Nobody’s home…

Come Day 4 of Chinese New Year, I had to send Melissa back to her school so nobody was home then. But on Day 5, I was at home to continue receiving guests that cared to drop by.

My blogger-friend, Rose, was away in Kapit to usher in the new year with her in-laws there and upon returning from there, she wanted to drop by on Monday, Day 4…but had to come a day later owing to the aforementioned reason. She mentioned something about not ever having the chance to taste something and I could not remember what it was but anyway, I cooked some Bovril mee kua for her to try…


…garnished with sliced egg and chopped spring onions and Chinese celery.

I did not know how many people would be coming so I cooked a lot and I was not that used to cooking so much at one go -but thankfully, I thought it turned out all right though I was not all that sure if she enjoyed it or not…


– she said she is not a fan of Bovril and they had kampua before dropping by my place but the son seemed to like it…


…and kept coming back for more.

Another group of ex-students dropped by in the afternoon and I guess that would be it for this year. My sincere thanks to all who took the trouble to come and visit – it is indeed most appreciated. Do keep in touch and feel free to drop by anytime you want. Our door is always open and you will be most warmly welcome even if it is not Chinese New Year or any festive season in the year.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Nobody’s home…”

  1. wat is it wt kids and noodles… oh wait… hahaha… me too… and u three…

    When are you coming? Let me cook for you – all you can eat! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. The noodles look good to me, too bad its a bit far from here else i will surely be there! 😛

    Come on over. Can cook for you anytime! Go make some noise – ask for direct flights – Penang-Sibu… After all, so many Sibu people living/working in Penang now.

  3. Yummy looking mee. Simple garnishing makes a nice presentation.

    Should have got a bit of char siew – would have given it a bit more colour.

  4. Thought only during Hari Raya that we will receiving guests and go visiting until the 7th day… Young family nowadays should follow your tradition instead of going on vacation during the festive season.

    Somehow, the values of family ties are as obsolete as the existence of extended families these days.

    The Chinese New Year open house is supposed to go on till Chap Goh Meh…but usually, when everybody goes back to work, nobody would have time to go visiting anymore. Most will just bring the leftover cookies and cakes to the office to share.

  5. Nobody’s home, don’t why the first came to my is Avril Lavigne’s song….

    You’re young. I would think of Eric Carmen’s (and later, Celine Dion’s) “…When I dial the telephone. nobody’s home…” (All by myself).

  6. Thank you for all your trouble. I am not a fan of Bovril but your mee kua is nice. The bovril totally not overwhelming the taste of the noodle. I dont mind eating it again. And my son did enjoy eating it. He is a noodle person anyway.

    Thanks again for having us. 😉

    Most welcome. Drop by anytime you’re free…even with the kids. Hehehehehehe!!!! You know what! Was washing the glasses after you all left and I dropped a glass in the sink and it broke. The irony of it all. Kids didn’t break any despite all the playing and running around, old man broke one in the end. 😀

  7. reading this made me feel like visiting my former teachers in malacca 🙂

    Any that you are particularly fond of? I knew one very nice primary school teacher, an elderly man already when I got to know him – Mr. Michael Ho. Not been in touch for so long, dunno if he’s still around. 😦

  8. Bovril? Hey I love that seasoning.. Have a great weekend Arthur, hope your cough is all healed.

    You too, thanks. Not completely but it’s a whole lot better now.

  9. No wonder kept knocking at the door but no answer..hehe

    Aiyor!!! Too bad you missed me. Next time, let me know you’re coming. I don’t like surprises. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. The mee kua looks nice and Bovril is my favorite.

    Then you’d love this I’m sure. I love cooking this for breakfast and at times, I use mee sua instead…or other types of dry noodles.

  11. I am not a fan of Bovril too but my kids grew up with it during the younger days…

    I was always a Marmite guy, my missus would not touch it…but with noodles, Bovril’s the one! You never tried, so you would not know how nice this can be. No looking back after I got married and my missus brought this way of cooking noodles into the family.

  12. Bovril! Yummeh goodness…only if its the beef! Don’t like the vegetarian version. Very flat tasting!

    Yup. We can get the beef ones here but hard to find. Anyway, I just got a few bottles recently from Australia…so no worries! It’s the real thing! 😉

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