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If you’re thinking that I’ve not done a review on any brand of instant noodles for a while now, you are absolutely right, the reason being the fact that there have not been any lying around the house. I don’t usually go browsing around the stores to see what they have and what I would like to try – usually, I will just eat what my missus buys and brings home…and the other day, she bought a pack of this brand and flavour…


I’m not so sure but I guess it is new on the market, not the brand – that has been around for a long time now, but the flavour or at least, the packaging, if nothing else.

There are two sachets inside…


– one is the seasoning and the other, the bits of shitake mushroom and the dehydrogenated vegetables and whatever else.

I obediently cooked the noodles separately…


…as people are saying that we have to do that to rinse away the wax or whatever that they use to coat the noodles to give it that nice shine and that, they say, is not good for health and can cause cancer. As you can see, the noodles are round, not rectangular like most of the others.

After they are cooked, I drained away the water and placed the noodles in a bowl before proceeding to cook one poached egg…


…to go with them. As you can see, I am still not very good at it – the egg did not come out round and nice like a small purse or pouch but at least, the yolk was the way I would like it – runny. not hard.

Having done that, I cooked the soup, adding a few of those frozen chicken balls to enhance the taste. Once cooked, I poured everything onto the noodles and served…


It tasted all right. I would say that it had its own unique taste, different from the usual chicken flavour and yes, it was very spicy. I did not realise it at the time but looking at the photographs, I noticed that there were bits of fresh chili in it as well and I was wondering what gave it that tint of yellow…


– even the chicken balls turned into that shade after being boiled in the soup. Maybe it had a bit of kunyit (tumeric) in the seasoning or the sachet of dried stuff, I wouldn’t know.

All in all, I would say that they’re ok, something you can have when there’s nothing else to eat in the house but I would not say it is a must-try or a must-have and I, for one, would not be craving for more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “What’s new…”

  1. You are a really a master in cooking a perfect poached egg…. some said this brand is actually better than the over-rated My Kuali Penang Curry Mee, not sure how true though

    No leh, the egg did not look good…and I simply refuse to use vinegar. This particular flavour’s just ok…different, so can’t compare. My missus also bought the curry laksa – will try that and see if it’s better.

  2. If I need to have my instant noodles (fix or super emergency need) then Mamee is my preferred one. The Texture of the noodles is firmer and the chicken flavour is spicier.

    Should have grabbed the chicken flavour. This shitake one has got its “unique” taste – may not go down well with some people. I thought it was just ok.

  3. That bowl of noodles looks tempting.I have tried this brand curry flavour and I don’t like it. The noodles is a bit “kiew kiew”. Still prefer Mee Daddy.

    Good ol’ Mee Daddy! Haven’t had that for a while now, trying out all these new ones on the market. Personally, I think you can just stick to it and give these new ones a miss…if you get what I mean. 😉

  4. Looks delicious. You should be their spokesperson instead. hehe

    It’s ok. A bit of Thai influence or something like that, I would say…so you get the hint of some smell/fragrance that one may not be so used to, an acquired taste, so to speak.

  5. Now that my son is home, I got to stock up a few packets of noodles though I dont really encourage him to take that often. Only on emergencies and when he is really too lazy to go out for lunch. Over here, we have the normal brands, Sedap, Maggi, Cintan… but I think over at your side, you have other brands that we don’t have over here. Korean noodles are expensive but they taste smoother…

    Too expensive and not that nice to make up for the high prices. I’d just go for the cheap local ones, just to fill stomach when lazy to cook. Ask Andy to cook…you can come home to a nice dinner. All the stuff I cook in my blog – easy, hassle-free one. Anyone can do it!

  6. Ohh my mom said she bought a few packs of this brand Curry Laksa and would bring them over to me next month! I’m looking forward to trying that.. looking forward to your review of the curry laksa flavour! 🙂

    I’ve tried. Nicer than this one though I can;t say I’m all that thrilled by it. But anything from here would be nice to you there, right? Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  7. Had been so so busy lately, have not got time to drop by here.

    Mamee Chef, you should try their tom yam flavour. My hub so crazy over it. Now he only take this brand and for their tom yam flavour.

    Should be good as it seems that the two I’ve tried have this hint of Thai flavours. Ya, haven’t seen you around for a while now. Chinese New Year coming, real busy eh?

  8. I tried this brand before but not this flavor. The Chef curry mee is good!
    You have done quite a good job on the poached egg, really…

    The white went spreading out instead of wrapping itself nicely around the yolk. 😦 Curry’s good eh? Missus did not buy that. Just this one and curry laksa.

  9. When I see this brand “Mamee Chef” I automatically think of the curry laksa flavour.. Everyone in the office is hoo-haa-ing about the curry laksa flavour (ever since somebody in FB posted a picture about curry laksa instant noodles from Penang)..

    They commented it tasted exactly like the curry laksa we usually have in kopitiam.. They have a packet of “white powder” (which I think is coffeemate) to be added into the soup, which makes it milky and “lemak-ky”..

    Have you tried the curry laksa one?

    That’s the MyKuali one – I blogged about it sometime ago. So-so, ok…at the end of the day, it’s just another brand of instant noodles.

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