I went to the airport very early that day to catch my evening flight to Kuching as I wanted to avoid the after-office hours jam at around 5.00 p.m. and my plane would only be leaving at almost 7.00 p.m. While I was waiting, I felt a little hungry so I decided to drop by the airport outlet of our very own Sarawak franchise there…

Sugar Bun - Sibu airport

…for a bite.

Many have told me that their Kano chicken is very nice…

SB - KC1

…but everytime I dropped by, I just could not resist ordering their fish sandwich/burger,Β one whole breadcrumb-coated fish fillet in a hot dog bun with coleslaw and all, that is definitely a class of its own, a cut above all the rest.

Well, this time around, I managed to order that and got one huge chunk of their broasted chicken…


…served with satay sauce. You can have a choice of this or sos pedas (spicy sauce). It was really very very nice and I Β would say that I enjoyed it a lot.

It came with their very nice savoury rice…

SB - KC3

…which is something like the Malay nasi minyak or the Indian nasi bryani, Melissa’s favourite…with a bit of cucumber pickle…

SB - KC4

…by the side. It would have been nicer if they had sliced it a bit more thinly, maybe half the thickness…and I wouldn’t mind a little bit more of that.

This set is priced at RM9.80 which I would admit is not exactly cheap but one saving grace is the fact that all the items are priced exactly the same as their other outlets in the town unlike at all other Malaysian airports in the nation where they would hold their captive customers, those travelling on flights to or from somewhere, to ransom – I once had a plate of nasi lemak for almost RM25.00 a plate at KLIA, believe you me! @#$%^&*!!!

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27 thoughts on “Early…”

  1. Is KLIA…what to expect, even McD expensive then those outside, right?

    Surprisingly, when Sugar Bun wanted to open an outlet at the airport here, Malaysia Airports gave them the condition that the prices must be the same as the branches outside – I was surprised to hear that, dunno why the double standard between Sibu airport and others elsewhere.

  2. LOL yea, Rm25 but i guess its not expensive considering that you won’t be going back for the food again? More like an “one-off” thing right? πŸ˜›

    Once bitten, twice shy…

  3. Haha. Once you are in the boarding/departure hall, you are their victim!! I know how you feel.been there.

    You can said, I am quite a regular patron of Sugarbun. My kids’ fave. Drop there once or twice a week for their broasted chicken set. But I have never try this kano chicken. Lol. Maybe one day when I am in the mood. Hehehe. I usually go for its nasi lemak, ecofish or spaghetti.

    I love their ecofish too. Haven’t had their nasi lemak and spaghetti for a long time now – used to have those at their Frosty Boy spin-off, nice!

    No, the nasi lemak place at KLIA was outside, not in departure…like the Sugar Bun outlet here. My missus went to buy – if I had been me, I would have returned it. So ridiculously expensive – unheard of, absolutely ridiculous!

  4. First time I hear of Kano chicken..Thanks for sharing.. When you puji it’s good, means it’s really good, keke…

    Yup, you can take my word for it – it’s good!

  5. oh, the kano chicken with rice looks nice, broasted and somemore “banjir-ed” with satay sauce, wow, loaded!! and the rice with raisins (and is that cashew nut there) looks welcoming too..

    p/s: why is there two identical photos of the same dish?? you wanted to show us another dish but posted the same wrongly?? πŸ™‚

    Yahor…let me go and see if the other photo is still around. I always delete after use. Thanks.

    Ok, changed liao. Thanks again for the shout out! πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh ya, I prefer Sugar Bun to KFC.Love their broasted chicken. You ever notice that or not, where there is SB, there is always KFC.

    Yup…and KFC seems more popular but I never bother to go since the last time I had chicken like jelly, almost threw up. None at Sibu Airport though…

  7. Well at least it suit your taste la. Otherwise sakit hati to fork out nearly rm10 for that.

    Heard about it from a cousin – and if she says it’s good, it’s good. Great taste runs in the family. πŸ˜‰

  8. Airport food … expensive and not nice. What are you doing in kuching ? Got big business there ?

    Oh? Looks like you missed a few of my recent posts. Yes, business…very very sad business. πŸ˜₯

  9. hmm usually at airports i will go for the usual food chains, ie: mcd, kfc and the likes. I think because majority of other eateries are sort of overpriced.

