Some things never change…

My young friends, Julia and Luke, are back in Sibu for the holidays from Perth, Australia and we went out for lunch last Saturday.

Initially, our plan was to go for the nasi kerabu here but when we got there at around noon, it was already sold out. I noticed that they had a lot of all the condiments left so I guessed they probably ran out of the blue rice. Hmmmm….they could have asked whether we would like plain rice plus the whole works instead. After all, the rice is nothing more than the colour from the blue/butterfly pea flower (bunga telang), assuming that they use that, that is, and it is virtually quite tasteless. Ah well…I guess some people are like that – single-track minds that are not able to twist and turn and make the most of whatever situation they may have on their hands.

In the end, we decided to drop by here instead as being home from overseas, I was thinking that they would probably prefer something Asian instead of stuff that they can get quite easily abroad. All right, the cafe people have finally decided to get rid of the horrendously gaudy decor, thank goodness, but the loud Malay rock songs were still there, blaring out of the speakers all around. I really wonder whether my ears are kind of over-sensitive or what…or some people are indeed a little bit deaf. Tsk! Tsk!

We placed our orders promptly…and like the last time around, they came back to tell us that they were out of  mutton curry so Julia had to settle for the chicken instead to go with her nasi bryani


…while Luke had no problem getting the beef that he wanted…


Melissa decided to go for what I had ordered instead – the so-called Asia nyonya ayam penyet


…which was more than half the price of what we had on our previous visits (from the dinner menu) and probably, half the enjoyment as well.

All our orders were only RM8.00 each – very cheap, I would say, for a cafe…but Melissa and I waited and waited and waited…and even after Julia and Luke had finished, there was still no sign of our clobbered chicken. In the end, I had to go and find out what was going on and the  waiter told me that they had run out and asked if I wanted to order something else. Well, I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT!!!! I insisted on getting what I wanted and in the meantime, the boss appeared and I told him about our  predicament. He said he would look into it…and in no time at all, we were served!

I really do not know what is going on at this place for this was almost exactly like what we had experienced the previous time we dropped by here and I was so pissed off by it all. Ah well…maybe it’s just me as I noticed that they did seem to get  a fair number of customers and they all seemed quite docile, definitely not as if they were unhappy or anything.

We enjoyed the roti canai pisang the last time we were here and I ordered that again but when it was served, we were somewhat disappointed as it was sooooo small!!!


It tasted just as good though and though we thought it strange that it was served with the sambal and dhal dips, they actually went very well together and we certainly did enjoy that! When I went to settle the bill, I saw that this was only RM3.00 compared to RM10.90 for the big one, available in the dinner menu. Fair enough, don’t you think? And the best part was that it was nice, no complaints as far as this was concerned.

It sure was nice seeing you two again, Julia and Luke – so very sweet of you two to want to go out with this old man and thank you so much, Julia, for this…

From Julia

…that you brought home from your brief trip to Malacca recently…and thanks a lot to you too, Luke, for these goodies…

From Luke

…that you brought home from Perth though you did not make it back here in time before Christmas. It’s no matter really – I am sure I would enjoy them just as much. Oooo…one’s infused with brandy and the other has Scotch whisky in it! *hiccups* LOL!!!

Well, I am not sure whether I will be going back to this particular cafe again or not – I like the ayam penyet (the more expensive one on the dinner menu) a lot and as far as I know, this is the only place in town where we can get the roti canai pisang…and I do enjoy it very much. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t – we’ll see…but I am sure that if I do, I would have to brace myself to expect more or less those same vexations and frustrations. Some things, I know, never change. Tsk! Tsk!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Some things never change…”

  1. Roti canai pisang? very interesting! my friend once told me a hawker started selling durian ban chien kuih here in Penang too, i’m so gonna find out how it tastes!

    You should have that there. My girl first tasted it in Sg Petani and she loved it. The one here is great too but this is the only place where they serve this – none at all the numerous roti canai stalls in town.

  2. The curry looks rich and fresh. I’d want to soak up every last drop.

    Everything was pretty good, just that they have nicer stuff on their dinner menu but of course, one would have to pay more.

  3. Very cheap and they look good too.. No wonder you didn’t want to change your order.. I guess good food needs a longer wait.. 🙂

    I wanted to see how good it would be compared to the one on their dinner menu – we liked that one a lot!

