A friend of mine sent me these own-made out-of-this-world pineapple jam tarts…


…the other day but unfortunately, they were not meant to be sent by post, knowing how those people would manhandle the mail, so only around a dozen of them arrived in one piece while the rest were all crushed and had to be eaten with a spoon. But ooooo….they were so very nice!!! I loved the pastry so much, so crumbly and the best part was it had this rich buttery fragrance that made it a whole lot nicer than the rest. The pineapple jam was moist and not hard like those that we buy from the shops or some of those made by others and I could detect a slight hint of cinnamon in it – nice, very nice indeed!

Thank you so very much, my friend, and thank you also for these chips and ang pao for Melissa…

C & AP

Aiyor!!!! She’s working already, no need to give Β her anymore lor…but thanks, anyway.

Now, if you all remember, I was trying our this flavour of instant noodles the other day and Annie-Q said that her hubby loves the tom yam flavour and would not settle for less. I must say that it probably is very nice as what I had did have that hint of the herbs normally used in Thai cuisine and you would love this line of noodles, if you are thus inclined.

Somebody else said that the curry flavour is very nice. Well, there was none in the house, just the curry laksa and I gave that a try…

*Oops!!! The egg yolk’s too runny this time around.*

It was nice too…with tauhu pok (fried bean curd cake) and all the rest of the extra condiments and like the other flavour, it also had the taste and fragrance of those herbs or spices typical of Thai delights. For some , this may be a taste to be acquired and they may not like it as much…and personally, I think I would rather stick to our own made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy, curry flavour…


– I would definitely enjoy that a lot more. There is a promotion right now – buy 5 and you get one free so if you take the chicken flavour, you will find an extra packet inside, the curry.

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25 thoughts on “Crushed…”

  1. Eating pineapple tarts with a spoon is something new. haha.. those are very fragile, even if we baked them ourselves and store nicely oso can break what else letting the mail man handle them. You are lucky they did not eat them! hehe. How’s your CNY preparation going on Arthur?

    Once, my friend, Annie-Q, gave me kueh sepit with meat floss filling. I checked it in in my suitcase, well-padded with all my clothes and everything…on my flight home and when we got back, we had “cornflakes” with meat floss added. MAS! 😦

  2. Too runny for the Egg Yolk? I thought it was a perfect though! I like that kinda texture, mix with the soup will be like “Oh…. so good” xD

    This was how I would like my half-boiled egg, absolutely perfect – white hard and yolk runny. But I wasn’t planning on having that… 😦

  3. Whenever I saw pineapple tarts, it’ll remind me on Chinese New Year. 2 more weeks to go. Hehe.

    Yes, time flies…and we really haven;t done much yet…except for a few types of cookies my missus made. Never mind, last resort – can always run off to Selangau. πŸ˜€

  4. I love pineapple tarts. Used to buy Amway’s because they are damn good. But always out of stock if didnt order way in advance.

    I like my pineapple tarts as the way you describe them! πŸ˜‰

    Never a fan of those bought ones thought I never did get to try Amway’s. I know one bakery here – nice pineapple rolls, will try and get you some…but be forewarned – they get smaller every year and the filling gets less. Was very very very nice when they first started making years ago.

    1. What that didnt shrunk as years go by? πŸ˜‰

      No need trouble you to buy the tart. Not that I am crazy over it. Usually bought from Amway when cny comes but this year as usual, finished very fast.

      You open house on cny? Will visit you after back from Kapit, maybe on 3rd Feb?

      Yup. 3rd, I will be home. Sending girl on the 4th. Come, come.

  5. Now there’s an advertisement for you… “own-made out-of-this-world pineapple jam tarts…”

    Yup, they’re really good. Would surely want to buy if those on sale here are half as good.

