A little different…

Initially, they took over the place at a hotel here on the understanding that they would provide breakfast for the room guests and at the same time, they would be able to run their own day-to-day business as an alternative outlet to the original place. They had an Indonesian guy to run it and do the cooking and everything, one who had been with them for a  long time, but he got married and brought his wife over. That seemed to work out pretty well at first as she could help out as well…but I was told that she cried all the time, wanting to go home and when they went back for the birth of their first child, they decided not to come back here again. Eventually, they found that they were too shorthanded to manage two places at a time so they closed it down to the public but they did go on with the hotel breakfast thingy as they had committed themselves to that right from the start.

They’ve resumed business though and last Saturday evening…


…we decided to go and check it out.

It has a different concept now…


– instead of doing it all themselves, they’ve set up some hawker stalls and rented them out and they would concentrate solely on serving the drinks and some sides as well.

We decided to try some of the stuff at the stall selling some western dishes alongside some other local delights…and I could not resist ordering a plate of their “kue tiaw kerang” (flat rice noodles with cockles), RM6.00…


…to see if it was any good and it most certainly was very very nice. The cockles were small and there were quite a lot of prawns as well, small though they might be but overall, I would definitely give it the double thumbs up as far as the taste went.

My missus had the ayam bakar (grilled chicken), RM8.00…


…that came with rice and things on the side and some sambal belacan (dried prawn paste dip)…


…and she loved it! It was really nice and that price is simply unbelievable…for one whole slab of chicken drumstick!

The chicken chop (RM12.00)…


…was good too – Melissa had that and so was the beef steak (RM24.50)…


…that I had though I thought it was a bit expensive. They said it was sirloin beef so I just thought I could go ahead and give it a try. Personally, I think that with the money, I would rather have two plates of what Melissa had…or FOUR plates of their very delightful “kue tiaw kerang” – yes, it was that nice.

Now, that was not all! For every order of one main dish, you would get this absolutely free – their trifle pudding…


I liked the jelly on top, cherry flavour (I find strawberry a bit too sour for my liking) and what looked like corn custard in the middle turned out to be something else. I think there were some bits of canned fruit, longan perhaps, in it and that was nice too, The bottom layer, chocolate cake, if I’m not mistaken, was a bit dry and coarse. All in all, I think it would be a lot nicer if it had been served cold and since they do not have a fridge at their stall, they should just tumpang the one that the landlord has – wouldn’t take up a lot of space, I’m sure.

There are three stalls there, one is still vacant and the other one’s occupied by a Chinese lady. We did not try any of her stuff but I saw the staff members themselves enjoying her fried mihun (RM4.00)…


…and I quickly snapped a photograph of it. I reckoned that looked pretty good and I certainly would want to try what she’s selling the next time I drop by this place.

The Mahkota rojak (RM6.00) was disappointing…


…and paled in comparison with the real thing at the original Payung. This was much cheaper but minus the raw vegetables and herbs, leaves and flower petals, it really wasn’t anything to shout about. I’d much sooner go for a plate of the “kue tiaw kerang” instead…anytime. LOL!!!

Well, it certainly looks like we were off to a very good start and I do hope to drop by again soonest to sample everything else that they have on their menus. I’ll see you there, perhaps?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “A little different…”

  1. Hmmmmmmmm ….not too bad, though the kway teow seems a little wet but like the bbq chicken. It looks yummy … guess why your missus love it. The mee hoon looks good too , I am sure it’s delicious ! And, finally …ooh….. rojak. I need a fix tomorrow.

    Not wet, just the lights…at night. In fact, if I were to go again and I could order one item only, that would be it. So very nice! I wonder where they got their kway teow – must ask them next time. Not our usual Sibu ones – thick and white and coarser/harder, more like the hor fun at your side. I prefer that. Will certainly ask them next time. Yet to try the mihun, can’t comment on it.

