Just in time…

Melissa came home on Friday afternoon…just in time for the Chap Goh Meh (15th Night) dinner to mark the end of the fortnight-long festivities to usher in the Year of the Horse.

Again, we just had something simple – steamboat…


…for the three of us.

My missus made some fish balls and meat balls and I bought some beef balls from a  supermarket here and some quail eggs and we still had some of the bamboo clams that I bought for Chinese New Year and the giant freshwater prawns…


…from my brother-in-law in Bintulu.

They say the head is the bad part – where all the cholesterol is but I must say that it is the most delicious…


…with all that yummy gooey stuff in it. Other than those, we also had some fish maw, fresh baby corn, mushrooms and green vegetables – that was all.

I also made this simple salad with some leftover cabbage…

Salad 1

…and bits of hard-boiled egg, boiled prawns, sliced shallots and croutons that I made from a loaf of bread that I had, stuffed inside the fridge and nobody seemed to want to eat it.

With our traditional family salad dressing, it certainly tasted great…

Salad 2

…and we finished the whole lot in no time at all.

So, that was it for another year – around this time next year, the Horse would be galloping away, giving way to the next animal in the Chinese zodiac – the Goat/Sheep.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Just in time…”

  1. I love steamboat very much and could eat them 7 days a week! No kidding esp if I have such huge prawns like yours!!

    7 days a week!!! Good grief!!! I can imagine the cholesterol overdose!!!

  2. Yes, tat part is high in cholesterol… Save some for me!

    Come on over. Let me know when I will go and book some to cook for you. Not easy to get such specially huge ones!

  3. Wow that prawn is really huge!

    Actually, what’s in the head is so so so nice but with prawns this size, the meat is a bit hard. I’d rather go for the medium ones, cheaper too!

  4. I also love to taste the prawns’ heads but who cares. Only taste in once in blue moon. Lol.

    That is one yummy homemade salad. Actually it is very easy to make salad. Just mix whatever you want and add in the dressing.

    That’s right. I just used what I could find in the fridge. So frus – three avocados…all spoilt, kept for too long. I could have added those to my salad too.

    1. Hey. Next time you give me a call and I am more willing to “dispose” stuff from your fridge. Hahaha.

      Most of the time, it’s early in the morning for breakfast,. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Always the case, the bad part is the most delicious.
    Simple and yet delicious is all I like. Salad looks really awesome.

    Nice. Maybe I can make the dressing again sometime and share the recipe. I love it…a lot!!!

    1. Oh yes, most welcome to share your salad dressing recipe. Am waiting for it. Much appreciated.

      Wait ah!!! My life is very long one, Chinese expression. 😀

  6. That steamboat looks far from simple. Packed with ingredients. Looks delicious!

    No lah. Some people would like to have more special ingredients, expensive ones. Ours just those few things – enough for the three of us.

  7. Your steamboat is sure flavoursome with all the good ingredients especially the big prawns! The salad looks good too. How do you make the dressing? I remember you mentioned it in a much earlier post. Would love to try your traditional family salad dressing 🙂

    See my reply to Irene Tan. Actually, my late aunt got it from a friend she met when on a women’s conference in Manila a long long time ago and since then, we have never made our salad dressing any other way. Perhaps I will blog about it one of these days.

  8. OMG steamboat?? no thank you, we had steamboat for CNY eve reunion dinner for like that past 20 years, and then we have to have steamboat for the next few days back to back in order to clear up the things.. so jelak already, that is why i probably only have steamboat once in a year and that’s enough, hahaha!! 😀

    My daughter loves steamboat and I love clear soup. We do not have it often and I would not bother having it outside, so it’s ok for me.

  9. Your steamboat is definitely more appetizing than the steamboat from outside…

    Definitely true here – lots of the frozen stuff, we can easily buy those from the supermarts and they’re overloaded with preservatives and msg. Best to make one’s own.

  10. Oh ..oh.. dont know why halfway, the comment was published…
    I was saying I am fear outside steamboat because I kena food poisoning two times and that was it..
    Your steamboat looks really full and yummylicious!

    Food poisoning? With all that boiling? Maybe it’s the chili dip, left out too long…not fresh.

  11. we had steamboat too during CNY. The easiest of all. Eating out will be a hassle too with the crowds.

    Chap Goh Meh, the shops here would be open but not on Chinese New Year’s Eve. For us, it was more than just the hassle-free reason – we enjoy it…and we can have a nicer and more enjoyable dinner than one outside when we would probably just order a couple of dishes for the 3 of us.

  12. wow, on one hand, that looks like a LOT of food for three people. but on the other hand, it all looks so delicious, i’d happily eat it all up too! that’s coming from someone who’s not usually a fan of steamboat, but you chose a lot of my favorite ingredients for this, including the quail eggs, prawns and meat balls ;D

    All our favourites too. There was a bit leftover that we just saved and had for soup the next day.

  13. I love steamboat too!! Simple and nice, but but definetetly not on these few weeks, it is so so hot! Last week had it at sister in law house, eat and sweat dripping too! Eeeeeeeee…maybe we should do steamboat when i go back next month. :D:D

    Ok, KIV! Come and have it at my place when you come back. Got aircon full blast so not a problem! 😉

  14. Good to hear that Melissa made it back for Chap Goh Meh! 🙂

    That looks like a very nice steamboat! I hear it’s traditional for some people to eat steamboat during Chinese New Year. It sure is the ultimate community dish and you can eat it for as long as you want and it’ll still be hot.

    I love quail eggs too, that’s a must have in my steamboat!

    I’ve never had a crab claw though, that looks real interesting and is bound to add a lot of sweetness into the broth, will try that next time! Cheers!

    Nope, those prawn claws aren’t really nice – so hard and the spikes make them so difficult to open to eat. I’d rather just go for the prawn proper. We all love steamboat – will have it at any convenient time.

    1. Yeah, I imagine it’ll be very hard to crack. My grandma cooked some crabs when I was back in Sibu too, I used a hammer to knock on it to crack it open. Not too hard, since a hammer is heavy, I just wiped the base and gently tapped it on the claw. Works wonders! 🙂

      Yup, can’t possibly manage without that.

  15. i haven’t had steamboat in ages !!! but when I have steamboat.. i will just eat the vege and the soup.. >.<

    Such a good girl. We will have veg but not that much. LOL!!!

  16. The steamboat looks really good, sounds quite tasty with all those ingredients.
    Now you have me curious… what was in the salad dressing? I make my own salad dressings too, much tastier than what could be purchased at the store.

    There’s crushed peanut in it. Wait, will blog about it one day. 😉

  17. The steamboat contains lot of delicious stuffs! If you go out and eat , im sure with so much ingredients will cost you a bomb.

    The giant prawns would probably set me back by at least a hundred ringgit.

  18. Not really a huge fan of steamboat but once in a while ok la.

    I love the homemade salad..looks delicious and appetizing.

    All gone in a jiffy. Melissa enjoyed that…and she loves steamboat too!

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