  6. Arthur…the noodles all look good… there any for me…at this time of the year I can see all the shops are well decorated with all the red and all the kuihs are displaying on sale…with the town all bursting and crowded with all the home coming overseas people…

    Starting to get real busy here. Passed by a supermarket yesterday morning, filled to the brim with shoppers…

  7. The taste of the curry laksa is not to my liking but my daughter told me tom yum is nice. Have yet to try. Still prefer Mee Daddy curry flavour. Chips looks ok, not crushed but the pineapple tart, kesian. Both send by post.

    Yup, all in the same box. I guess the chips not as delicate as the tarts. Gave all to my girl to take to her jungle school to enjoy there – she loves chips and stuff.

  8. I automatically think of Meow when I saw those pineapple tarts, hehe.

    All crushed and needs to be eaten with a spoon? Ooohh, I wouldn’t mind that, hehe. I can finish a jar of pineapple tarts all by myself in a day. Really.

    Oh wow, that bowl of curry laksa looks so yummy, with that runny yolk oozing out into the soup, so did you finish all that soup?

    Of course! I do believe that it is a sin to waste, so not a drop left! πŸ˜€ Meooooowwww!!!! πŸ˜‰

  9. As long as not married, angpaus are still welcome to them.. hahahaa… but once married, no more receiving except from our own moms… my mom still gives me yearly.. not bad hor? πŸ™‚

    Lucky you. Once I started working, I stared giving ang paos to my parents already – never mind small, just for the significance sake.

      1. Oh yes, me too! Every year i sitll receive ang pow from my mother and my parent in law and if my grandfather still around, he will give me too every year without fail, even i had already married.

        Wahhhhh!!!! So nice. How come I do not get any? Sobsssss!!!!!😦

  10. I do like that same noodle too, especially since it’s in a round shape, much easier to fit into my round pot πŸ˜€

    Indeed. I thought that is good, being round… πŸ˜‰

  11. So sayang to see the crushed tarts… yeah, not meant to be sent by post…

    Definitely not. Otherwise, I would have asked our friend Mandy to send over her mum’s kueh sepit. Best lah! But I don’t want to eat it as cornflakes. 😦

  12. hmmm, looking at the pineapple tarts and also the chips.. i think i also got them from that friend of yours too.. i got one box and already finished walloping them into my stomach, muahahaha!! and what that means?? it means those tarts are so delicious~~

    Ahhhhh!!!! So you got your share too eh? Lucky you, no need to eat with a spoon. Tsk! Tsk!

  13. I’m not a huge fan of the noodles although their dried tofu (in the vegetable sachet) is surprisingly very much like the real thing!

    We bought several different flavors (they have a chicken variation too, I think) during the “free 1 packet” promo but didn’t like it. I still have one of the above-mentioned curry packets at home.

    I prefer Myojo ones, and good thing Ta Kiong has them too.

    The pineapple tarts looks good though!

    Yes, the tofu looked quite miserable, dried…but seemed like the fresh ones once cooked. I’m generally ok with all instant noodles, something for a good enough breakfast in the morning when there’s nothing else in the house…so even the not as nice ones will do. πŸ˜‰

  14. My mom just got the pineapple jam tarts today, but she said got to keep it for cny…can’t eat now!!! =[

    Mums. Aren’t they all the same? πŸ˜‰

  15. Your daughter not married yet so can still receive angpao leh.

    I love pineapple tarts though don’t like to eat pineapple

    I like pineapple in rojak…or cook with asam prawns. Yummmm!!!!

  16. I am not a fan of pineapple so no pineapple tarts for me too. hahahhahaha..If not you will know where i will get my stock from. Not only by pos la, even by flight, you should see how they “throw” your bag from one cart to another, which i witness it when on my flight back to here from Sibu!

    Delicate or easily breakable things, best to carry by hand…even though I prefer to travel light.

  17. i love pineapple tarts.. must go to Gartien to buy some. but I have never tried it before,… have you?

    RM45 for a box of 10 – that is really too expensive. Never mind how good, I sure will not buy. 😦

  18. I actually like my egg to be that runny!!!

    Lucky you! RM50 would be very big already. Too big, RM70-80, not good…only the head is big.

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