Anyhow, anyhow…

My daughter was coming home for the weekend on Friday and I was wondering what I could cook that she might like. I saw a packet of potatoes – I don’t know when my missus bought them but they were already sprouting roots…


…and I did see somebody sharing something on Facebook about it being bad to consume potatoes in this condition. The thing is this was not the first time I’ve used potatoes like that…and knowing my missus, it would not be the last…despite my telling her again and again that if she has no intention of using or cooking, don’t buy!

Well, I peeled the potatoes first, removing all the roots and the eyes and cutting away any discoloured parts after which I sliced them thinly and boiled them till soft. To check, just poke a fork into the potatoes…


– it should slide in easily and when you lift it up, the potatoes should slip off instantly. That should be an indication that it is sufficiently cooked and would be soft enough.

Drain away all the water and add a spoonful of butter and some cheddar cheese slices, cut into tiny bits…


…and mash away. I think true vegans who do not take dairy products would have to do away with these and just add a bit of salt and pepper perhaps. Normally, I would add a bit of milk too but seeing that the texture was already soft and smooth enough…


…I decided to do without it.

I bought these mushrooms…


…but I can’t remember how much that was. I’m quite sure it was RM2.00 a packet and I bought two (but I only used one that day) but my missus insisted that I must have heard wrongly as they do not come so cheap. Ah well!!! Whatever it is, these are the locally-grown mushrooms that are easily available any time of year and are definitely more affordable than those that they import from elsewhere in the country of from places overseas.

I sliced the mushrooms thinly, cut the cherry tomatoes growing wild in our garden into halves and chopped some of the spring onions that we’ve planted ourselves as well. I chopped up some garlic and I cut two slices of ginger for use…


– when we cook mushrooms, we usually use ginger to counter the smell. I guess you can use Bombay onions or shallots instead of the garlic and ginger, should you feel thus inclined. I was not following any recipe and was just doing it anyhow, following my instincts or playing it by ear, so to speak.

I fried the ginger slices in a bit of oil (I used butter) till brown…and then, I removed them and threw them away before adding the chopped garlic and frying that till golden brown after which, I threw in everything that I had prepared. I added a bit of our traditional Foochow red wine and a pinch of salt and pepper…


…and once it was done, I divided that equally into the aluminium foil pie/tart cups…


Next, I divided the mashed potatoes equally as well and used that as my pie cover as in the making of shepherd pies – instead of any of those pastry pie crusts…and I used a fork to make those lines and patterns on top…


…and put them all into the oven to bake till they turned slightly golden in colour…


So, was it any good? I know self-praise is no praise but I thought it was very nice and I wouldn’t mind cooking it like this again or maybe I might vary a bit here and there and add a few more ingredients to come out with a non-vegetarian version. We’ll see…the next time I get into the mood for some pies. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

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25 thoughts on “Anyhow, anyhow…”

  1. Yes, its advisable not to use potatoes with sprouts, but having one or two won’t have any side effects but yea, generally sprouted potatoes are bad.

    In what way? I remember reading something about it causing food poisoning? Of course, I will cut away the parts that do not look good anymore – just use sections that are ok…and throw it all away if the whole thing does not seem all that good anymore.

  2. Lol! I also have used potatoes that turned green before n cut away all the nasty pieces… The pies look good something I may try πŸ™‚

    Just throw in bits of chicken (breast) and you’ll have the regular chicken mushroom pie, only the pie cover is different. Fry minced beef with green peas and Bombay onions for the filling…and you’ll get shepherd pie.

  3. I heard about the sprouting potatoes but I dont like to waste food so I would discard those unwanted parts away.

    Yummy vegan pie. I dont mind pies once a while.

    Yet to go and get those nice chicken pies from Aroma Bakery for you to try. By afternoon, always so lazy to go out, so hot. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hai ya. Paisey. No need trouble you go and buy for me. Hahaha.

      No leh, will do that one day. Ok now, but still a bit weak from my cough and flu last week…and very lazy. πŸ˜›

  4. Wow…something turning bad can turned to something so yummy!!! Really can do wonders, eh… Good idea of yours…cos I am one of those who buy and keep… πŸ™‚

    Is this a woman thing or what? Just threw away a pack of 4 salted eggs, been sitting there for dunno how long and I thought I could have them with my porridge – one gone bad so I threw it away, boiled 3, 1 exploded…and last two – when cut, did not look good…so all went into the litter bin. 😦

  5. That looks really nice, I’ll have to try it some time. My daughter loves mashed potatoes. I’ve made similar mashed potatoes but never used it as a covering.

