4 real…

Are they for real? Those reality shows? Sometimes I feel like they’re all fixed and the one that they want to win will win in the end.Β I’m no fan of those shows, actually, not those challenging ones that would tire me just from watching them…nor those that have got to do with cooking or dancing but I do keep in touch with the singing ones and more often than not, I would end up getting angry and frustrated over the outcome.

Of all those contestants this year, my favourite was this one…

…but I guess no young girls would vote for a 55-year-old grandma with 3 children and 7 grandchildren so it did not take very long before she was shown the door and after her untimely exit, I had lost interest in the show and was not too impressed by the rest that were still around. The fact that the eventual winners sang one of my current favourite songs did not change my mind, not at all.

Across the Atlantic, I was glad Sam Bailey won…

…not just because she sang another favourite song of mine and so very well too but I was rooting for her right from the start even though I was doubtful all along that she would win as she was definitely no spring chicken. Ah well, as they say, every dog has its day and a not-all-that-young rocker won in the Philippines – though I don’t think I would place him on my Top 3 for 2013.

I sure was happy this cute 18-year-old with a stutter (when speaking) won as well…

…as he certainly was really very good.

I don’t watch these shows on tv as by the time we get to watch it here, it would be later in the day, at the earliest, or after many days or even weeks. Instead, I would keep updated via some websites and within minutes, the video clips would be available on youtube already. The wonders of technology indeed!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “4 real…”

  1. Not too sure but i have this thought too, that they are fixed….

    Seems like it to me too – the one they seem to want to win will win eventually. 😦

  2. J Lo is back on idol so I may start following again if only for her fashion:)!

    Hope they got rid of that Minaj! Hopeless! And looks like Snow White’s evil stepmother. That Malaya Curry also, can’t stand her. I like Ellen.

  3. I was looking for food post, so I scrolled scrolled down and saw none. Hehe. I used to love watching this kind of reality tv show.

    Nope, no food today. That [SK] was saying that if I do not blog about food all the time, more people would come and comment. Looks like lately, comments are getting fewer – but I do feel it’s because of weekends, school and public holidays…and everybody’s busy with the festivals, not because I blog about food all the time.

  4. I also think reality shows are too fake! Not real at all. I also love to watch those singing show such as The Voice. Used to be a fan of American Idol but lost interest after Season 5 as I feel rather unfair because of popularity votes, rather than real talent.

    Er, no food picture today? πŸ˜‰

    I don’t watch American Idol either but I do keep in touch online. For one thing, the fact that the telecasts are delayed takes away all the excitement…and there seems to be an element of racism in the show but at least, in 2013, someone who is not white and not a guy won – not since Fantasia, so long ago. Food? πŸ˜€ See my reply to Azura above. πŸ˜‰

  5. it’s all show business… and reality tv… go watch wrestling, same also… need to maintain some tua tua liap siao lien ones in order to get high rating, also to create surprises, all in da name of show business… u watched The Truman Show before?

    You watch wrestling? Eyewwwww!!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!! I used to before they make it so glamorous, all the gimmicks and what not…so irritating! Truman? Never heard. Will check it out.

  6. Oh, I never follow them… nowadays glued to AOD only… But I know the Voice recently was won by a Jamaican mixed parentage… (only watched certain parts of the finale) πŸ™‚

    She was good but I did not really like her – something about her voice. I also watched the shows on youtube – the one we get to see on tv was way later by at least a week or two.

  7. actually, i wouldn’t term these as reality shows, as they are more of a competition/contest format. Reality shows are like the Survivor series, probably like that Apprentice too, or something with a cameraman/videoman following the contestants around seeing how they react to various conditions.

    Coming back to the topic here, it’s great you have mastered the art of watching the videos online! haha, I’ve always wanted to teach my dad how to utilize the wonders of online technology. Will be getting him an iPad with internet access soon, because the last laptop I gave him has been collecting dust at his home ><

    Hah!!! An uncle of mine spends his time watching movies on his ipad. 70-80 years old. I wonder if he has discovered that he can get to see many of his favourite Shaw Brothers sword-fighting and kung fu movies on youtube yet or not…

  8. not a fan of those show. Kinda pity the contestants sometimes at the nasty remarks from the judges

    If the remarks are valid and constructive, I like. Keith Urban does it well, very useful comments usually.