  2. Wow Rm4 for that generous portion of Bee Hoon, not too shabby but Rm 8 for that grilled chicken sounds slightly pricier to me though….

    Pricier? Do your homework, boy. Go buy one whole slab of drumstick right up to the thigh at the wet market and tell me how much that costs…raw, uncooked. Period.

  3. You snapped a pic of a stranger’s dish? What was her reaction? Sure is a pretty looking place there.

    A member of the Payung staff was having that. No worries, we’re friends. 😉

  4. that meehoon is really dai at RM 4! and the kue tiaw kerang looks kinda wet?

    Night photography, reflections of the lights – nicer than any I had had in Penang, I must say…except the kerang and prawns were rather small but there were a lot and for RM6, no complaint.

  5. The food looks good to me. Beautiful sunset.

    Do drop by and give this place a try. Lots of space for your kids to run around, not like at a coffee shop, comfortable, relaxing…and most importantly, I like the food and it’s not cafe/restaurant prices, cheaper.

  6. Three persons eat 1 char kuey teow, 1 rice, 1 chicken chop & 1 beef steak?
    I guess the beef steak was shared among everyone, yes? Food looks very good though.

    I like my char kuey teow with cili and raw cockles. Yeah, they put raw cockles at the bottom of the plate, then once the kuey teow has been fried, it will be put on top of the cockles to “cover” them. Wah, heaven! Hehe.. Ooohh, and not to miss out the “chue yau char” (fried pork lard).. Can’t miss it in my char kuey teow..

    Wait, let me count.. You guys ordered 4 mains, means you all got 4 trifles, yes? So who got to eat 2 trifles?

    Wow, RM4 for that BIIIIIG plate of bihun? Biar betul !!

    No, the char kway teow was shared. We wanted to try as much as we could…and no regrets, it was so very good. They gave 3 trifles only for 3 persons, not sensational…so I did not bother to ask for one more.

  7. From the deco, I knew that place is “hor suar”. All looks good even the disappointing rojak.Portion of bihun is big & cheap.

    Yes, happy with what we had, wouldn’t mind dropping by again.

  8. Arthur, how you would you compare this kueh tiaw with the one at Chopstick……?

    Different but both nice…and personally, between the two, I would prefer this one. Have you tried Kopitiam Fantasy’s? Very nice too…but have to go in the morning before 10. Always sold out very fast.

  9. Prices are reasonable considering it is from Payung… and I am surprised you took a picture of other’s too… hahahaa.. you are really a Blogger! Always allowing the camera to “eat first”…

    New concept, cheaper…hawker food but also very nice.

  10. Ah.. those pictures makes me hungry. hehe

    Not me. Very full after today’s breakfast and lunch…and later, going for dinner. Yesterday already one day, today…and tomorrow – eating marathon.

  11. oh the photos are dark, i bet it’s night time and the place was quite dim also?? maybe the Food Mayor of Sibu shall invest in a powerful flash light so that he can take nicer photos under dim environment 🙂

    My camera has a flash…but I don;t like flash photographs. Will only resort to it when it’s too dark to see anything.

  12. The keoy teow got lard or not. Next time u come kl will bring u go eat one with lard and Chinese sausage. Yummmmmmm

    Lots of things will taste as good without lard and personally, I am not a fan of Chinese sausages, don’t mind going without it. Somebody was telling me that day – lots of heart cases in Sibu, even the young ones…all because of lard – they eat kampua every day.

  13. Oh…interesting concept. Your plate of keow teow goreng looks very good, yes, just like the CKT here in Semenanjung, different from the Sibu style and the mee hoon looks good too!!

    All good, but of course, I prefer the original Payung – stuff that one can get nowhere else, and everything’s a cut above the rest.

  14. ooo I really like your photo of the ambiance with the lanterns. lovely pic. the char kuey teow and bihun are tempting 😀

    Thanks for your kind words but yes, the ambiance at this place is among the best in town plus the food’s good too.

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