    Regarding the sprouts, If I remember correctly it’s advised not to eat because of the potential solanine poisoning. That happens when they turn green. I’ve eaten potatoes that were starting to sprout, but they had not turned green. I just cut off the sprouts and prepared as normal. During the planting season, when they start to sprout, I cut them into pieces and plant. πŸ™‚

    Ok, noted. The ones I used were ok then, just cut away the sprouts and eyes, no green colour to be seen anywhere. They use mashed potatoes for the pie cover when making shepherd’s pie. I do make that too once in a long while.

  6. Gees…Arthur Wee…I just don’t know that you are so domestic and your hidden talent..

    Anything that doesn’t spell work, I’m in. You should browse through my earlier posts – all easy peasy recipes…may be a heat Down Under.

  7. Not bad! Not bad! Love how the crust turned out so brown and pretty πŸ™‚

    You can pump mashed potatoes out as florets and bake till gold and brown like this – to serve as sides with your western dishes. They not only look nicer – they taste nicer too!

  8. You work wonders. So creative, making patterns on the crusts which makes the pies looks more yummy!!!!!

    No leh, just use a fork and scratch, scratch, scratch… Nothing to it at all. πŸ˜‰

  9. Some friends taught me to put potatoes in the fridge to prevent them from sprouting. I once had some sprouted potatoes but still cooked them anyway, and nothing happened to me, LOL.. But they said if you eat sprouted potatoes, you will get laosai (diarrhea).. Dunno how true is it la..

    I love shepard’s pie too, and your version is very creative.. But I would love to have some meat inside my shepard’s pie.. Mum’s shepard’s pie is always best in the world, with minimal ingredients – beef, frozen green peas & lots (I really mean lots) of Lea & Perrins.

    Yes, I used to make those true-blue shepherd pies but my girl’s not into those frozen green peas so I have to modify – use different filling, no need to follow recipes to the letter, up to one to create one’s own.

  10. i remember i was taught to not consume potatoes that are sprouting, as there may be toxins in there.. anyway, i think it’s fine to just discard those portions huh?? oh, your shepherd’s pie looks good, something special with just mushroom inside, nice!! i like that, because it’s mushrooms and potatoes, haha~~

    Both, my daughter’s favourites – potatoes and mushrooms…

  11. Oooo tht sure looks good… am planning to make cottage pie tomorrow for my family too!

    Used up all the potatoes, no more lying around. Not sure when I’ll be in the mood again – lots of flour and butter left over from the Chinese New Year cakes & cookies – may make shortcrust pastry for some more pies. Will see.

  12. Wow, I always only buy those freezer one and use oven to reheat it, never think of can have something homemade like that!!!

    What? Pies? Pastry? Mashed potatoes? I don’t like those in boxes – some hotels/restaurants use those. NCAA (no class at all), and not nice.

    1. Is okay la….as I said before, when staying alone I go with anything, don’t have to have food like big chef level…..

      Me too, when alone…but at times, I may want to cook something nice for the fun of it…and give to friends. Can show off a bit mah. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. the final result looks very very nice. the initial potato reminds me of my school science projects when we were supposed to make the potato sprout that way or something … i always hated science, hehe

    We’re one of a kind. I was hopeless at Maths & Science.

  14. Wow that is one amazing looking pie. NOW i know how to test potatoes while cooking. I always scoop out one and eat it to see if it is done -.- Now i know i could have just use the fork…

    I must get the wireman to look at my oven again. It’s been sitting idle for way too long.

    LOL!!! You learn new things every day. πŸ˜‰ I just got one new oven for my bonus point exchange on my credit card – wanted to give to my girl to take to her jungle school but she didn’t want – no time, she said. Now I am stuck with two ovens… 😦

  15. Wah..this pie certainly up to cafe standard.

    Cafe ones, I’ve seen many not up to my standard lah… some are quite a disgrace, really. So disappointing. 😦

  16. Looks very good and easy to prepare too. But i think i crave for mash potatoes more, i love mash potatoes. kekekkeke

    You do? Then I must make for you when you come back. Mine’s nicer than any you can get outside. πŸ˜‰

  17. I heard it’s poisonous too but if not too many “eyes” growing, i will cut that part and use la.

    Best to use as soon as one buys them – no need to throw there and leave them to sprout like that. No intention to use quickly, then don’t buy just yet. Bad habit!

  18. The pies look awesome. I thought I could smell it from my screen:D

    Cherry tomatoes growing wild in your garden? I am envious!!!

    Yup! They will appear out of nowhere on their own accord – we only have to wait for them to ripen to go and pluck. Maybe some seeds washed in during a flash flood or something.

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