Give a little, take a little…

Actually I was planning to go out and eat something that morning and it rained! Tsk! Tsk! But in a way, I was quite happy as it had not rained here for so many days before and after Chinese New Year and it was getting a bit too hot for comfort. Well, that only meant one thing – that I would have to cook something for breakfast. I noticed that my missus had not been eating much of the noodles that I had been cooking in the morning and when I asked her why, she said she had grown quite sick of it. Hmmmm….I suppose I would need to cook other things then or come out with some new recipes.

I did not have noodles that morning in question though – there was some leftover rice in the fridge so I decided I would cook that and get it out of the way – you know how I feel about seeing thing sitting in the fridge for too long. Well, I did not cook it completely differently from how I did it a few days earlier – in fact, I would say it was more or less the same – give or take a little…


These were the ingredients I used – the usual sliced shallots and garlic and chopped spring onions…


…and some lap cheong (Chinese sausages), sliced and leek, thinly sliced, eggs and my missus’ pounded chili dip.

My missus was horrified to know that I used the leaves of the leek – she said that normally people would used the bulbs only as the leaves would be too hard to chew. Hmmm…I did not have a problem with it – but I did slice the leaves very thinly so I guess that did the trick. This reminds me of my sister-in-law in New Zealand – she came home one day with what looked like leek and she only used the bulbs and threw away all the leaves. It turned out that they were spring onions and goodness gracious! Theirs were really huge!!! I thought that was such a waste as here, we would use everything except perhaps, the roots. I quickly retrieved the leaves and cut them into tiny bits and used them to toss some Bovril egg noodles – they were really nice and the son asked for seconds!

Anyway, back to my fried rice, as usual, I fried the shallots and garlic till golden brown and then I added the lap cheong…and subsequently, the leek…

L&LCFR step 1

I reckon if I had added egg, beaten, at this point, it would make a very nice meat and vegetable dish to go with rice.

After frying for a while, I added the rice…

L&LCFR step 2

…and in went the chopped spring onions and  a spoonful of the chili dip. Some may want to add soy sauce but I did not want that to ruin the nice colours and besides, it would overshadow the nice flavours of the ingredients I had used. If you’re not used to such light and pleasant tastes, maybe you can add a pinch of salt and msg…or some chicken or ikan bilis stock…or even a dash of fish sauce/gravy so that it would be a bit salty. I did not bother as I would prefer it this way.

Lastly, I added the eggs and after mixing them well with everything else and stirring till they were cooked, I dished out the fried rice…


…and served.

I loved it and I sure would not mind frying rice like this again but of course, I could vary the ingredients…just in case my missus would get sick and tired of my fried rice as well. Sighhhhh!!!!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Give a little, take a little…”

  1. Wah …. you are a good cook leh … can eat , can cook ! The fried rice looks yummy. I beginning to experience the sweet lap cheong in fried rice now.

    No lah! I simply campak one, anything goes…and thankfully, I would get the right combination…most of the time. 😉 This was really very nice…and a great change from my usual kampung style.

  2. Its so hot here in Penang, that everyone is hoping for a rain. Fried Rice… reminds me how long i haven’t been cooking that dish….

    Hot days, I would rather have porridge. I guess you don’t eat rice regularly? Or you do not have a lot leftover. I’d rather have it fried than re-steamed or heated in the microwave – it would not taste stale.

  3. Did you peel off the skin of the lap cheong (Chinese sausages) when you cook it? My missus usually did, but I think there is no harm as the skin is made from dried tahu skin, rite…..

    No, never do that. Dunno really, seldom eat actually – I’m not that fond of those, just once in a while…ok.

  4. Those are the basic ingredient I used for fried rice too but I don’ t fried too often. Sometimes, left over rice, I just pour in more water and make it into porridge to go with long kiam hu or tauju.

    Oh? Can cook porridge? Maybe I will try that sometimes…for breakfast. Something different for a change – better than eating stale reheated leftover rice.

  5. So it hasn’t rained much over your side either. We’re pretty dry here in KL too. They’re threatening water rationing as the reserves are so low.

    Not much rain here, hot too…but severe early morning storm today. Thank goodness it wasn’t yesterday – wouldn’t want to drive long distance to send my daughter back to her jungle school in such foul weather.

  6. You really can cook well.. Can whip up anything with whatever in the fridge..
    I like leeks.. My mum always fry siew yok with leeks…

    My daughter loves leek. I didn’t use to but I’m beginning to like it too.

  7. oh it rained in Sibu?? how nice!! it was so dry and so scorching hot over here, and heard that there will be no rain for the next few months, and water at our reservoir is not in a warning-low level.. it’s the most serious drought since 1998 some said…

    I understand they’ve started water rationing in parts of Kl and Selangor. Ok here so far, praise the Lord.

  8. I am sure your wife will not get sick of your fried rice… you are so innovative.. sometimes add this, sometimes that.. sedapnya! I like leeks especially those from China ones.. normally CNY only got… 🙂

    I think these were not the China ones, the smell not so strong and not expensive. I like.

  9. Hmm…gonna cook a bit more rice later. Tomorrow can fry rice.

    I would fry…whenever I spot any leftover in the fridge. Great for breakfast to start off the day.

  10. I also cook fried rice this morning. Ham and egg fried rice. 🙂

    My daughter loves that. She’s not really into the kampung style, got so sick of it, ate every day when studying in Sg Petani.

  11. To me, anything with lap cheong is good enough! I wouldn’t mind eating every morning, be it fried noodles or rice, as long as there is lap cheong in it! 🙂 On another note, I can never fry rice using other than non-stick pan.. my rice always sticks to wok or stainless steel pans! I noticed that yours didn’t stick at all. What’s the secret??

    I dunno – I use very little oil. Some people say my wok’s well-seasoned. It’s TEFAL, over 20 years old, very out of shape and has lost its non-stick coating. It does not matter if the rice sticks a bit – later, when adding the egg, it will all come off the wok like magic. I don’t like using non-stick, somehow I get everything all over the cooker top…and I find that it does not taste as nice. Ok for reheating stuff.

  12. I should really stock up on my lap cheong. Your fried rice looks good. So far I haven’t tried with leeks. So how does your missus do her chilli dip and can it be stored for long time in the fridge?

    She blends hers so there would be all the seeds – I pound. We both add calamansi lime – the acidity would probably cook it and I add sugar while she adds salt, I think…no sugar. Can keep for a long time in the fridge but at the rate we eat it up, it does not last very long – one Nescafe bottle for a few weeks like that.

  13. Good to hear it rained in Sibu, like what other comment, it is so so so hot here and with some water disruption, sigh.

    Fried rice, yum, I love fried rice!!

    Let me fry you some when you come back next month. No more of your wine-infused lap cheong though. Habis liao! 😀

  14. Looks good! 😀

    Hope you’re feeling better, have been waiting for you to get better for our lunch since you got sick, catch up next time!

    I’m ok now, not 100% yet but ok enough, thanks.

  15. Oh yummy goodness. Now I feel like cooking it too.

    Reckon by now you should be nice and healthy. Take good care of your health OK?

    Ok now, thanks. You take care too. Unbearably hot and hazy weather, water rationing some more at your side, I gather. Terrible!

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