  9. no food today kah?? not a fans of all these shows and never follow.. can’t even name a few of them~~

    Food, also not to your interest. No food, also not to your interest. Never mind lah! I just blog about what interests me. As the song goes: You can’t please everybody so you gotta please yourself (Garden Party – Rick Nelson).

    1. why you want to please me?? hahahaha~~ just be yourself lah, post what you like – FOOD FOOD FOOD!! you do not have to care about me~~ :p

      Did I say that? I am sure I said that I would just please myself, and do what I like. Right or not?

  10. Oppsss!!!…no food blog today. Sigh of relief. At least help me stop drooling for today. Well, I prefer watching cooking show than singing. A cold & rainy day in Kuching.

    Been raining NON-STOP for two days now, coming to 48 hours. Lucky thing, not heavy…like one night last week. Sounded like someone with a giant bucket pouring water onto my house – road flooded, water went right up to my car porch…up and up till about one foot to the main door. Luckily, it stopped or the water would have gone into the house! 😦

  11. No food pic today? 😦

    Anyway i only follow AI, if only for awhile. πŸ™‚ The Voice is not bad either.

    I guess you watch it on satellite tv here – very slow. I am rather impatient. Not quite crazy about The Voice but yes, I will keep track of what’s going on. I also watch the Philippines and Indonesian versions – not just the UK, USA and Australian ones, the same with X-Factor and the whatever-got talent competitions too…and of course, American Idol as well.

  12. oh, haha, you’re even more of a singing competition addict than me. i’ll always have a soft spot for American idol, as the show has produced so many of my all-time favorites, from carrie underwood to david archuleta, heh. Idol returns this week! πŸ˜€

    It is? I did see some updates on it on some websites but I did not bother to click to read. I usually start watching when they get to the singing proper – the selected few in the studio, past the Las Vegas rounds. Such a pain to watch the auditions and you can jolly guess why. πŸ˜€ I love music, songs…and singing. Been a part of me ever since I was small/young.

  13. Just for entertainment, ok la. I like to watch those singing contest. Sometimes, their voices were really amazing.

    Yes, I enjoy watching people sing…just that at times, I get very angry and frustrated over the results. 😦

  14. Yah, like some awards too, if you missed it, you still be able to find it in YouTube!!! =]

    That is how I use up all my bandwidth every month before its time…no thanks to youtube! 😦

  15. Ooo where is your kampua food post…
    Seldom watch those reality singing shows…. Kinda boring…
    They just want to earn your money by asking you to vote…

    We can’t vote from here. I guess they do as well – for our local shows like AF or last time, Malaysian Idol. Maybe that’s why they stopped the show – nobody voted…so not feasible having it here, can’t even cover the franchise.

  16. Yes, I have the feeling they’re kinda fixed up, all these reality shows… Stopped watching AI long ago. Was following The Voice since S2 but kinda get tired of it now…

    I am not a fan of Korea dramas. I know a few of my friends who are crazy ‘chasing’ the episodes.
    I prefer watching British dramas and movies! I get my ‘kicks’ watching shows like Sherlock, Spooks, Ripper Street πŸ˜€.

    Not into tv shows, series. Even Glee, I’d just watch the full performances of the songs on youtube. The only one I’d watch is Citizen Khan, BBC comedy…but have to catch it quick. Youtube will remove it after a while, within the day. But one season only 6 episodes – so not too long, will not get bored after a while. Now, waiting for the next season.

  17. I don’t watch much of I too unless the hubby is watching it. I kinda find the TV a waste of time.

    It’s a matter of habit, I guess – a great way to relax if you can sit there for so long – I’ve not watched for so long I can’t seem to be able to do it anymore.

  18. I think they are fixed, never was interested in reality television so on the rare occasion I do watch TV (perhaps four times monthly) it would not be one of those shows. I’ll chose history or nature.

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