Another round…

I was here before…but I had not had the chance to drop by again for another round of what they had in store till last Saturday night after the sunset service in church.

Of course, we ordered the kway teow kerang to share – the fried flat rice noodles with cockles (RM6.00)…


…that we enjoyed so much the first time around. It did not look quite as good this time nor did it taste as great but it was still very good. I do hope that they would be more consistent and careful with their quality control so that each time, they dish this out it would be as good as any other time.

I also ordered the ayam bakar (grilled chicken), RM8.00…


…that my missus had the last time around. It came with rice and this lovely sambal and ulam by the side…

PM S & U

I must say that I enjoyed that very much and wouldn’t mind having that again the next time I drop by.

We also ordered these dumplings to try (a set of 12 pieces for RM9.00) …

PM - D

…from the stall next to this one – I understand it is run by some lady from China married to a local, and I was glad to find out that she could speak English unlike many of the locals around here these days. The dumplings were very nice…and Melissa felt they were nicer than any that she had had elsewhere in town.

The pan-grilled pies (RM9.00 for a set of 4)…


…were nice too, two with chicken filling…

PM = PGP - chicken

…and the other two with beef…

PM - PGP - beef

My nephew, working in Shanghai, was home for Chinese New Year and when he dropped by my place, he was telling me about things in China…and how in the suburban towns in the shops selling food, they do not sell drinks. However, they would always serve “chin th’ng” (clear soup) with the orders for everyone to drink. Maybe it was in keeping with that practice that we were given this bowl of soup…

PM - soup

…that night.

However, it wasn’t all good that night as I ordered BLACK coffee, iced and this was what I got…

PM -

That was definitely not black but I would not complain – considering that it was only RM1.00 a glass – a lot cheaper than at the coffee shops so I would just let it pass…and based on what I was served alone, I don’t think I would order coffee should I drop by here again, if you get what I mean.

Well, at least the food is good and the place is very nice – very pleasant and comfortable, great for getting together with friends to relax and chat the night away. I, for one, wouldn’t mind dropping by again should I get the chance…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Another round…”

  1. u must shout, kopi O kau kau chit pui mai neeee… foods look good, kueytiao macam api tak cukup besar… sambal looks good…

    Maybe not that besar – like own home-cooked but it was nice, nicer than most ckt at the stalls around here, most…not all. Cannot shout lah…this place got a bit of class one but maybe that’s because it is always not crowded – other places like this here, when full house, habis dah…no class at all, so bising! 😉

  2. oh, the grilled pies look good, and their shape also looks very beautiful!! it does look like the shanghainese pan-fried bun, but the flat version..

    First time trying, never been to China…so I would not know what they have there. They’re nice – but not something I would go back for again and again and again.

    1. i’ve only tried once in Shanghai also, but we can actually get them here in KL.. those you had looks like the pao instead, steamed and then pressed flat on the pan and fried till the surface crispy golden brown??

      Dunno, first time trying and eating. Ok, nice…but didn’t sweep me off my feet.

  3. Those pies sure seem promising!

    They’re nice but personally, I feel that we do have some local delights that are a lot more delightful…like our stuffed tee peang, for instance.

  4. There is one Cantonese cafe here specialising in the Charsiew /roast duck which gives out complimentary soup every time u dine in. Very nice n tasty esp on a cold winter n the soup is always pork bones brewed with red dates n lotus roots.

    This soup is nice, anytime better than most chin th’ng we get with our kampua here – that’s water plus light soy sauce and msg – so tasteless.

  5. Pan grilled pies? I never seen or tasted this pie before. Now that is really a local pie. ^_^

    Somebody just said these can be found in China, Shanghai? Worth a try. Didn’t really get me jumping up and down with delight but it was nice enough.

  6. My favourite char kuey teow! But I always order char kuey teow mein (mixed with noodles),.
    Eh the grilled pies look yummy wor.. Like prata wrapped with meat, or murtabak.. On second glance, it looks like “woh tip” but flat type..
    You didn’t exchange the kopi meh?

    No lah, RM1.00 only, no need to make a fuss. I’m a very nice guy, yunno… 😉

  7. Pan grilled pies are nicely done. Sambal looks promising with the umphh kick. Best to go with the kway teow. Nom!!!…Nom!!!..

    The guy asked me if the sambal was hot and I said no. He was shocked – I think he thought he had made it extra hot, no effect on me. 😉

  8. Definitely very cheap for that glass of coffee, the other day my colleague was charged RM1.50 for a small cup of black coffee… she was complaining about it.. next time must bring own coffee from home.. hahaha…
    I saw the soup served on a plate.. what soup is that? Really ching.. should be good to gulp down with the rice and the dumplings..

    Plate? No leh, the soup was in a bowl. Gee! You need new glasses lor. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  9. Pan grilled pies…interesting. And the kopi ice is cheap, nowadays not many things cost RM1.
    Even in my son’s school, most of the food stuff cost more than that 😦

    Yes, can’t get that price in any coffee shop in town!

  10. The pan grilled pies looks very nice!

    I haven’t seen that before, must try that next time we head to Sibu. Chicken and beef filling sounds good, looks like something a bakery would produce but this is heated up. Looks good.

    Yup, pan-grilled on the spot and served piping hot. Worth a try even though I would not say I was all that thrilled.

  11. The pan grilled pies look like they are made for the same material as the dumplings except for the shape. The filling looks nice with lots of spring onions.

    Yes, the inside filling was definitely the same, dunno the skin. Not too sure if those where chives or not, maybe both…

  12. yay for CKT, especially when packed with cockles. this looks a bit wetter than how i prefer though. the ayam bakar looks good, very meaty. nice family meal 😀

    Yes, ckt was a bit wet, made to look worse by the reflection of the lights – problem with night photography using a cheap digicam. Tasted ok though, so it was ok.

  13. You know, I’m on a juice cleanse and I’m visiting your delicious site! lol… oh well I’ll live vicariously though your pictures and whatever I make for my lovely daughter.

    The first dish looks really nice and the pan grilled pies have me curious. Are the pies savory only or can they have a sweet filling too?

    I am sure they can have sweet filling as well – here, we have cakes, similar ones that are either baked or fried, with black bean or lotus paste – and these are sweet. There are also some sticky ones, also sweet but I don;t know how they make those.

  14. They must have heard the coffee order wrongly. But if you are not peculiar then its OKlah.

    The workers were from Myanmar, not very proficient in English. I gathered later that coffee with milk should be RM2, and I was charged RM1 for my glass.

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