  4. oh, look at that Asia nyonya ayam penyet, so delicious and i want to try that!! and how sweet of Julia to bought you something from Melaka to feed the old man, hahahaha~~ 😀

    Yes, they’re all so sweet and nice, these young friends of mine.

  5. Why the staff like that? I hate going to such shop unless I have no choice and crave for Muslim food. Otherwise wouldnt bother going.

    Sometimes the boss really have to be watchful of the staff attitude. Said run out but in no time, your food was served. It is not like they need to slaughter, prepare and cook the chicken…lol

    But the price pretty reasonable. And the food does look yummy. Would love to try the roti pisang.

    Yes, the canai was nice. You can give it a try – among the shops to the right of Hongkong Bank, same block as Hong Leong. Parking in that area can be a pain though… 😦

    1. Thanks for the direction. You are better than GPS! 😉

      I seldom venture to town because of the parking.

      Same here. Ya, GPS can be quite confusing sometimes and the girl’s voice is very irritating. Many people would just sms me for directions (usually to where to eat what)…easier, I guess. 😉

  6. U mention old man and they make you wait for the foods, they didn’t give you any discount?

    Senior citizens enjoy special privileges at your side at cafes and restaurants? That’s nice! I know in KL, one eat-all-you-can Japanese buffet place gives special discounts for ladies on certain days – I asked if they give the same for old people and they said no. Tsk! Tsk! Obviously they do not know how much ladies can eat these days – especially compared to old folks with hardly any teeth left. 😦

  7. Ayoo… poor service. hmmm. The Asia Nyonya Ayam Penyet looks delicious.

    I prefer the one on the dinner menu – the whole works, more than double the price but very very very nice.

  8. The chicken and beef curry look good with thick gravy.
    And the gifts from your friends were very interesting…minced pie infused with brandy and whisky? Wish I can sink my mouth into them! 😋

    Yes, yet to try them. Bet they’re nice but sweet, like most of these things from overseas…so have to go slow a bit on them.

  9. I like Roti Canai planta better. Yum. Had Roti pisang before

    Had ayam penyet before but the place i had not so good 😦

    If you come, we can come here – the dinner menu one…very very nice. I know at least two places in town – also nice…and the oecel lele too – love that! Roti canai planta, can get everywhere here…roti pisang, only this place. I like!!!

  10. Roti canai pisang?????…First time hear of it. Curry looks great and now I am craving for it. Just give me the gravy to pour over the white rice. Yummy!!!

    You don’t have it in Kuching? Oooo…I love it! Wouldn’t mind going back there again just for that!

  11. Food look so good!!! Looking at it while waiting for my lunch is not doing me any good.

    It was all right, quite nice and not pricey…for a cafe (air-conditioned), more or less like coffee shop prices.

  12. i still haven’t tried out roti pisang le!
    you enjoy the tambun biscuits? next time i’ll bring some to you ar.. if i visit sibu again la XD

    Not really, just ok with those. I do enjoy eating them but they’re not really something I would be craving for. Used to like heong peah more…but lately, also so-so with those.

  13. Oh my gosh, I almost bought the same brand of mince pies when I was in Perth. No wonder the brand looked so familiar. =)

    Roti canai pisang? I think this is the first time I’ve heard of it….

    Well, my young friends are from Perth. Guess they must be selling those all over the city. Your first time? Gee!!! I thought they’re all over the peninsula, the roti canai pisang? My girl had hers the first time ever in Sg Petani (Kedah). Before I got to try it here, I too had not heard of it before. I guess it is not easy buying bananas for this – if the orders don’t come fast and furious, the fruit will go bad real fast!

  14. Bad service annoys the hell out of me, I will never return after a bad experience, no matter how good the food. 😛

    I think this is the only cafe of its kind around – other than this one, there are only coffee shops and stalls. At least they got rid of the horrible decor – I wonder if they read my blog… ;P

  15. I like going out with Old Man, not because I treat them as sugar daddy or not, but because I treat all uncles like my fathers, of course must be kind and decent uncles lah, haha

    I guess I’m sweet…and kind and decent too! 😉

  16. The roti canai is so small, even for me also not enough!!! =[

    It’s bigger than the normal standard ones – maybe it looks small in the photo.

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