    Yup…but even those would be more expensive than outside. I used to go to Burger King at KLIA, closed down now – nothing less than RM10. 😦

  10. Restaurants at airports are notorious with their pricing! I am surprised too that this outlet was asked to maintain their price. But that’s good for them and their loyal customers. At RM9.80 if it tastes very good then it is worth it!

    Yes, but I wonder about their double standard – why not the same rule elsewhere? 😦

  11. We wanted to eat here too but there’s no time! Kano chicken is something that I tried years ago and if the recipe is the same, then it’s still good.

    Their fish burger is lovely as always, and unique too. Haven’t found a better one elsewhere, the secret is the coleslaw topping.

    I would want to bring my West Malaysian friends and those from elsewhere here – lots of things worth having, nice stuff you can’t get at the other fast food franchises. Bet they’ll love it!

  12. The price is fair for airport food. Most airport food requires an arm and foot!

    Yes. With the fast turnover, so many customers/passengers coming and going, I am sure they are making good money – maybe better than the other outlets in the town.

  13. Sugar Bun? Love the rice. Always tempted coke like that. hehe

    Ummm….you mean to cook like that? My daughter;s favourite but somehow when I cook my ghee rice, she does not seem to like it so much. 😦

  14. For that price, the Kano chicken really looks its worth… Looks very tasty too! At any airports, rm10 is nothing… Our standard of living has certainly gone sky high…

    Yup, such a huge piece of chicken. I thought I would just have a light meal…and go for dinner when I reached Kuching but when I got there, I was still full – couldn’t eat anymore.

  15. That satay sauce looks very rich. I love it with big chunks of nuts.

    Yes, it was real yummy. I wouldn’t mind having that again…but I would want to try the other sauce, plus at RM9.00 plus, I think I would not be having that too often…and there’s their tempting fish burger/sandwich to resist. That is so so so nice! Slurpssss!!!!!

  16. I told HB I have not tried their food here. Looking good with so many choices to indulge. Next time must empty the stomach before going to the airport.hehe

    Or you can go to the outlets in town – one near our houses, Delta Mall area…and one nice big one at Giant Hypermart, plus the others elsewhere. Make sure he takes you to one the next time you come.

  17. So long i never eat Sugar Bun, everytime go back, i won’t think of having it, i still prefer my coffee shop food. hahahahhahahhaha

    I didn’t know, now airport also has Sugar Bun? I think i don’t see it last year when i am back. OK, it will be in my list.

    A few things are really worth having – others like the broasted chicken, burgers – can give those a miss lah. Nothing special – more or less the same as everywhere else.

  18. that’s true, i always feel like i’ve been robbed every time i eat at KLIA! heheh πŸ˜€

    Sad that nobody has made some noise about it – all willing victims and it isn’t too bad if it’s just a little bit more expensive. Obviously, some Malaysia Airports people have big fat pockets and are laughing all the way to the bank… 😦

  19. Yes, one of the things I dislike about our KLIA is the food. I mean, already limited choice and just way too expensive. And not even tasty. Feel like I am being robbed..but no choice, once you’re there and you’re hungry…still gotta eat 😦

    Anyway, the Kano chicken looks good. And reasonably priced also.

    Precisely! My sentiments exactly. Yup, the things at Sugar Bun are pretty nice…and a lot more affordable.

  20. I like the Green & Yellow Chairs! Groovy! πŸ™‚

    The Pickled/Cucumbers sound good, too! I can’t wait for spring and summer when I can get produce locally again! PLUS we are going to try and do a rooftop garden at work so I hope we can get some produce that way, too!

    I like cucumber raw or pickled, not cooked. It is fried or cooked in soup in Chinese cooking, not a fan.

  21. Happy New Year uncle Arthur and family..

    Thank you so much, and the same to you and yours. God bless always, cheers!

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