would want to order that, nothing else, everytime we drop by.

  20. Yes, your long beach club sandwich do look like the sandwich from Subway, but Subway sandwich only selling at RM12+, and yours RM28, a bit expensive for Sibu standard.

    Can’t get sandwich anywhere here…other than the miserable ones, dunno how long already, at the bakeries.

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