They did tell me, maybe even more than once, but I cannot, for the dear life of me, remember what came from where but of course, I have a good excuse and will put it down to the fact that I’m not all that young and my memory is not all that good anymore. Hehehehehe!!!!

Anyway, that night, we had our dinner here – first floor, out on the balcony…


…which was not too bad an idea as it had been raining so much here and it got rather cold throughout the day. Thus, it was nice and cool outside even for me who would be the first to frown at the idea of al fresco dining in our tropical heat.

The pub is downstairs on the ground floor…and don’t ask me why this sign…


…is on the outside. If I’m not mistaken, that’s one and the same place, serving coffee and some food as well, including some western/Italian delights.

I know there is a restaurant by that same name there and we did order some dishes from that one too and if you are not confused yet, we had some from here as well…


Anyway, let’s start at the top and being at a coffee joint, of course, some of us ordered the coffee…

IC coffee

…and from that same place, we had this very nice chicken dish…


…and their Pattaya fried rice…


…which was quite good…


…and went very well with the sambal hay bee (dried prawn dip) that came with it.

Then we had this very nice salt-baked fish…


…that I had had before – in KL and also in Sibu, but some of the others who had the other side of it were complaining that they used a different type of salt and it was too salty and not really to their liking. I just had a bit from the top and I thought it was good, just as nice as what I had here and they tell me that these are the only two places in town where one would be able to get to eat this special dish. Anybody having this fish dish for their reunion dinner tonight – it’s the Chinese belief that one much have fish at one’s Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner so as to enjoy a bountiful year ahead.

Anyway, back to our dinner that night, we had two duck dishes – this one with the plum sauce…


…and this sour duck…


…both of which were very nice though somehow, the duck taste/smell was not that obvious and some of us could not tell whether it was duck or chicken.

Then, there was the pork marinated in tau joo (fermented bean curd) and whatever else and deep fried…


…which was good but I remember having something nicer here, primarily nicer because it was served with cincaluk (fermented shrimps)…and that’s my weakness. Slurpsssss!!!!

We also had this delightful stewed pork belly served on a bad of greens…


…and this hot plate sizzling tofu…


All in all, in my honest and humble opinion, everything tasted good and the company was great too – my friend invited some of his friends to join us and they were indeed really pleasant and easy to get along with.

After that scrumptious dinner, it was time to head on home and hit the sack…and recuperate before another round of feasting the following day…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “What…”

  1. jot all these down… bring me to all these places ok…

    The question is: when are you coming? You’ve yet to confirm the dates. 😦

  2. Oh .. I think I tried that salted fried fish before in KL. It was unforgettable and nice!

    You must try the ones here! Fish brought over alive from Batang Ai – so fresh, so very sweet. Much nicer.

  3. Food looks great. Oh yes, will be having duck (pak lor) & steamed Taliapia fish for tonight’s reunion dinner. Nien nien yu yee. Have a blessed CNY & “Kong Xi Fai Cai” to you & family.

    Same to you and all your loved ones. Everyone home? Enjoy your dinner!

  4. Pattaya fried rice… looks very interesting. on first look, I thought it was glazed ham.

    Quite a popular Malay dish here – it is actually just fried rice wrapped in omelette but there’s one place here that serves chicken rice this way. Very nice too.

  5. Those 2 duck dishes look delish. And so is that deep fried pork.

    Havent been to all those places….

    A bit out of our way…or not the usual direction we would go – past Giant Hypermart, that side.

  6. wow, very nice food!! but after having all these, do you think you still have that good appetite to go for the CNY reunion dinner tonight?? hahahaha.. you missus have to make sure she cooks nicer food that those you had all these days~~ 😀

    Keeping it simple. She cooks some and I also went and tapao our favourites from Payung. Old liao, can’t do so much anymore.

  7. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family, Arthur.. wishing you a year of horse which is filled with an abundance of prosperity, happiness, luck, health and wealth.. and also lots of GOOD FOOD too~~ :p

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…and wishing you and your loved ones the same in the coming year. Cheers!

  8. I like every thing baked with salt, chicken/ fish :D. Happy CNY to you and your family Arthur! Kiong Hee Huat Chai!

    Thanks, and the same to you. I am not a fan of chicken – popular in Ipoh. This fish done this way is exceptionally good – especially when the fish is so very fresh and so very sweet.

  9. omg .. the pork belly..
    it is so mouthwatering.. it is been long time since i eat this..

    We have a few places here that do this dish very well. Come, come!!! 😉

    1. happy chinese new year to you..
      hope this horsiee year will bring more good fortune to you..
      strike more toto, 4d, magnum.. so that you could bring us all to SIBU to ..

      May your wishes come true! Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

  10. For the salted baked fish you also can try at Chuang Yang (restaurant under the Lanang bridge) where it comes with a sauce for dipping..

    Yes, if you click the link, it would take you to an earlier post when I had it there. I thought theirs was better but my friend from KL went once and was so put off as there was this horrible mud smell. I hope that was just an isolated case – I would not want to go all to way and be so very disappointed in the end.

  11. Will there be lots of eating tonight? My family reunion dinner will be at the same old same old and I wonder if the menu will be the same too 🙂 Wish you and family Keong Hee Huat Chye! I will be MIA after today but will be back in a few days 🙂

    Same to you. We’ll be having a small and simple one tonight but my missus has cooked a number of dishes for tomorrow night when her family drops by for dinner. I also ordered some of my favourites from Payung…for a change from the usual that my missus would cook every year.

  12. pork, chicken, duck, fish … u really covered all the protein bases in this meal! 😀 and here’s wishing you a lovely meal this evening too =)

    And the same to you, Qong Xi Fa Cai…

  13. The salt-baked fish looks so special with all the skin removed!!!

    You never had that before? It is served caked in salt – they will remove the hard salt crust and the fish scales for you…and serve. This is what it will look like. You can click the link to my old post to see the photos.

    1. Nope, I always eat the same food everyday, don’t have any chance to try new thing!!! =[

      Gosh!!! I can’t imagine missing out on all the good stuff there is here, there and everywhere.

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