This used to be Simpang Tiga…

Simpang Tiga

…a triangular-shaped junction where Race Course Road, Kpg Nangka Road and Kpg Hilir Road converged, where I used to live when I was growing up. Now, it’s a roundabout and there is an additional road, Jalan Ria, as well. Do take a closer look at the photograph. Noticed anything that is uniquely Sibu, not found at places in the peninsula?

Located at the side where this photograph was taken from is a brand new supermarket. I dropped by to have a look and I quite liked what I saw – everything looked neat and new but my missus insisted that things there were more expensive than elsewhere. Don’t ask me – I wouldn’t know. If I happen to be at some place and I see something that I want, I would just buy, never mind if it’s 10 or 20 sen cheaper elsewhere…or worse, 5 sen only! The petrol to drive over to that particular shop alone would cost more than that. I guess they describe that as being “penny wise, pound foolish“?

Now, this hawker centre…


…is located right opposite the entrance of the supermarket. If I’m not mistaken, it’s an SEDC project and hence, people here would refer to them as the Simpang Tiga SEDC (hawker) stalls.

Ever since they started sometime ago, the stalls here have enjoyed brisk business. This was taken at around 11.00 a.m., past the morning tea break and a little too early for lunch and yet, there were quite a lot of people around. I’ve tried a number of things available here but even though all of them were quite good except for the Sarawak laksa which I did not like but it certainly seemed very popular – at any one time, one would see a lot of people eating it.

When we were there the other morning, my missus had the mee goreng (fried noodles)…


…at RM3.00 a plate and she said it was nice. Personally, I do prefer the Malay fried noodles compared to the Chinese ones here, the dry ones, that is. I think they are tastier…and not all solely soy sauce and msg.

I had the nasi bryani, ayam (chicken)…


…for RM6.00. They only have kambing (mutton) on Sundays.

Everything was nice about it…


…except that the meat was a little too overdone, a bit too fall-off-the-bone for my liking. It was good though I would not say it’s the best in town – I think I would prefer those at a couple of other places here.

Incidentally, for your information, the stall selling this rojak cucur (fritters rojak) with satay here…

RC + satay

…is closing down at the end of the month and will be moving to a block of shops (2.311322,111.826352), where Umi Bakery is, along the road linking Bandong to Jalan Ria/Delta Estate starting 1st March, citing high rental charges as the reason.

As for the rest here, I guess it will be business as usual…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Roundabout…”

  1. one of the junctions heads to Sg Merah? Mee Goreng looks good…

    Everything’s good here (except maybe the laksa – did not like it)…but nothing that would sweep anybody off his feet. Yet to find something that is so so good.

  2. Got Chinese writing roadsign there. But over here we have jawi roadsign wor.

    Lol the chicken must hv been cooked too long. The other day I overcooked the chicken. Meat hancur :(. Yea my curry not that good .

    Yup, that’s the difference. Want to cook chicken in curry for a long time, must use the old mother hen – sold at the market here wrapped in newspaper…only RM10 each.

  3. All looks equally nice. Hawker stalls does look like our Open Air Market.

    Dunno the new open air, haven’t been…but this place is all Malay/halal so that is different, I guess.

  4. I dont mind having meals in hawker stalls. That is where good local food are.

    Been to this area. Very kampung looking.

    Yes, left side Kampung Hilir, right side Kampuang Datu. Mostly Malay/Melanau patronage but I do see some Chinese as well. Business very good, always busy.

  5. Yah, me too, I prefer Malays noodles more, but mee hun must be Chinese style one la…

    I prefer Malay, everything but of course, they also have the good ones and the not so good ones – must know where to go.

  6. Judging from the food, it looks like there’s a couple of mamak stores around.

    This place is Malay/Melanau…not authentic mamak – we only have two – that I know of, in town.

  7. I always like your wife’s choices… both of us have almost the same taste when it comes to food.. 🙂

    No, not really. She loves eating everything extra extra spicy, the opposite of you.

  8. I ingat2 lupa this place, and it’s kinda sad considering i stayed at Perumahan Kastam belakang there for 3 years (until 2010).. This one is the one not far from the jail is it?


    Yes, the Customs houses and flats are around 100 metres away, up Jalan Kpg Nangka. I guess this place was not around than, nor was the new supermarket.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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