The last farewell…

It has been a week now since that fateful morning when, at the break of dawn, I received the devastating news of the tragic accident that took the life of one loved so dearly.

His father called me that afternoon and in between sobs, he thanked me and my family for our love and for always taking good care of his son. I told him that I would be at the funeral but he insisted that I should not go as it would be troublesome but nonetheless, there was no question about it. I just had to go. I just had to be there to bid him one last farewell…

It was held at the St Theresa’s Church…


…in his hometown, Serian…


It was a sad sad day for all – those who were not able to be present and all that thronged the parish hall that morning to say goodbye…


He looked very good – like he was sleeping peacefully but the fact remained that we had lost someone so close to our hearts, leaving behind an emptiness that would be impossible to fill ever again.


The school band, of which he was the teacher-in-charge, was there…


…and when they played Amazing Grace, there was not a dry eye in the hall…


…as everyone, even his students, wept uncontrollably. He passed away on Sunday and I heard that all day Monday, his students were lining up at the staff room in his school to leave flowers and messages on his table – they must have loved him so much too…just like me and my family and all his friends.

I flew to Kuching and got a ride to Serian for his funeral but I was not the only one who came from afar. Mohan, who was formerly his colleague in Bintulu and a very close friend, came all the way from Ipoh…and I met someone from Sungai Petani who said that she flew from Penang to KL to Kuching and made her way to the little town. There were many others from all over Sarawak as well and I felt very thankful to those who stopped by to say a few comforting words to me, those who knew us and how we were such great friends – I certainly appreciated that.

It has been a week now – the tears have yet to run dry, the hurt and the pain still remain…and deep in my heart, I know, for sure, that the memory of you, Jimmy, and all the happy moments we shared would live on and on forever in our hearts.

It has been a week now and to this day, I still ask WHY…why, Jimmy, why?

There will be a special Requiem Mass for Jimmy tomorrow, Monday, the 24th Of February, 2014 at 5.30 p.m. at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Kuching. Those friends and loved ones in the city, do try to show up and pray for the repose of his soul, may he rest in peace.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “The last farewell…”

  1. no need to ask y… take ur time to grief . The Lord has other plan for him… U take care!

    I will, thanks. There can be no answers, not anymore…I know. 😦

  2. My goodness he was young and look at that smile! I’m smiling just looking at that picture, it sure is contagious. Judging by some of the photos you shared, he was well loved.

    I’ll definitely keep all his loved ones in my prayers, and pray that you take the time needed to heal.

    Thanks, Opal. Yes, that’s the saddest part – he was so young, half my age and I expected that one day he would come to attend my funeral, not the other way round. He was such a joy to have around – my family and I always looked forward to his visits. His infectious laughter would light up the place…and he was such a kind and generous person, always loving and caring. Will be sadly missed by all, that’s for sure.

  3. A very sad & touching post. Be strong Arthur, I know it is a hard time for you and everyone. Let us cherish him in our memories for we know Jimmy is resting in a better place now. God Bless.

    Thanks. Yes, the memories of the wonderful times shared will be cherished forever.

  4. When someone we love pass on unexpectedly, the shock and the sorrow remains, especially someone who is so young and have so much life in him… those of us who are still here will miss our dear ones terribly but we can bask in the thought that now he is in our Lord’s hands and one day we will see each other again….

    Life goes on and the memories live on – I am thankful to have known such a wonderful friend and got to spent such good times together, will certainly miss him.

  5. Arthur Wee…glad that you made it to say your last goodbye and pay your respect for a very good friend who had been very dear and close to you…I know how you feel as I had been that road before…saying and paying your last respect to someone like him isn’t as easy…you have him in your heart to treasure and cherish…bless him and may he RIP

    Amen, thanks.

  6. The first thought on my mind was he was too young for this. Sigh… I was looking forward to working with him in Kuching. I guess we can never tell when we’ll go. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Meanwhile, I’m going to make my life worth living before I go.

    Yes, live life to the fullest, make each day a great one, be happy, love a lot, give a lot – no point complaining, grumbling, sweating over things we can’t change – it will only make us even more miserable…we can’t afford to waste away our lives like that, we never know when it’s time.

  7. Although i do not know him in person, when i saw you post in FB, it was so shocking and i was saddened that he passed away at such a young age…

    Yes, too young and that makes it all the sadder. He had hie whole life ahead of him.

  8. he has touched so many lives in such a positive and personal way. am also saddened by your loss but inspired by your description of him.

    Indeed, he had. Sure he would be remembered by all for a long long time.

  9. Its the same question that still fills my mind today even though its almost a month since Brandon left us.

    …even though we know there will be no answer. 😦

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos taken at the funeral. I’m glad you said your goodbye to Jimmy. Till we meet him again someday.

    I just took a few. Would rather remember him the way he was – always jovial, happy and a joy to have around.

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